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~Roses of Death yet full of Life~
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Random Entry #14

Singing along with a few songs to ease the mind. School's coming up in about a week or so. Most of my old friends moved away, and no one is in my classes so far. Guess I'll make new friends on the way. But, if my english class is as stupid as the other ones I will be pissed. I'm tired of getting cheat off of. I mean, seriously? "Pssttt..what's number 3." Uhmm, we reviewed it yesterday. "Aww come on gurl, tell me" Dude, it's just as easy as number six. "Oh, can you give me that one too?" How about the whole paper?! "Really? That would help me so much. You're so kewl." Dumbass do it yourself.

Then they would be mad at me like it's my fault they don't know these things. I mean, damn it was easy s**t and they didn't know it. It's highschool, not ******** middle school stare Mkay, so I'm touchy on my English class. Can't help it really. I'm a English nerd so everyone cheats off me, just this year and last year I decided to stop letting them. Now I'm an outcast..or was? Idk.. Gym was fun, though I can't take it again. Lameee...

Probably gonna get off to take a shower then play my ocarina for a bit *sigh* Gotta take my mind off some things..

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