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~Roses of Death yet full of Life~
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Random Entry #11

Kinda sad when kids are afraid of crickets, but my brother and sister is..for sure. See reader, this is why. One day my brother and sister were playing "dolls". "Dolls" is a game where you get a random toy and play pretend. I was playing with then...I think.. and I had to leave. All of sudden I hear screaming, wailing, then come running back to see both of them crying. My brother is clawing at his ear as my sister (poor thing) is practically rocking back and forth. Eventually, they stop crying and tell me a cricket is in my brother's ear. However, they also tell me how the cricket "jumped on top of my sister, clawing at her leg, then jumps into my brother's ear." Strange story...since my sister's leg did have a scratch on her leg and both of them are crying about the cricket in his ear. My dad takes a look, my mom takes a look, then me...we didn't see anything but he swears its in there. Honestly, I think it was a joke by some mystical creature. Maybe a fae or a brownie..something like that. Anyways, every time they see a cricket they scream and wail thinking that this cricket would scratch at them and crawl into one of their ears. Ironic, no? Lol I don't mind that much, I simply take the cricket outside then give them hugs saying how I took care of the "demon" cricket.

It seems everyone has their own fears, and things that's silly to be scared off. My sister hates thunder, and my brother hates crickets. Me? Well, reader..I honestly don't care if you think its stupid. (plus saying secrets publicly helps me feel better for some reason) My fear is...*hides* mirrors. PHEW Glad I got that out...why? Well....umm...that I can't tell. It's a stupid reason..^^' Lol, disappointed?

In other news, my dog had puppies!! She has a lot this time too, me and dad made a bet on how many she had but I don't remember what my number was and neither does he! xDD Now that's ironic..lol They just starting to open their eyes, and they're even wrestling!! They can't even walk yet, so if one pushes the other then the one that got pushed rolls over onto his/her back. LOL It's sooo adorable!! Plus, when its time to sleep they all get in one big pile. When its feeding time, there's random puppy butts sticking up as usually they have to climb each other to get milk. Ahh..so funny...

I've been super depressed lately, see I was offline for two weeks or so thanks to me getting cosplay ready for Mtac along with me trying to learn songs for my ocarina. But..really I can't do much when I'm depressed. See..reader, if you're gettting bored you can always stop reading. It's my entry, so meh. Anyways, see remember douche bag?? Well..he's been pissing me off. Rayne hates him, I swear she does...trust me on this. Then again, I only tell her the bad stuff. Oh well, anyways..see he dumps his gf to date me (for some reason) I tell him no which was HARD then he goes dates my bestie the next day. She dumps him, since really she's into his best friend...sorta. Then douche bag cept redating that same bestie, but somehow got single. He asks me out, can't say no twice, so I arranged a date at the park. Mom and Rayne ish mad but they got over it..sorta. The date was kewl, I wouldn't shut up like at all. (was nervous and shy so I kept saying stupid s**t sweatdrop ) Then I decided (flipped a coin) to date him since I like him too much anyways. Rayne thinks its stupid, I'm really indifferent. I don't regret it *shrugs* We date for a DAY then he dumps my a** the next night, during that ONE ******** DAY of DATING he was with his damn x more then me. Hell, right after he dumps my a** he goes and dates his x who dumps him after a day too. No, I'm not doing an evil laugh since idc. Finally, I sent him a txt saying how I'm tired of this bull s**t, how he hurts me every year, and so on. He gave laaaaaame excuses, but it doesn't matter. Now, I ignore him and he's out of my life. Aren't you happy for me, reader? mrgreen

Mkay...I think that's all that shall be in this entry. Till next time, reader! :3

Oh...my sister wants to post an entry (she's 7)


K, she's done LOL Enjoy~!

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