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~Roses of Death yet full of Life~
fgfdgg meh
Random Entry #9

It rained yesterday morning, I wanted to walk to the bus stop without an umbrella but my granny insisted I ride with her. School has been strange, I've noticed the three guys that like me still like me. Along with the fact T (guy I met at daycare when I was in 2nd grade now he's in my high school) is avoiding me, but I'm avoiding him too so no biggie. I like this guy M yet he's asian, so we'lll call him...hmmm..am? ma? Nu we'll call himmmm....Mike. Perfect, LOL. Anyways, Mike already has a gf so I've been leaving him alone. Yet I can't help but stare at him once in awhile, but after hearing a very wrong comment I sorta don't like him any more. I couldn't date him anyways since he's a bit too old for me.

I spent the night at my friend's house, Rayne, and it was SO epic!! LOL We spent most of the night messing with her friend flame. I messed with him super bad since I was like super hyper from it raining yestery morning. If I wake up with rain, then literally nothing can bring me down. Unless someone's dead, then I would be sad...

OMFING G!! I discovered how to make a smiley freaking 3d!! Watch I'll show you.

Before: o.o O.o >.> <.<
After: o .o O. o <. < >. >

SEE?!!? It's so amazing *.* nu *. *

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.... One of my favorite guys to rp with just killed his rpc crying crying Wahhhhh...okay I'm over it, slightly anyways.

Ugh family is annoying. Sry had to say that, they just pissed me off - .-

I got my new glasses, finally able to see clearly. They're simple, brown...yet very annoying!! *takes off* The nose thingies are messed up..and now my ear hurts. Damn it..mom's fixing them now. Luv them thou, they look so cute on me!!! :3 I luvs glasses, I'll never have contacts. Glasses are like sooo more sexier too lol Yay mommy fixed them!! Much better ^~ ^

Alright..ending the entry here cuz I'm going to go clubbing :3 Buh bai reader!!

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