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Once upon a time there lived an unhappy peasant girl named Madi. ;D
there's an idea
sword-and-sorcery/cyberpunk. Theme:loss-and-gain-of-fame story

utopia/cyberpunk. Theme:horror/conflict story

The theme of this story: epic action. The main character: unstable bandit. The major event of the story: destruction.

The theme of this story: humorous tragedy. The main characters: youthful pretender and militant psychic. The major event of the story: theft.

The story is about a pretender. It starts in a village in Europe. The master villain of the story actually must be defeated in several different forms.

youthful pretender
militant psychic- black hair sleeked back, one ice blue eye and one electronic iris. Works for a 'disciplinary squad' in the utopia. Ruler says that the squad should expand to the village that the bandit lives in. cool, stoic, much like Ludwig from Hetalia. Witty, chooses his few words wisely
unstable bandit
master villain--many forms

setting: a village in Europe

The term "aristocrat" comes to mind when you first see this man. His deep eyes are pale blue. He has unkempt, obsidian and teal hair. His physique is rather athletic. He has high cheekbones.

This musician is creepy in an unsettlingly attractive way. His seductive eyes are like two silver coins. His hair is

The quiet militant psychic. His rose-red eyes glow with an indescribable determination. His white blonde hair is slicked back. His voice carries like thunder. He has mysterious tattoos all over his left forearm - something he never talks about.

This pretender can be annoying and brash, yet is somehow still loveable. His luxuriant hair is cream and chocolate colored. His eyes are like two emeralds. His angular features add to his handsomeness.

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