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Once upon a time there lived an unhappy peasant girl named Madi. ;D
Survey WHORE
Your full name: Madeira Renee S-----
--What does it mean?: It's an island...
Your birthday: 5/25
Height: 5' 2''
Eye colour: Brown
--Do you like it?: Nah
Natural hair colour: brown
--Do you like it?: Nah
Gender: --Male
Religion: UU
--Have you ever changed religions?: Yeah
--Would you consider it?: I have...?
Heritage: Lotsastuff
--Do you like your heritage?: Yes, I am proud of it.
Where do you live?: E---
Have you ever moved cities or countries?: No
Your job: Business owner
--Do you enjoy it?: Yes
Movie: AHHH! I dunno. Something Disney or something anime
TV show: Buffy or Hetalia
TV character: Iunno...
Movie character: Iunno!!
Book: Harry Potter, probably
Literary character: Iunno... Jack Spratt
Author: Jasper Fforde is pretty good
Band: Mad Caddies
Song: Lion's Roar
Type of music: Skapunk
Instrument: Bass
Cereal: Marshmallow Mateys
Fast food place: In and Out
Dessert: Mochi
Country: Germany
City: Seattle
Place to travel:Seattle
Airline: Iunno...
Shampoo/conditioner: Suave Kids :}
Lotion: Aveeno
Subject in school: English
Teacher: Mr. Staiano or Mrs.Scheffler or Mrs. Sabilo All English teachers
Province: Iunno
State (if you're American): California
Football team: I don't like football
Hockey team: I don't like hockey
Athlete: Thunder Muffin
Sport to play: Derby
Sport to watch: Derby
Fruit: Mango
Vegetable: Lots
Snack: Iunno
Meal: Something yummy
Restaurant: Overon is always yummy
Grocery store: Winco
~*Have You Ever*~
Gone on a blind date?: No
Flown in an airplane?: Yes
Thrown up on an airplane?:No
Peed in the shower?: This is getting a bit personal
Peed your pants after you hit double digits?: No?
Enjoyed Shakespeare?: Yes?
Been to the opera?: No
Been to the theatre?: Yes
Streaked?: No
Seen a streaker?: No
Been mooned?: Yes
Mooned someone?: No
Flipped someone off?: Yes
Been in a fist fight?: Kind of it was more like legs
Been drunk?: No
Had alcohol poisoning?: No
Been walked in on while you're naked?: I'm pretty sure I was a baby and that was okay
Slept in a snowbank?: No
Made a snow angel?: Yes
Lost any teeth?: Duh?
Been in the hospital?:Yes
Been in a major accident?: It was a little major
Burnt yourself?: Yes
Passed out?: Yes
Watched a soap opera you didn't understand?: YES. It was in Spanish
Prank called 911?: No
Made fun of emos?: Well.. In a I'm-laughing-with-you kind of way
Acted like an emo, just to see what it's like?: I've been an emo!
Cheated on a test?: No
Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No
Lied to get out of trouble?: Probably
Started a fire?: In the fireplace
Roasted a marshmallow?: Yes
Set a marshmallow on fire?: Yes
--How many times?: a bunch
Wanted to drop out of school?: Yeah
--Did you?: No. But I might
Are you single or dating?: Dating
If single...do you like anyone?: I like someone
--If so, who?: Eine
--Why?: Because he's one of the nicest guys. Words are really hard to describe it
--Do you have a chance with them?: I'm taking it right now
If taken...who?: Eine
--How long?: A while
--Are you happy?: Yes
Last 4 digits of your phone number: 5309
Your house number: 8675309
Why are you taking this survey?: BORED
What school do you go to?: E--- High
--Do you like it?: Kinda. When I don't have headaches
Your school colours?: Red and Green
Your school teams' name?: L--
Ever been on a sports team?: Yeah
--If yes, what was the name of it?: The Redwood Saplings
--Did you enjoy it?: Yes
What do you want to be when you grow up?: An artist
--Why?: I love art
Any plans for the near future?: I'm going to a psychic tomorrow
What are your views on capital punishment?: Heaadache
--Nuclear weapons?: agh
--Euthanasia?: igjaa
--The Canadian government?: Who?
--The American government?: WE'RE THE HERO!
--The European Union?: Wir tanzen in vier ech'
--The UN?: Eyebrows
--Can you tell me who the Secretary-General of the UN is?: No
What was your favourite grade of elementary school?: 4
--Why?: Because my teacher was awesome
What are you wearing right now?: A sweater, another sweater, shorts, and boots
--Any particular reason why?: No...?
What was the last thing you ate?: Enchiladas
If you were a crayon, what colour would you be ?: Sparkly Shiny Rainbows
How are you feeling today?: Headachey
How many keys are on your keychain?:two
--What are they for?: My house and a lock
What does the room you're in look like?: messy
--Do you like the room?: When it's not messy
Do you own an iPod? Yeah, but it's literally 1st gen. It uses firewire
--If yes, what kind?: 1st gen
Do you wear glasses or contacts?: Both. Glasses more than contacts
What's your view on laser eye surgery?: Scary
--Would you ever consider it?: No
Weirdest thing about your parents: They're odd
What did you do this weekend?: worked
--Was it enjoyable?: sure
What's your greatest fear?: There's a few
Your greatest strength?: Leadership skills
What country do you fear the most: Russia
Have you ever been in a third-world country?: No
--Would you ever want to live in one?: Maybe
What song do you have stuck in your head right now?: Dust in the Wind
Will poverty ever end?: No
--Why or why not?: Because the world is selfish and greedy. There's always one set aside
Will we destroy our own planet?: We are well on our way
--How? with everything
Man--inherently good, or inherently evil?: Stupid

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