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Once upon a time there lived an unhappy peasant girl named Madi. ;D
Why Nerds Are Cool

Since nerds have been nerds, they've been bullied, put down, and neglected for their nerdiness. But recently, nerds have been able to shine the way that they always knew they could. They just needed a little push to get them there. Now they're the coolest thing since Chuck Norris. Here's a couple reasons why.


Nerds of this generation OWN the fact that they are nerds. Way back when, when nerds were bullied and PUT INTO THEIR PLACE, they hid the fact that they are nerds. They DEINIED it. Denial is not cool. But nowadays, nerds ACCEPT and LOVE the fact that they are nerds. Confidence is totally cool. Thus, making nerds totally confident and cool.


So all the COOL kids wear those big, fake, NERDY glasses without the lenses . Well REAL nerds wear REAL glasses because they NEED them. You see, nerds don't NEED to eat their carrots because they get good grades so their parents don't nag them about eating their vegitables. Thus resulting in BAD eyesight by lack of carrots, thus resulting in COOL glasses that are COOL.


Nerds are TOTALY the jocks of the modern world. (Nerds are in seperate categoties of nerds. This category is the Gamer category) While jocks USED to be waay cool for sports, NOW, if you don't PWN at the new HALO game, you're not as cool. All (gamer) nerds PWN at Halo. Duh


Nerds are FUNNY! Sure it's easy to be funny by MAKING FUN of someone, but there's only so many times you can say that LADY GAGA has a p***s before it LOOSES it's charm. Nerd's jokes NEVER run out and they're ALWAYS funny! Since nerds are SMART, they know what they're talking about before they start saying something funny, thus resulting in an epic, hilarious, momentous joke that just came from their brain. No internet rumors fuling those jokes. ALSO, when other nerds tell jokes, THEY GET THEM. Funny is COOL.


The supposed POPULAR kids are SO SUPERFICIAL. Nerds don't care what you look like or if you have a lot of friends. Nerds are ACCEPTING and love all. (that love Harry Potter) So when it comes down to the TRUE test of POPULARITY, nerds totally WIN because they have TON of friends who CARE about them. With or without that new cell phone or those Ugg boots.


Nerds are DIVERSE. There are so many DIFFERENT nerds. There are Fangirls --The girls who use a lot of exclamation marks and obsess over anime and other aspects of Japanese culture such as Gothic Lolita or reading Mangas. Fangirls aren't limited to only Japanese culture, though. Recently the fangirl world has been expanding to let in British cultures as well. Fanboys are the same, only they're boys.
Band nerds -- those nerds who can read music and play instruments well. They usually get along much better with other band nerds. When a new band nerd joins a new band, they usually accept the new nerd with open arms and offer them help if they need it. ((Note how cello and ukulele are becoming HUGE in new music recently. You can't play those instruments without being a nerd.))
Roleplay Nerds -- Sometimes the fangirls and the roleplay nerds cross over. Roleplay is a synonym for pretend. Roleplay nerds write roleplays online, invoke in LARPing(Live Action Roleplaying), and play D&D. Somtimes these subcategories never cross or sometimes they are all squished into one, it just depends on the nerd.
Book Nerds -- These nerds know just about EVERYTHING. They're super smart, super nice (though intimidating because they're so smart), and they always have a book recomendation. Usually these nerds have a bookshelf FILLED in their bedroom with just their own books.
Jock Nerds -- This category is the most scarce, these are the nerds play nerd sports (such as Quidditch or Roller Derby (Both way cool)) or they are a different category of nerd while they play school sports.
Gamer Nerds -- Gamer nerds are always up to date on the newest video games. They have just about every consle they can get their hands on, they know how to fix the red ring of death on their Xbox30, they love Mountain Dew, and they are notorious for staying up all night on Minecraft or World of Warcraft.
These are only a FEW examples of the different categories of nerds. (Fantasy nerds, sci-fi nerds, zombie nerds, artist nerds, geeks ect.)


Nerds know that the cake is a lie. Thus, they live a long and happy life.


These are only a FEW reasons why nerds ROCK so much. (Besides the obvious ones that you should all know (They make a TON of money and they're SUPER smart)) this list could continue on and on, but I really want to get home sometime tonight and the time we leave is when I conclude this thing.

NOW maybe you'll have a better understanding of the modern nerd, if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me, Ms.Dr.Prof. Madi at fufubery@gmail.com

Prepare yourself, the nerds are coming.

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