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Once upon a time there lived an unhappy peasant girl named Madi. ;D
1. Whats your name? (first)Maxwell
2. How much gold do you have?1,023,974
3. How much gold would you like to have? 1,023,974
4. Whats your favorite Item?I really like the Reve Rouille one... I can't spell it, though.
5. Whats your favorite evolving item? Reve Rouille
6. How long have you been on gaia? Three or four years
7. How old are you? 14
8. Do you like being that age? No
9. If you could choose an age, what would it be? 25
10. Do you have any siblings? Yes.
11. If so, do you like them? Yeah, he's awesome
12. Whats your favorite food? Uhh... Sushi? I guess?
13. Can you cook that food yourself?Yeah, I can!
14. Whats your favorite restaurant? Overon Grill. Very good salads
15. What country do you live in? America
16. If the USA, what state? California
17. Would you like to move? Yes
18. If yes on the last question, where to? Seattle
19. Do you like snow? In moderation
20. Do you like summer or winter better? Summer
21. Spring or Fall? Fall
22. Whats your favorite holiday? Kinetic Sculpture Race. That's a holiday, right?
23. Whats your favorite number? 8
24. Favorite letter of the alphabet? Q
25. angel or devil? Angel

26. fly by plane or go by boat? Fly
27. Do you like flying at all? Yes
28. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? London or New Orleans
29. What language do you wish you could speak? I'm learning German
30. which one, rock climbing or wind surfing? Wind surfing
31. black or white? White
32. in color or black and white. White
33. most memorable moment? I was playing some monster game with my brother and our friend with these fake laser guns in his back yard... I fell off a pogo stick and got hurt later that day
34. do you wear perfume/cologne(yes/no)? No
35. If so, what scent/brand do you wear? No
36. Do you like the oposite sex to wear perfume/colonge? Depends on how strong it is
37. Are you allergic to anything? Yea
38. Are you thinking you'll finish this quiz? I'm hoping
39. Every play the game truth or dare? Sometimes It's really lame though because it's Freshmen truth or dare
40. What was the worst dare that you were told to do? I don't really remember... It was a long time ago.
41. Do you lie to your parents? No
42. What was the last thing you lied about? I don't remember
43. Do you know all your prior presidents names? No
44. Who was the 24th president? I dunno
45. Who was in office for 12 years? I dunno
46. Did you just look those last 2 answers up on google or another site? No
47. Do you have a dream avi? No
48. Whats the most expensive item you have? The Ringmaster
49. What does "brb" stand for? Brb 8D

50. What does "lawl" stand for? Lawl?
51. Name a celebrity off the top of your head? Trump
52. Has this person played in any movies? I don't know... That's not really his deal
53. Is this celebrity married/divourced or single? I don't know...
54. Would you like to meet this person? NO!
55. What are you wearing right now? A yellow shirt over a black shirt and jeans
56. What is the current time? 9:48 am
57. How many items are on your wishlist? Like, 6 or something
58. Whats your favorite song? Lion's Roar
59. Does this song remind you of anything? The circus
60. Do you have a gf/bf? I have a boyfriend
61. How tall are you? Short
62. Are you gaining any gold? Yesm
63. How many pages is this quiz now? I dunno.... Hella?
64. What brand of shoe do you wear? Thrift store
65. Do you prefer boots or shoes? In a perfect world, people won't have to pick favorites.
66. Whats your favorite color? Red plaid
67. Have i repeated any questions? No
68. Do you know where the name teddy bear came from. Yes
69. do you like stuffed animals or beanie babies? Beanie babies I guess
70. jig-saw puzzle or rubix cube Rubix. 2 X 2
71. Newspaper or Magazine? Newspaper
72. How long is your hair? Short
73. What color is your hair? Dark dark brown and white blonde
74. Have you colored your hair at all? YES

75. Do you have any messengers? No?
76. Would you ever PM me? Sure
77. Have you ever donated before? Yeah
78. How many times have you traded? A bunch
79. Have you been in the cinema's? Yeah
80. Do you hate how you can't go into 11-20 cinema's I haven't gone since they came out
81. Have you ever been hacked? YEAH!
82. If you have, what did you lose? A lot of stuff... But I knew who did it and got it back
83. Do you have a myspace? OH god! I do.... myspace...
84. Do you have facebook? Yeah
85. Do you have your own computer/laptop? Yeah
86. Are you a good or bad person? I'm so good it hurts
87. Why are you a good or bad person (reason) Because I'm insane. I'm everyone's overprotective dad
88. Ever been suspended from school? no
89. What is your favorite book? Hunger Games or 4th Bear
90. Why is it your favorite book (reason)? Because HUNGER GAMES. And because nursery crimes. Nuff said
91. What was/is your favorite toy to have in the bathtub? I don't take baths. I shower
92. Do you know what the Bush doctrine is? Nope!
93. Whats a resolution you have for the new year? Win the business challenge
94. Whats your favorite T.V show? Buffy
95. How many hours do you spend online each day? A ********
96. What's your favorite disney princess or vilian? I love Belle and Ursula.
97. What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Green Hornet
98. Ever like fluffy bunnies or any other animal? Yes.
99. Are you bored of this quiz? Nah

100. Do you play sports(yes/no)? No
101. What sport do you play? I skate sometimes
102. How long have you played that sport? O^O
103. Are you wanting to go pro? FFFFFFUUUUUUU
104. Do you have a Cell phone?Yes
105. Ever been stalked before? Yes...
106. Ever been thrown a suprise party? No
107. When was your last birthday party? nearly a year ago
108. How many friends do you have on gaia? Not a lot
109. Do you prefer pepsi or coke? Pepsi
110. from the last question, would that one beat Dr. Peper? Yeah
111. What color are your walls in your room? White and one has paint spatters on it
112. Do you have any pets(yes/no)? Yeah
113. How many pets do you have, and what are they? I have two dogs a rat and a snake
114. Do you get along with your parents? We're best friends. Not joking
115. What was the best gift you've recieved? I dunno
116. Are you listening to music right now? 8-bit Mario
117. How many gaia accounts do you have? like, a million, but I forgot all the passwords for them
118. When was the last time you took a shower? Yesterday morning
119. Are you wearing a hat or scarf? No
120. Scooby doo or Scooby Dumb? SCOOBY DOO!
121. Do you like Scrappy Doo? Ugh, no.
122. Daphny or Velma?Velma!
123. Fred or Shaggy? Shaggy
124. Have you ever seen "that 70's show"? once or twice

125. If so, who's your favorite from it? I dunno
126. Do you text or call people more? Text because my phone is really loud in-call
127. iPod or MP3? My phone has a music player in it...?
128. Shrek or Donkey? Shrek
129. Ever watch all three movies of Shrek? No
130. Which one was your favorite? First
131. Harry potter or Twilight? HARRY POTTER
132. If harry potter which book is better? I liked the 4th
133. If Twilight, which book is better? I really didn't like Twilight.
134. Which harry potter movie thats outs, do you like more? I think that they did best with the first
135. Who is your favorite character from Harry Potter (not actor)? Lupin or Snape
136. Daniel Radcliffe or Tom Felton (harry or draco)?Daniel because he supports the LGBTQ community
137. Emma watson or Bonnie Write (hermione or Ginny)? Emma by far
138. Do you like Edward from Twilight? No
139. Why are you still doing this quiz? Because I'm BORED
140. Write the alphabet from A-Z in different Posts..No
141. Write your User name by each letter in different posts..No
142. Did you really do the last 2 questions? No
143. Did you see the movie "camp rock" (yes/no)? No
144. Did you like it?No
145. Who's your favorite Jonas brother?No
146. Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? Tom Cruise
147. T.V show "Friends" or "The Office"? Uhh.. I don't watch either?
148. Which one "Bruce Almighty" or "Evan Almighty 2"? Bruce Almighty
149. Do you like Jim Carrey? Yeah.

150. Are you into comedy? Sometimes
151. Rap or Hip Hop? NEITHER?
152. Rock or R&B? Rock
153. Gold or Silver? Silver
154. Necklace or bracelet? Bracelet
155. Dog taggs or Chains? chains?
156. Lefty or Righty (writing hand)? Right
157. Do you wear glasses or contacts? Depends what I'm doing that day
158. Shorts or Pants? Pants
159. Do you listen to the radio? Yes
160. The Beatles or The Beach Boys? Beach Boys
161. Are you Straight/Bi/ or Gay? Bi
162. Did you agree to the marrige law? No?
163. Do you like our new president? Obama's coo'
164. Did you want McCain to win? No
165. When bored, did you ever write on yourself with pen? Yes
166. Are you sarcastic? Sometimes
167. Do you sing in the shower? No
168. Do you dance randomly? Yes
169. Ever been caught dancing randomly?Yes
170. Did you ever perform in a school talent show? Yeah
171. Do you watch American Idol? Not really
172. Do you watch "So You Think You Can Dance? Yah
173. Do you crack your fingers or "pop"? Crack
174. Do you have any cousins?Yeah

175. Do you like your cousins? Only Lisa and Mark
176. What are you doing or what did you do for thanksgiving? I'm going to work and make money
177. Are you excited for Christmas? Sure
178. Do you know the actual spirit of christmas? NOPE ONLY FAT GUYS AND COOL SHITY
179. Have you ever run into a screen door?No, but I've run into a glass one
180. Have you ever broke a bone , which one? I broke my nose, which is not a bone...
181. What color cast did you have ? A little tiny white bandage
182. Ever sit on a tac? No
183. Ever pull a prank on someone? Yes
184. What was the prank you pulled? We filled his entire office with balloons.
185. Can you multi task? Sure
186. Do you like to bowl? No
187. What was your highest score? s**t I DON'T LIKE TO BOWL
188. Do you play cards? Sometimes
189. What are you questing for? Your mom
190. Skii or Snowboard? Neither
191. Swimming pool or ocean? Ocean
192. one piece or two piece(girls) speedo or swim trunks(guys)?? TRUNKS?
193. Swimming pool or Jacuzzi(hot top)? Pool
194. Blind date or actual date? Actual date
195. Single date or double date? I don't think it matters
196. Flowers or Chocolate, (to give, or recieve)? Uh.. I give chocolate and I've gotten flowers
197. Funniest pick up line you've used/heard? Wanna get some pizza and ******** (If she/ he says no) What? You don't like pizza?
198. Who was your first kiss? I haven't kissed
199. Do you remember ever second of that day? No

200. Does your bedroom have a window? Two
201. How many text's do you send each month? I dunno.. Like 10?
202. If you had to lose one which would it be , cell phone or computer? Phone
203. Do you feel the computer makes you procrastinate? Yes
204. Do you watch the news?No
205. Are you worried about your future? No
206. What is your current mood? Hurt
207. Do you own a flash drive?yeah
208. Can you drive? No
209. If you can, do you have a car?No
210. How long have you been able to drive?No
211. Do you have a permit or license?No?
212. the Moon or the Sun? Moon
213. Day or night? day
214. Cold weather or warm weather? Cold
215. Ever been on a cruise? No
216. If so which cruise?No
217. Do you find someone people really annoying? Yeah
218. Whats your favorite activity?I dunno
219. Whats your favorite radio station? KSLG
220. If you had a certain power, what would it be? I don't need any
221. Being able to fly or teleport? teleport
222. dark or light?dark
223. cat or dog?dog
224. Did you ever go to the zoo?yeah

225. Ever go on a school trip out of state? No
226. City bus or school bus? No
227. Do you have photoshop?I will soon
228. Brownies or Cake? Cake
229. Favorite dessert? the kind of cake my mom makes
230. Favorite breakfast meal? Something from a diner
231. Favorite dinner meal? Soup stuff
232. Do you get mad often? Sometimes
233. How many bf's/gf's have you had? two
234. How late do you usually stay up? 9:30
235. Who's your favorite super hero? The Doctor
236. Have you ever beaten up someone? Verbally?
237. Were you ever beaten up? No
238. Were you ever bullied around?Yes
239. How many times has your family moved? None
240. Are you an organized person? No
241. When was the last time you were outside? Yesterday
242. Do you lock the door to your room? Sometimes
243. Do you have a sign on your door? No
244. Do you know who Dane Cook is? Yes
245. If i said blue , what would you respond? What?
246. Do you like going to the doctor? Depends on which doctor
247. Do you like going to the dentist? No
248. When was your last shot you had to get? I got a dye injection when I got an MRI scan
249. How much money is in your purse/wallet? 39$

250. Are you a photogenic person? Not really
251. Whats your favorite amusement park? Disneyland
252. Do you like roller coasters? Yes
253. Do you like water rides more then bumper cars? Water rides in hot weather
254. Would you get in trouble if your parents found you up late? No
255. Will you be going to High school Prom? Maybe
256. How early do you get to school? 7:20
257. Do you like any of your teachers? Yes
258. Would you be upset/mad if school was all year long? Not really
259. Would you rather have year round school.. so only like 3 weeks of summer? Yeah.
260. Have you ever climbed a mountain(gone hiking)? Yes
261. Ever sing karaoke?Yes haha
262. If you could have a wild animal as a pet, what would it be? Teacup pig or giraffe
263. A sweater or sweat shirt?sweater
264. A hoodie or no hoodie? That is the question...
265. Do you like bugs? Depends on the bug
266. milk or chocolate milk? Chocolate milk
267. Chocolate Chip cookies or oreo's? Oreos
268. Santa or the Sand man? Sand man
269. Father time or Mother Nature? Father time
270. Wind or Fire (which element)? Wind
271. Do you like the rain? Yes
272. Ever build something? Yeah
273. Ever build a snow man? Yeah
274. Ever been to the Mall of America in Minnesota? No

275. Ever been to Six Flags? Yes
276. Ever fart during class? Uh.. That's a really odd question
277. Do you get nervous when your in front of the class? No
278. Can you believe that your almost a quarter of the way through? REALLY?
279. What are you thinking right now? DAMN this is a long quiz
280. Do you like rainbows? Yes
281. Do you like anime? Yes
282. Do you draw any good? I think so
283. If you saw a homless guy on the streets, what would you do? Walk past if he's crazy. There are a lot of those where I'm from
284. Do you help out in any charity's?Yeah
285. Ever have to do community survice? Yea
286. Does your internet act up all the time? YES
287. How many posts have you done now? 287
288. How much gold have you gained? ********
289. Would you ever fly up to the moon? NO
290. Ever embarasse yourself in front of someone you like? SUre
291. Do you studder when you speak sometimes? Very occasionally
292. Are you a good speller? Better than you
293. Whats your favorite class for school? English
294. Do you live in a home/apartment without your parents? No
295. Are you hungry?A bit
296. What was the last thing you ate? Pistachios
297. What color are your eyes? Brown
298. Could you guess what mine are? brown?
299. What grade are you in at school? 9th

300. Ever see the movie "300"? no
301. Do you have and use a web cam? No
302. Are you into photography? A bit
303. Do you go on "photobucket"? Yeah
304. Whats your favorite candy? I dunno...
305. Sweet or sour? Sour
306. what instrument do you wish you could play if you can't already?Bass
307. What instrument do you like to play?Ukulele
308. Ever wish you could be in a band? I'm in a band
309. if you were an inatiment object what would you be? I'd be my brother's knight's helmet
310. Buy any new items? Sure
311. Do you believe in love? No
312. Do you believe in love at first site?no
313. Have you ever been in love?no
314. Ever had a heart break?no
315. Have you ever broken someones heart? Yes
316. Do you like him/her but she/he likes someone else? No
317. Ever been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona? No
318. Ever been to las Vegas? No
319. What was the last national monument you've seen? World's tallest totem pole?
320. Ever been to a concert? Yes
321. Ever been back stage at a concert? Yes
322. Who's concert would you like to see? Reel Big Fish
323. Ever keep a secret journal/diary? No
324. Have you ever had a wet dream? no

325. How many pillows do you sleep with? Two
326. When listening to music, does your head or feet move to the beat ? No
327. Can you sing(actually really good at it)? I'm pretty good
328. Whats a hidden talent you have? I can tie two knots in a cherry stem
329. Whats your dream vehicle(car/truck/etc.), explain in details)? VW Bug or a mini cooper
330. Do you keep boxes that you've bought things in(for a long period of time)? Only my work stuff
331. Do you work out? No
332. Do you believe in ghost stories? No
333. Have you even gone camping? Yes
334. When you camped, did you tell/listen to ghost stories? Yeah, but they're usually silly
335. Do you sleep with some sort of night light? No I can't stand any lights when I sleep
336. Do you have a special blanky that you sleep with? No
337. Watermelon or strawberries? Strawberries
338. Ice Tea or Green Tea? Green Tea
339. Rock or Country? Rock
340. Fabreeze or Glade? Glade
341. Would you consider yourself a circle or square? Triangle
343. Ever think of your dream wedding?No
344. Do you keep change in your pokets? No
345. Whats something daily that you consume? Water
346. The Blue Jackets or Red Coats? Uhhh
347. Germany or Italy? Deutschland
348. Do you have your class ring?No
349. Do you think rain hides your feelings? What? No

350. When was the last time you yelled? uhh
351. When was the last time you said "sorry" to someone? Yesterday
352. Who's birthday is coming up that you know of?Mine
353. How old will that person be? 15
354. Do you believe in magic? No
355. Benny the puppy or Momo the monkey? Momo
356. The Patriots or Cults? UGH
357. Have you ever gone tanning? No
358. Do you use sun tan lotion? No
359. hycups or burbs? UGH
360. Cash or Credit? Cash
361. Whats the funniest nick name you call someone? My little garden gnome
362. Do you have any tattoo's (yes/no)? No
363. Would you like a tattoo (yes/no)? Yeah
364. What design tattoo would you want? I want to get a really tiny question mark on my thumb
365. Do you like guys/girls with tattoo's? Depends on the tattoo
366. Girls, do you like jock or preppy guys...guys, do you like preppy, or sporty girls? I like individuals
367. Do you flip your hair around a lot? I don't really have any hair to flip...
368. Have you ever dreamed in black and white? Not that I can remember
369. Who's your favorite sports team? (any sport) Redwood Rollers
370. Have you ever gone ice skating? No
371. Did you ever fall on your butt when you first started to skate? On real skates? Sure
372. Can you remember how many bruises you've had? Massive ******** I'm a bit of a ref. Derby is intense
373. Do you get physically hurt often? When I was in derby
374. When was the last time you were in the hospital? A week ago

375. What would you be if you were in a royal family? (position) Uh... yourmom!
376. Do yo like adolph hitler.No
377. If you could go to any planet, which would it be? Earth?
378. Do you like marshmello's? Sure
379. Do you like smores? Yes
380. Ever roast a marsmello? Yes
381. Ever sit by a camp fire?yes
382. Have you been to a beach? yes
383. Sharpie, or regular pen?sharpie
384. pencil or highlighter?Pencil
385. Would you rather have blue eyes or green eyes? green
386. Ever eat sushi? yes
387. Do you like fish?yes
388. Ever been to Japan? yes
389. Do you watch the Olympics?no
390. Whats your favorite sport/event that goes on in the Olympics?idunno
391. Side walk or street?sidewalk
392. Do you cook for your family? sometimes
393. Do you watch video's on youtube? not many
394. Do you have a face book account? yes
395. Are you going to school?not today I'm on break
396. Do you like icecream? yes
397. Pudding or Apple sauce?apple sauce
398. Target or Walmart? Target
399. Circle K or 7/11? 711

400. Do you use shampoo and conditioner? Just shampoo
401. When you were little, what dream job did you want? I dunno... I didn't think about it when I was little
402. Do you park in the handi-capped spots when you shouldnt? No
403. If you could be someone for one day, who would it be?Nobody, I'm good
404. Do you watch the show "myth busters"? Sometimes
405. Do onions really make you cry? I don't like them?
406. a Wii or PS3? Wii
407. Has your house ever been broken into? Before I was born
408. Have you ever won a contest? Yes
409. Does your mom order from AVON? No
410. Do you play pool? No
411. How many cars do you have? My mom has one and my dad has one
412. How many friends are online? 2
413. Have you entered your avi/house/art into a contest? Yeah
414. Do you keep your room clean or messy? It gets messy
415. How many DVD's do you own? A ********
416. Do you still have toy's from your childhood? Not many
417. Have you ever used a compass before?Yeah
418. Ever sleep in a sleeping bag? Yeah
419. Whats your favorite flavor of Jam? strawberry I guess
420. Did you watch the movie "Titanic"? Not all the way through
421. Ever gone on a road trip? Yes
422. Do you know your Nick stars? No
423. Do you have poster on your wall? Yes
424. Does your school have a cool mascot? No

425. When is the next leap year? I dunno
426. Do you like farm animals? YES
427. Do you own any "transformer" toys? No
428. Did you ever see the movie? Once
429. Is lunch your favorite subject in school? No
430. What state/country were you born at? California
431. Can you tan, or just burn?Tan
432. Do you believe in UFO's? No
433. How long does it take you to read a book? Depends on the book
434. Can you do math(like REALLY GOOD MATH(algebra)? Uh... I'm passing
435. Robots or computers? Computers
436. How many shirts do you own? ********
437. How many pairs of pants do you own? ********
438. Direct TV or Dish Network? Direct TV
439. Most watched Channel in your house hold? I dunno.... We're diverse in our channel watching
440. Does your family own a gun? Not that I know of
441. Do you believe in dinosaurs? I think they were real?
442. Where is Austria-Hungary located? In Europe.... Well Isn't it just Austria and Hungry now?
443. Do you like kids? no
444. Do you believe there is a North Pole? There is a pole at the north of the planet, yes
445. Are you smart then a 5th grader? I'm not sure I understand the quesstion
446. Can you play the piano? A little
447. Have you painted a room before? Yes
448. what game systems do you own? NES, N64, Wii, Xbox360, DS, SP, Gameboy color, gameboy
449. Do you like crackers? Sure

450. Do you have a beaty mark? What?
451. Which version of Charler and the chocolate factory do you like better? Uhhh... The first?
452. Have you ever had brain freeze? Yes
453. Have you ever been tackled by a best friend? No... I'm too small...
454. Ever been bitten by a snake?No
455. Do you know what type of snake it was? Uh...
456. Do you play golf? No
457. How many positions are there played on the baseball field? I dunno
458. Tile or carpet?Tile
459. What games do you have installed in your computer? Mariopaint
460. Have you ever disrupted class for talking? No
461. Have you ever disrupted class for accidently laughing loudly? No
462. Ever play any old fashion game like (pac-man/snake, or pong)? Yes
463. Can you build or rebuild cars?No
464. Can you plan or throw a party? Yes
465. How much can you bench? I dunno
467. Can you put your foot behind your head? No but I can lick my elbow
468. Are you flexable? A bit
469. Can you touch your toes? Yes
470. Do you surf channels during commercials? No
471. Have you ever gotten anyone sick? Yes
472. Ever got sick on a fair ride? No?
473. Ever go on a ride a long with a police officer? No
474. Ever get revenge on someone? Nah

475. Is your bathroom clean? Yes
476. Do you like squeaky toys? No
477. Have you lost something important to you? Yes
478. Do you sometimes wear socks that don't match? Yeah
479. Do you like graffiti art? No
480. Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried? Yes
481. Whats the craziest thing you've fed your dog? Hot cheetoes
482. Do you have a doll/action figure collection? No
483. Are you a noob? No
484. Does your other sibling have achne? Uhh... Acne? A bit
485. Have you cut your own hair? Yes
486. Do your parents snore? My dad does
487. Do you snore? No
488. Ever trip over something? Yeah
489. Ever get stong by a bee? Once
490. Do you get interupted a lot? Yeah
491. Do you interupt people a lot? Sometimes
492. Can you cook on a barbecue? No
493. Ever jump off the roof into a pool?No?
494. Do you like the taste of the envelope? No
495. Do you like ketchup? No
496. Favorite candy bar? Whatchamacallit
497. What do you by most of at a convenience store? Raspberry ice tea
498. How often do you go to one?(from above).I dunno... not too often
499. Do you mix your fountain drinks together? No

500. Are you Bilingual? Ich spreche klien Deutsch. Frau Bird ist ein seht gut Deutchlehrerin.
501. Ever wanna walk the red carpet? No
502. What did you do last valentines day? gave some candy to the guys I hang out with in Bio then emailed my boyfriend because he lives in a different town
503. Do you buy gifts for your friends on christmas? Yes
504. Do you listen to the stocks giving by the government? No
505. Are you tired of this quiz yet? Yes
506. Horror movies or action movies? Horror
507. Ever have a water bed? No
508. Would you ever drive/ride a motor cycle? Sure
509. Ever play tag (laser tag)? Yes
510. What type of pie? Lemon?
511. How many times have you changed your user name? Four
512. How many times have you changed the look of your avi?(eyes) ********
513. What was the last thing you drank? Water
514. Do you sing Disney songs?Yes
515. Single or Taken? Taken
516. Do you wanna be the opposite of what you just answered? Sometimes...
517. Ever seen "phantom of the opera" as a play? No
518. What other play's have you seen? Wicked, Rent, Into the Woods, Guys and Dolls, Urinetown, Sussical the Musical.... I'm a theater kid
519. Ever seen a show on Broadway ? Not on broadway, but I've seen a Broadway show.
520. Ever been to Wall st. ? No
521. Where did you spend your last New Years Eve? Home watching Buffy
522. Do you/Did you have family coming/come for thanksgiving?No
523. Have you been stressed lately? Yes
524. Do you have any scares on your body? Some

525. Do you know how to snowboard? No
526. Would you teach me how to do some cool tricks (question from above) ^^?? If I could, darling
527. Ever been in a snowboarding/skiing competition? No
528. Ever watch the Spelling Bee competition?. Yes
529. Were you ever IN a spelling Bee competition? No
530. Who taught you how to swim? I don't remember
531. Ever hack someone? Yeah... It was really mean. I felt really bad
532. Has someone ever stalked you? yes I think you've already asked that
533. Have you ever dumped someone? Yes
534. Has someone ever dumped you? No
535. What your longest sitting period on your computer?(that you never left its site). This quiz
536. How many essay's have you had to write in your educational period? ********
537. Ever been lied to?Yes
538. Ever lie to someone? I'm not much of a liar, but I'm sure I have
539. do you have the shirt "I'm with stupid"? No
540. Is your light on in your room? I don't think so
541. Do you have any fears (yes/no)? Some
542. What are they? Dying. I'm a bit arachnophobia.
543. Why are are affraid of it/them? I dunno. They're phobias.
544. What do you think about "across the univers"? I thought it was pretty good
545. Whats one thing you wish you could know right now? The German language
546. What did you dream about last night? Something with Hetalia, I'm sure
547. Do you like musicals? Yes
548. Are you an actor/actress? A little bit, yes
549. How many books can you read in a week? Depends on the book. For novels, my best is 5

550. Whats 2-2? 0?
551. Do you like Ice cream Sandwiches? Kinda
552. Do you like blue or black pens better? Black
553. When was the last time you ran? yesterday
554. Last time you stood in the rain was? Two days ago
555. Do you bite your lip alot? Yes
556. Do you have chapped lips? not right now
557. Do you have nervious habits(yes/no)? Yes
558. If you do, what are they? I twiddle my thumbs and bite my lips
559. Do you think you can get over your nervious habits? Sure, but they're not a big deal
560. Last color you dyed your hair was? Black and purple
561. Do you fart in front of people? No?
562. Do you burp in front of people? I try not to
563. Last time you said "excuse me"? Earlier today
564. Is your stomach growling? No
565. Do you use "emotions" to express you? I guess?
566. Last time you stuck your tongue out at someone? Couple days ago at my dentist
567. Last time you slammed your bedroom door? My doors don't slam very well...
568. What font do you usually use? Times New Roman
569. Is that your favorite font? Times New Roman
570. How big do you make your font? 12
571. What color font do you like out of the defaults? Black
572. Are you just copying and pasting the questions? Kind of
573. Do you visit any chat rooms? No
574. What games do you play (not on gaia)? ********

575. Last time you got a scab? Couple days ago
576. Do you get annoyed often? Yes
577. Have you gotten anything to drink in the last half hour? Yes
578. Ever drink when you shouldnt have? I don't think so
579. What was your favorite thing to do as a child? I don't remember
580. How much money do you have in the bank? Good amount
581. Do you ever write on note cards? Yes
582. What Cell phone do you have? Samsug android thing
583. Are you eating something right now? No
584. Ever have lice? Yeah
585. Is a cat or dog laying at your feet right now? No
586. Do you collect anything(yes/no)? Yes
587. If you do collect , what is the item? Keys
588. Are you a virgin? Yes
589. Do your parents know that you are or arent one(from above question)? Uuuuhhh
590. Do you help clean the house? Yes
591. Whats the worst chore you have to do? I dunno
592. Where you in your schools choir? I'm going to try out
593. Ever play in any of your schools sports? No
594. Best Buy or Circuit City? Neither
595. iTunes or Limewire? Neither
596. Messy room or a clean room? I prefer clean, but it's messy right now
597. Are you Innocent or Guilty? Innocent
598. Is your radio playing at this exact moment? Not mine, but one is
599. Ever been bitten by a wild animal? No

600. Ever been to another country? No
601. does your butt hurt for sitting so long? No
602. Do you have leg warmers? No
603. Ever meet the Pope? No
604. What holidays do you celebrate? Uhh.... 4th Of July (Sometimes) Thanksgiving and Christmas
605. Can you multi-task? You've asked that already
606. What amusement parks have you been too? And that
607. Ever fix a bike? Yes
608. Do you get a long with your mom or dad better? Mom, I think
609. Have any saved magazines? Some
610. Can you believe your half way there? ONLY HALFWAY?
611. What time is it for you now?11:12
612. Do you like the scent of flowers?some of them
613. What item do you want most that you can't get?I dunno
614. Do you like Cake? Yes
615. Do you wish you had some of your friends Items? Yeah
616. Have you ever hacked someone? You've asked that
617. What little items do you buy a lot? I dunno
618. Do you want more hair styles to choose from? Sure
619. Do you want more hair colors too? There are more colors?
620. Shouldn't you be taking a shower or eating right now? I already did that
621. Where would you get your ice cream, A store, or fast food place? Store
622. Do you eat our vegetables? Yes
623. Fanta, fanta ever seen that commercial? No?
624. Ever watch Bruce Almighty? Yeah

625. Have you ever begged for gold , while on gaia? No
626. Ever get the "five finger discount"? No
627. If Yes, at which store? No?
628. Do you use lotion after taking a shower? No
629. How long are you usually in the shower? 10 minutes
630. Do you know what "asl" means? Yes
631. Do you drink any energy drinks? No
632. Did you know that energy drinks can destory your intestents?(liver etc.) No
633. Do you wanna live in a castle/mansion? Sure
634. Ever play the game "MASH"? No
635. Whats your favorite scent from anything? Cinnamon
634. Whose your all time favorite all star athlete? Thundermuffin
635. Do you blow dry your hair after the shower, or just let it dry on its own? Dry on it's own
636. Did you ever buy from the Icecream man? Yeah
637. Ever have joint pains? No
638. Are you a good flirt? NO
639. ever gone to a wild party? No
640. Ever gotten the goosebumps? Yes
641. Have you had the chicken pox? Yes
642. What other sickness have you had? ********
643. Do you belive in miricals? No. But I do believe in spelling
644. Do you believe in any superstitions? Not really
645. Ever try to find the end of a rainbow for a pot of gold? When I'm little
646. When will you move out of your parents house if you havent already? Probably when I go to college
647. Did you ever place your tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy? When I was little
648. Do you like being outside or inside better? Depends on the weather
649. Do you like popcicles?Not really

650. Where was president lincoln shot? At that play
651. Who was the person to kill president Lincoln? That assassin guy
652. Who shot and killed JFK? That other assassin guy
653. Do you like George Bush? No
654. Did you like Him or John Carry better? I don't know
655. Do you have a T.V in your room?No
656. Do you were any colorful socks? (with like designs on them).Yes
657. Ever sit on someones lap?(not including your parents's) Yes. They say I have a bony butt
658. Who's lap was it? My boyfriend's, my best friend's, my galpal's
659. Do you wait until the last minute to do a lot of things? No
660. Do you like writing? Yes
661. Do you like to sing? Yes
662. Ever get drunk yet with your friends? No
663. Do you breath air or oxygen? I don't breath anything, but I sure do breathe a lot.
664. What does H2O stand for?1 Hydrogen 2 Oxygen
665. Do you have the periodic table of elements memorized?No
6*6*6. Do you have pi Memorized? No. 3.1415....
667. Did you know the last question was # 666? Yeah, I noticed that.
668. How does that make you feel? Fine
669. Do your grandparents drink prun juice? No, but they might drink prune juice
670. Has someone told you that you were a bad kisser?no
671. Are you the quarterback of your High school football team?no
672. If not, is he more popular then you?yeah
673. Are you in your school band?I was
674. Does your stomach ever hurt?sometimes

675. Whats the longest speech you've had to write? Why Nerds Are Cool
676. Do you like presenting in front of a class?yeah
677. Where do you sit during school lunch? depends on the day. I have a club each day
678. Do you like the people you sit with? Depend on which day
679. Do you take the bus home, drive home, or walk? walk
680. How many times a day do you use a "smiley"? not many
681. Do random people PM you all the time? no
682. Do you like getting random PM"s? sure
683. Do you decorate your house on holidays? yeah
684. Do you sing and dance to your favorite songs when no one is around? No. I save the dancing for when there are people around
685. Do you like metal or plastic more? Ugh...
686. Are you on a diet of some kind? I'm supposed to eat more carrots
687. Do you have a personal trainer? I have a chiropractor
688. Do you wanna live in a beach house? Nah
689. what does "je ne sais pas" mean? Something in French. Ich spreche nicht gut Fransosisch
690. Are you a big tease? No
691. Can you speak another language fluently? Not fluently
692. Do you get head achs a lot? They are constant. That's why I go to the chiropractor
693. Are you tired, or did you just wake up? I'm a little tired
694. Whats your status currently say? VOTE FOR ME
695. Are you planning on changing it? Maybe
696. Do you skate board? No
697. Do you like any pro skaters? Eh
698. When was the last time you walked in snow? Couple months
699. Dont you have to go to the bathroom again? No

700. right, left, up or down ? Uh
701. Shouldnt you be doing your homework? I don't have any
702. Ever been under a water fall? No
703. where does the line "I love you Jennay" come from?? Uh
704. where does the line "we are here, and we are waiting" come form? UHH
705. What movie is best showed in blue ray disk? I don't know
706. Do you have a blue ray player? No
707. Are you still bored, is that why your doing this quiz? Yeah
708. How much gold have you gained now? ******** TON
709. Can you hear dogs barking outside your window at night and or day? No
710. Where do your dogs sleep at night? In my room
711. Do you wash beind your ears? Yes
712. Do you pick your nose? No
713. Do you fart in public? THIS IS A WEIRD QUESTION!
714. Did you lie about the two previous questions? No
715. What other embarrasing thing have you done in public? I don't know!
716. Where did you live before where you are currently? Nowhere
717. Would you PM me after this quiz? yeah
718. What color font are you using now? black
719. Are you ticklish? yeah
720. Do you tickle people? yeah
721. Do you keep the fan on in your room? yeah
722. What day of the week is it now? Friday Friday gonna get down on Friday
723. How many people are online now? 2
724. Did your parents allow you to have an account on gaia? Yeah

725. Would you want a puppy for christmas? No
726. Are you interested in someone on gaia? Well he has a gaia
727. If its no secret, who is it? Niel Mancer
728. What would you do to tell them your feelings? Uh... tell him?
729. When texting, do you type out the full word, or shorten them? I type everything out
730. Do you like being in the dark? Sure
731. Do you like being alone in the dark? Not really
732. What would you do if you heard a noise during the night? Turn over
733. Do you go around christmas caroling? In German
734. When was the last time you went trick or treating? Last year
735. Are you random most days? Sure
736. Do you have ADD? No
737. Do you have ADHD? No
738. Did you know there was a black out last night? Where you were, maybe
739. Do you care there was a black out? No
740. Can you burp the ABC's? Ew...
741. How old are you in 4 years? 18, almost 19
742. Will you be voting in 4 years? Yesm
743. Do you have a small jungle gym in your backyard? It's in pieces
744. Have you ever played hop scotch? Sure
745. Did you know my fingers still dont hurt from writing this? Really?
746. What is a hero to you? AMERICA
747. isnt that a jet? a 747? Idunno!
748. Would you join the air force? No
749. Would you join the Army? No

750. Would you join the Marines? No
751. Would you join the Cost Guard?No
752. Would you join the Navy?No
753. Which one would you most join? None
754. Do you collect state quarters? No
755. Do you twiddle your thumbs a lot? Yes
756. What T.V show is playing atm? Some chick flick
757. Do you like answering so many questions? Nah
758. Are you a skater boy/girl? No
759. Do you like water slides? Sure
760. What would you name your baby girl? Imogene or Regina
761. What would you name your baby boy? Ignacious or Vincent
762. What are the top 5 names you'd want for a girl? Imogene, Regina, Maxine, something and something
763. what are the top 5 names you'd want for a boy? Ignacious, Vincent, Clover, Valentine, Aiden
764. Do you know someone who is pregnate? No
765. Have you ever jump ropped? No?
766. Did you play tag football in P.E? Yeah and it sucks
767. How many questions have i repeated? A ********
768. What is the question you remember the most? If I've farted in public
769. Do you like valentines day? Sure
770. What would you do if someone who liked you, but you didnt like them so much, asked you out? Uh.. I'd say no thanks
771. What would you do if you were chased by a pack of wolves? I don't know
772. Have you ever eaten yellow snow?No
773. What do you put on your PB&J? PB and J
774. Do you like peanut butter? Sure

775. What would you do if you won that lottery? I don't know travel a lot
776. Will you go to a casino once your 21? Nah
777. WIll you get drunk the night of your 21st birthday? No
778. Have you ever played BINGO? Sure
779. Does your room smell like animal? No
780. What does your brain do? Think?
781. Are you in love? No
782. What is the meaning of "gay"? Homosexual
783. Why do we have wars? Because we're stupid
784. Do you believe in date rape? (like..do you think it should or shouldnt happen)? I think it happens
785. Do you like screaming bands? No
786. Do you watch the clouds and imagine them as an object? No
787. Do you use plug ins to freshin your house? No
788. Is your Cell phone right by you right now? Yes
789. Do you have a special ritual that you do? No
790. Can you wait till i return for the next question? Yes
791. Did you wait? I guess
792. Do you like Icy's? Sure
793. Ever see the movie "big green"? No
794. Do you know of the brand "Toshiba"? No
795. Do you have webbed toes? No
796. Do you know anyone who does? No
797. Shouldnt you be out with your friends right now? Yes
798. how many messages have you recieved at once? A bunch
799. Do you like to wear the color pink? Sometimes

800. Do you like hooks? Uh..
801. Would you dye your hair bright red? I would love to
802. Is long hair or short hair cooler? Depends on the person
803. Would you want the nick name "shnickers"? No
804. If you know me, would you be my friend and add me? I don't think so
805. Will you add my after this quiz? No
806. Did you know that i'm 17? I find that really hard to believe
807. Did you know pink is for babies? Sure
808. Do you have all yahoo, aim, and msn accounts? No
809. Did you know its getting harder to think of questions? I figured as much
810. Have you ever seen a tornado in person? No
811. Have you ever had to barracade yourself from one? No
812. Whats the worst storm you've been in? Tsunami warnings
813. Can you read minds? No
814. What am i thinking right now? I don't know
815. Do you sit around your house all day? Sometimes
816. Are you a loner? I try not to be
817. If you could, would you ever use pixy dust? No
818. Are you going to see the new movie Twilight if you havent already? No
819. Do you like lemons? Sure
820. Do you like limes? Sure
821. Are you a vegan?(spelt wrong i know). No, Vegan was right... 'spelt', however...
822. Have you lost your mind at something? Sure
823. Do you see dead people? No
824. Do you know who played that role? "i see dead people"? Yeah. Haley Joel Osmet

825. Would you talk to the person who answered a question above you? Sure
826. Would you ever date this person? No
827. What was the name given to the first nuclear test in the USA on the 16th of July 1945? I don't know
828. Which 'reclusive' group from Manchester sold more singles than the Beatles in 1965? I don't know
829. Is this fun? Sure
830. What famous document begins: "When in the course of human events..."? I don't know
831. What fashion did General Ambrose Burnside start in Civil War? I don't know
832. What is so cool about tattoo's? Nothing really
833. In the Chinese calendar what year follows Monkey? I don't know
834. What is a Kakapo?I don't knwo
835. Which dinosaurs name translates as speedy predator? I don't know
836. What city has the longest metro system? I don't know
837. If you were eating calamari - what are you snacking on? I don't know
838. What is a smew? I don't know
839. Why did the USA gov. open Lincolns coffin in 1887 and 1901? I don't know
840. Marilyn Munroe was the model for which Disney Character? Monroe?
841. Which insect has the best eyesight? I don't know
842. What was one of Elvis Presley's famous songs? I don't know!
843. Who said "one small step for man, one giant step for man kind"? Niel Armstrong
844. Which country is nearest to the north pole? CANADA?
845. Who was in the move "behind enemy lines"? I don't know
846. What is a peeping tom? a creeper
847. What song is sung the most? Your mom
848. Whats the girls name who was on "Titanic"(character)? I don't know
849. What (actor) played the man she fell in love with? Craprio

850. Whats the most known alcholic beverage? BEER
851. If you could change into an animal what would it be? Something
852. Would you change into a cat or a dog?dog
853. What bread of animal (from above, cat, dog). would you be? Corgi
854. Do you think your smart? Sure
855. Do you think your dumb/slow? No
856. Do others find you attactive? Some people
857. Do you find yourself attractive? Not really. Sometimes, I guess.
858. Would you go out with your schools quarterback/head cheearleader? oh hell no
859. Do you think your school's football team is good? I don't keep up with sports
860. Do you sleep on your back of stomach? Back mostly
861. Do you sleep nearest the wall or away from it/ nearest
862. Is your door next to your bed or across the room from it? It's kinda far, but not across the room
863. Ever eat moldy food? Not that I can think of
864. Have you been outside at all tody? YES!
865. Do you like the movie series "lord of the rings"? I haven't seen it in a million years
866. Do you care about people? Yes
867. Do you easily bruise? Not really
868. Do you get hurt often? (falling etc.) Yeah
869. Are you clumsy? Not really
870. How long can you hold your breath? A while
871. Whats your states mascott or (animal)? Bear
872. Would you want grills? or a gold tooth? No
873. Are you nice at the dinner table? Yes
874. Do you have table manors? Yes

875. Can people trust you? Yes
876. which face , xD or =D ? =D
877. Do you wish you were out of high school if your in it ? A bit, yeah
878. blah or bleh? Blah?
879. spring fling or summer romance? Neither.
880. Prom or Home coming? Neither?
881. Evil or good? Good
882. Where is your destination in life? Success
883. Where will you be in the next 3 hours? Home
884. Are your legs/feet falling asleep? No
885. Do you buy stuff off eBay? Sometimes
886. Whens your next vacation? A week
887. clothed or bare? Clothed
888. How many posters are on your wall? Four
889. Do you still like them, or just havent taken them down? I like these ones
890. Do you bite your fingernails? No
891. Do you bit your lip constintely? A little
892. Do you have dimples? Yes
893. Do you have freckles? No I wish
894. Do you watch the show "Hero's" No
895. If, so who's your favorite character? I don't-- Ugh
896. Are you on a laptop or Desktop now? Laptop
897. Why is 8 affraid of 7? Because 8 turned on it's side is infinity
898. When do you open presents during christmas?(if you dont, just put, "N/A" wink) Yes?
899. Ever dream of skipping through a flower garden with someone?Nope

900. Whats your favorite quote? It changes often. I think No meta
901. whats your favorite store to shop at? That one cow shop in Seattle
902. Do you think i'm crazy for all the questions? No
903. Can you believe that there is still over 100 left? Wow, seriously?
904. Can you hear the T.V from your room? when its in another? No.
905. Do you like the milkey way?Sure
906. How do you think man kind was created? To live
907. How do you really think the dinosaurs dissapeared? BECAUSE THEY SPELL CORRECTLY AND NOBODY LIKES IT WHEN PEOPLE SPELL THINGS RIGHT.
908. Do you think i'm a dork? I think you use Internet explorer... That or you IGNORE THAT LITTLE RED LINE UNDER YOUR WORDS.
909. Are you having fun with what ever your doing? Eh. I'm bored
910. Are you glad you did this quiz? Eh.
911. How much do you laugh a day? A lot.
912. How do you cure hycups? Cure what?
913. Would you lay out in the grass if it was raining? Not the grass...
914. If someone dared you to "kiss/suck neck" would you do it? No. That's nasty. Like the honey badger.
915. Do you answer to truth more, or dare more? Truth... Though I do tend to act daring in my day-to-day life...
916. Do you ever wanna go to jail? Oh hell yeah. All my best mates are in there.
917. Have you visited someone in jail/prison? Yeah. All my best mates are in there.
918. i say ello you say? G'day Gov'ner.
919. i spy with my little eye, something blue, what would you guess? A pink elephant painted blue.
920. What time do you get up for school/work? 6
921. Do you give good shoulder massages? NO
922. Do you get movies from blockbuster? No
923. Can you wiggle your ears? No...
924. How many WPM can you do?(words per minute)? I dunno. A bunch.

925. Did you have a hot wheels when you were younger? YES
926. Did you have a cabage patch kid doll? No. And I didn't have a cabbage patch kid either.
927. What did you eat today? Meat... Chips... hot cheetos! Uh... That's not healthy... I need to eat more carrots...
928. What do the different rose colors mean? That the light spectrum is bent differently....?
929. Do you smirk a lot? Nah.
930. Do you have muscles? Everyone has muscles.
931. Did you take weight training in HS? Yeah. Everyone at my school has it.
932. have you checked your phone today for any text messages or missed calls? Yes.
933. What time did you wake up today? 8-ish
934. If i said dance, what would you do? DANCE
935 If i said "if you do the hooky pooky, and you turn youself around" then what? And I would stomp and clap and say "THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!"
936. 10 bottles of beer on the wall, you take one down and pass it around, and then your left it.........Finish the song in seperate posts. No
937. whats the scariest movie you've seen? Empire of the Ants
938. Whats the most retarded movie you've seen? The Telling.
939. Would you have done a quiz like this? What?
940. Do you have a trampoline? I want one
941. Would you give it too me, cause i want one? No. And I wouldn't give it to you either.
942. If you could adopt a star for a day, who would it be? Charlie McDonnall
943. If you could have ANY job for a day, what would it be? Haberdasher/ Milliner
944. If you could spend 1Mill$ in a day, what would you do/buy? ... A trip to Harry Potter land... Hat supplies... A teacup pig, bribe my dad for puppy... A sweet ride and some rad tunes
945. If there was an illness you could cure, which would it be? tension headaches! And Jessica's cancer.
946. What T.V show would you want to go on (game show too if chosen). RuPaul's Drag Race.
947. Did you ever try to get on "wheele of forturn"? I have no idea what "wheele of forturn" is...
948. Do you like the movie "The Grinch stole chrstmas" Which one...? The cartoon is amazing.
949. THe old one or the newer one with Jim Carrey? Old one, duh.

950. Will you be watching it since its almost Christmas? This quiz was written in April... It wasn't almost Christmas then and it's not almost Christmas now.
951. How would you decribe me from what you've answered.? Young.
952. Would you PM after you finish so i can put your name on the "finished" lsit? I think that would be a little outdated...
953. How much gold do you have now? over 500k
954. Do you like the different questions, since barely any repeat? What? Yes they do...
955. 10 minute shower or 30 minute shower? 20. Because I'm a hipster and don't go with your pre-made answers.
956. Would you go rock climbing or sky diving more if you could choose? rock climbing because the dude owes me a free one.
957. Do you have any tooth cavities? Not right now
958. Do you think dolmations are the best pet for a fireman? Nah. Dalmatians are a little dumb. They should have greyhounds.
959. If no, then what dog should take its place? Greyhounds.
960. Do you have a bed time? When school is in session.
961. Do you have a current or classic layout? Currrrrent....?
962. Why is your current user name , what it is..(why is it that?)? Nobodys Fault because I am Nobody and it is usually my fault
963. Do you carry around sharpies? Not usually... Wait, yeah I do (according to my mother)
964. Do you keep birthday cards? Some of them
965. Whats your favorite line from ANY movie? "Then suddenly an unconscious Argentinean fell through my roof shortly followed by a dwarf dressed as a nun.
966. How many times have you voted today? None...?
967. What does "BTW" and "FTW" mean? By The Way and For The Waffles
968. Are you currently hyper? No
969. Whats one thing you regret doing? Not taking up my notes to give my elevator pitch
970. If you take could one thing you've said back, what would it be? NOTHIN' b***h. I'M AWESOME.
972. Do perv's annoy you? Nah, they're okay. But when people misuse apostrophes. Man, that pisses me off.
973. Would you work as a jurr? (on the jury in court)? That's so cute!
974. Who is your hero (comic form)? ALFRED F. JONES

975. Do you fall asleep before or after your parents? Usually after.
976. Do you like monopoly? Nah... Unless there are large dogs in hotels and I'm the loan shark.
977. Ever play the game "life"? I play it everyday, babe.
978. What channel is your t.v on? Military, probably.
979. Steak or Ribs? Steak
980. What are you wearing at the current time? sexy tangerine
981. Do you shop at Hot Topic? No Hottopic shops at me
982. Do you know your credit score? No
983. Do you put moose in your hair? No. But I do put mousse
984. Do you style your hair at all? Sometimes
985. Can you whistle? Not very well
986. Would you donate to me? No, noob
987. Do you like cold weather? I LIVE COLD WEATHER.
988. Are you warm or cold blooded? Yes.
989. Ever make snow angels? Snow angels make me.
990. What order would you want the alphabet? THEQUICKBROWNFXJUMPDVLAZYSLG or something like that
991. Do you know what your wearing tomorrow? A sexy flamingo costume. All day.
992. When you hear music, do you move to the beat? No
993. Whats a tradition in your family hoidays? I KNOW NOT OF THIS HOIDAYS YOU SPEAK OF. But on birthdays we eat birthday candles.
994. Did you ever leave out milk and cookies? No. What a waste!
995. Do you play at the park? Nah
996. What was your favorite thing about the park you were at? Uh... What park?
997. Did you get your first kiss when you little enough for the sand box? No
998. Did you ever get chased by boys/girls when you were little? I did the chasing. Because I am a monster. The one under your bed. Where are my milk and cookies?
999. Did they ever catch you and do anything?(such as tickle)? WHERE ARE MY MILK AND COOKIES?

1000. Can you believe you've reached to # 1000? Woo
1001. Have you ever been rick roll'd? Yes
1002. Do you know the game "mad gab"? No?
1003. Starbucks or Jamba Juice? Yes
1004. From above, what drink is your favorite? Yes
1005. Do you torture people by tickling them? No
1006. Did you ever get into mischief when you were little? Yeah
1007. Are you a prep? No
1008. Are you a Jock? No
1009. Are you something other then those? No
1010. Do you still have the "Barney" song stuck in your head from when you were 3? No?
1011. Do you believe Shaia Labeouf is the next Tom Hanks? Nahhhh
1012. Did you like him in the show "even stevens"? NO I HATED IT
1013. baked potato or mashed potato's? Mashed.
1014. Do you think your white and nerdy? I am very sure that I am both Caucasian and enjoy nerdy things. Like correcting people's spelling mistakes.
1015. Have you added me yet? Oh hell no.
1016. what would you do if i said *gives you a cookie*? I would say *just because you put it in asterisks, it doesn't mean anything happens*
1017. Some where over the _______? <---fill it in DOUBLE RAINBOW
1018. Are you good with puzzles? I was when I was little
1019. Are you good with crossword puzzles? No
1020. Is your bed made? YES ALWAYS
1021. Do you sit next to anyone cute in a class? I don't have class right now hahaha
1022. If you could change your name, what would you change it too? Penelope or εἶ
1023. Do you cuss? ******** NO
1024. How many times a day do you curse if you do? ********

1025. Did you watch a movie today? Nope
1026. When was the last time you ate popcorn? I dunno... A week
1027. Do you sit up straight or slouch?Slouchy slouchy
1028. Do you dislike anyone in your family (cousins/aunts , etc.)? Yes I do
1029. What is the reason for not liking them? She's a frigid b***h
1030. Are you charging your phone right now? No
1031. Have you ever gotten your phone taken away? No
1032. Who do your pets favor in the family most? Dad
1033. Do you sneak onto the computer sometimes? No
1034. How much clothes is in your closet? I have a lot of clothing in my closet
1035. Can you believe your within 15 questions of finishing? REALLY
1036. How many forums do you post in a day? I dunno... three or four
1037. Are you in any guilds? A couple
1038. What is the date today? 7/2/11
1039. Are you alergic to any sweets? No
1040. Would you work in the poice force? The what?
1041. If you live in the U.S, Do you still remember 9/11? Yes and no
1042. Do you love when cats meow? No it's annoying as ********
1043. How much gold have you gained now? not much because this is in my journal
1044. Are you glad this quiz is finally over? YES
1045. Does your head hurt from answering some of these questions? Not too bad
1046. Will you tell anyone about this quiz? No
1047. Did you remember to PM and tell me that you finished this quiz? No
1048. Ever been asked "do you have msn" by someone you dont know? Yes
1049. Did you know that i just passed someones other quiz questions? What?

1050. Do you still love your parents when you argue with them? Yes
1051. Would they be disappointed if you said you were Bi or Gay? No
1052. How would you tell your parents you were Gay? Hey, uh, I think I'm gay
1053. Ever through a huge party for someone? YES. SO HUGE
1054. Did you go the full five yards and include something special? YES LIKE MUSIC AND CHIPS
1055. Ever name a star after someone? No
1056. Do you have hockey tickets for an upcoming game? No?
1057. Do you take me as bitter sweet xD ? No
1058. Can you believe you only have 3 questions to answer? Oreally?
1059. What would you do if you could rule the country? PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE
1060. Do you know all our presidents Middle names? No
1061. Did you know i was kidding about the question that you only had 3 left? Seriously?
1062. Did you know the prize is what you gained? No
1063. How much gold did you gain from doing this quiz? I dunno. none.
1064. Aren't you glad you did this quiz to gain gold? No
1065. Did you have fun answering some of these questions, or did you not have any sarcasm? ANOGIERJGSLDF
1066. Will you add me? No
1067. How much gold do you have now? aorigjrgszfd
1068. Did you get all that you wanted?no
1069. Do you think I'm annoying yet?yes
1070. Do you wish I would stop making random questions up? YES
1071. Do you like pickles? NO
1072. Do you know how much gold you make in a week? SNOGR:L
1073. If you do know, how much is that?NSOGJIH
1074. What is your favorite color?YOUR MOM

1075. Do you have a cell phone? Yes
1078. If yes to the last question, then Kill yourself. Will u kill you yourself? No
1079. Did you know on this question all you have to say is "WOOT I FINISHED THIS QUIZ then OBEY ME! XD" and then your done.

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