OC Commentary

-lifts hands up to the air-
“Oh dearest creator, we your OCs feel so much for you, we’ve decided to build you a shrine with our deepest sentiments. The best part? We even built it out of your favorite afternoon snack: fermented horse s**t~ That way, you can snack on it when you want~”

-shakes head-
“No, no, no, Siege. The best part about the shrine is that it’s mandatory for the OCs to make an offering of horse ball sacks. Yum yum, right you perverted mother ********]

-raises middle finger-
“Burn... in hell...”

”Go ******** yourself instead of one of us for once!”

”Change me back to my normal not kawaii self, you ******** a*****e!”

”I’LL ******** KILL YOU!”

”... I’m sensing lots of hostility here. What happened?”

“You’re lucky you aren’t around as much as we are, Elise. This perverted b*****d picks on us every time something perverted’s about to happen! And when something perverted doesn’t happen, he tries to make it happen! If I could, I’d ******** castrated that b*****d for all those times he helped Kitty force me and Lulzy together! Sure in the end we fell in love and everything... but still! He put us through so much damn s**t that I ought to tear his head off!”

-snarls viciously-
“What about me? What’s with giving me these god sculpted muscles and this face that commands leadership...”

”And pants shitting”

“And then letting me lose every single time I finally come out?! I’ve lost to everything you could possibly throw at me! The horse, the beekeeper, the elf bum, the guy with a limp rope! They’re all useless and yet I can’t even beat a single one of them! DAMN YOU! I’LL ******** KILL YOU!”

”Oh shut up, Popsy. At least he just lets others kick your a**. I get a personal beating from him every time he’s pissed off or wants to piss someone else off, and trust me, the guy isn’t exactly gentle with his punishments. My a** is still aching from the horse abuse, and I still can’t get the taste of hot turd and gravel out of my mouth.”

”He... tries to... make me have sex... with everything...”

-hisses angrily-

“And I still haven’t gotten back at him for forcing me into a marriage with that horrid shadow b***h of a woman Quamza! Of all the possible choices, he picked the one that I hated the most... he is going to pay for that...”

-doesn't want to say hes enjoying it-


“I’m not satisfied with just beating him to death once. That b*****d used to torment me and Lulzy all the time just so that he could see the two of us get together... I swear, one of these days I’m gonna force him into a bondage session with Barfy...”

-thinks to self for a moment and stops-

"... Um... on the other hand... he did help turn me into an angel imp. Sure it sucked at first with Lulzy trying to kill me and all, but I guess things did get better between us... I'm actually happy like this when I think about it... Then he did give me some rings for us... so that I could propose to her..."




”Ah lack hem~ Heh gafe meh shum ash~”

”Which is exactly why you’re the next sacrifice, Barfy.”


"C'mon, guys.... dun ya think tha maybe yer just gettin mad at creators in general? Sure, they can do thins sometimes, but... Speed here did protect me when Ah was under attack. Give im a chance."

"You just haven't been around as long, Balt. You wouldn't know."


"Ah jus know he wans me an Freya to be togetha or somethin... an ta be honest Ah dun mind tha..."


“At least it’s satisfying to know that he does tend to fight with all the other creators over some pretty stupid things, and that he actually does interfere with some of their plans when he feels like it. He’s still a d**k though. A major d**k.”


”Cheez-it likes you!”

”Cheez-it is stupid. How can anyone like an annoying b***h like her?”

“I like her.”

”Like owner like pet, huh? Well let me break your stupid little illusion on what Kitty is. She’s a vengeful little b***h who enjoys treating us all like toys and going nuts whenever she feels bored. We’re things to her, Speedy. Nothing more than that. Just things for her own enjoyment, whether we like it or not.”

-grits teeth and tries to smile-
“You know... I honestly can’t say you’re lying about a lot of that stuff. She can be a vengeful b***h. She is pretty insane sometimes... but you’re wrong about her when you says she doesn’t give a damn about us anymore than us being her toys. She’s helped me more often than most of you guys have, and she’s been there for me when I needed her. All those bad things before that may be true, but she sure as hell gives a damn!”

“As touching as this is, Speedy... I’m gonna have to say I’m pissed off at Kitty too. Sure, in the end what she did for me and Lulzy made things all great between us, but dammit, all the things she did in between were just extreme! Tying me to her, hitting me with nailbombs, helping gas us with Barfy turd so that we get in the mood... even if she means well, it seems she does things the more fun way as compared to the best way for us...”

-looks like he’s thinking-
“On the one hand, I hate her because she helped in the marriage between me and Quamza, and that alone is a heinous crime... but then again she does tend to help me get back at her and even sometimes gives things to taunt her with. I can’t say I like her, and I can’t say I hate her, but on many accounts I do indeed owe her.”

-shaking slightly-
- likes her because she’s nice sometimes, but is still feeling horribly violated-

-sighs and shakes head-
“Every time I talk to her, I feel like I’m trying to please my mother in law. All the time, I’m not good enough, or I’m doing things wrong, or I should be doing this more... all the time it’s one thing after another. Then there’s her always doing weird things to Nyu, worrying and scaring the s**t out of me when she does that... but she honestly loves Nyu, and as long as she can do that, I guess I can find it in myself to like her, even just a little.”

”... that actually touched me, Pretz...”

-grins maliciously-
“Tell me then, you two. Does that mean you’re totally fine with what she forced onto Nyu and all the other OCs?”

-eyes widen and stiffens-
-clenches fists and can’t say anything-

-similar response to Speedy’s-

-gives a triumphant smile-
“I thought so. I’ll admit though... she’s fine for a good scre-”

-jumps on Darren, snarling-

-watches them fight-

"is this the place we talk about the creators? Huh... so she is a creator. I knew it..."

-smiles playfully-

"I quite like her, really. Mischievous, playful... Pretty good in bed.... She's been one of the nicer ones to me, really~ I have no objections to the two of us being ma-"

"She's only good for a screw!"

-joins Speedy-

"... woohoo! Go new guy!"

“Cheating b*****d! Come down from there and face me like a man for once!”

“I can’t say much about him, to be honest... he says he favors me, but it’s not like it matters much as he doesn’t really help me, but I guess it’s fine because he doesn’t bother me either.”

-clenches fists-
“He didn’t tie me up, or try to make me talk to Lulzy like the others did, but he sure tried to make our lives hell! When he felt like it, he rained lightning down on the two of us, or threw things or even set me on fire! And when he wasn’t doing the dirty work himself, he sent in his goddamn knight boy just to try and take Lulzy away. I swear, once I find a way to take down your ******** fourth wall, you will be sucking Barfy’s di-“

”That’s really disgusting, Adam.”


"Im too... give im a chance. He was there when Ah needed help. Ah thin tha we can lay off im a little, righ?"


"I'm with the digger on this."

"You both suck d**k."

”Ick... creator Bonnie.”

”Really different from OC Bonnie, huh? To be honest, I didn’t think much of her till the whole syringes incident. Damn crazy woman tried to unload a cannon of them on me, Nyu, Speedy, Siege, Quamza and Barfy. I wonder just what kind of slash pairing she was hoping to accomplish there.”

“I remember her even before any of you do... she was one of the creators who helped in the whole “tie Lulzy and Adam together so they kiss” incident at the hotel. I see she hasn’t stopped trying to play the matchmaker role in her line of work... hell, sounds like she’s gotten even worse.”

-shaking slightly-
“She’s.. intimidating... and weird... she tried... to hug me... and call me... a puppy... I'm not a puppy”

“Then there was that incident with the flying crocodile... I think she tried to turn me into one. Well, all in all, let’s just file her in with the crazy, sadistic, horny and... horny, creators she’s with~”

-flinches again-
“She was there too! The night of the hotel incident! The damn woman helped tie me and Lulzy face to face so that we’d kiss! Hell, I think she was the one who suggested that we kiss and that she’d only let the two of us go under the condition that was kissed until she got a picture!”

”I never did get my ord- Just kidding, Adam!”

... I kinda want a picture... but still, ******** her methods too! She’s just as extreme as all the others!”

-nods in agreement-
“She... threatened my friends... just so that... I’d get wasted...”

"Guys? Is it possible to get a creator pregnant just by standing beside her?"

"What Speedy?"

"I don't think so dad. Not unless you're radiating sperm magic from your body. I dont think you are, but just in case would you mind staying away from Nyu?"

-punched in the arm-

"I'm kidding, Dad!"

-gives a small smile-
“I remember her... we didn’t interact much though, but she did give me weaponry that was far superior to what my own creator was providing me with...”
-scowls at the thought of the d***o-
-clears throat-
“Anyway, I believe she gave me what was called a flute axe. Not sure if she wanted me to play a song or maim someone with it, so I just did the latter and rampaged on the city. Though I regret doing such a thing to the poor city, I must admit that the weapon indeed made great sound.”

“Well, she did give me a car battery, and the chance to get my revenge on that backstabbing lizard of a snake’s b***h... but really, I’ve already scared the s**t out of that woman, there’s no need to try forcing us to fight each other anymore.”

-clenches fists-

"Her... she has the guts to call Keir a good snake after all he's done to us? She's either on Quamza's side or really really stupid!"

-pissed off-

“Dunno what to say about this guy, to be honest. He strikes me as pretty odd, but he doesn’t interfere as much as the other creators do, and he seems pretty level headed compared to the others... well, at least he doesn’t pull off anything stupid like a syringe rain or tying Lulzy to Adam.”

“No... but I have the suspicion that he was the one who filled the room with aphrodisiac once just so that Lulzy and I would do it. He’s still like them... only he’s not as frequent as they are. Good thing too, so I guess I can’t exactly stay too pissed at him...”

”I like her~ I like her more than I like most of the other creators at least. She was nice enough to try and comfort me when Agon and Speed were busy being the annoying pricks that they are. Wish I could pay her back for that one~”

“Sadie? Well she didn’t hurt me, but she did carry me away once. Still, doesn’t seem like such a bad person to us.”

-cringes slightly-
“I... think she... was doing things... to me... and another... girl... that bothered us... both... but... everyone does that... to me... so I might... be mistaken...”