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A Message to a friend long since gone.
I think its funny that you apologized and such just to ignore me some more. It doesn't bother me its just like whatever. I doubt I'll get to talk to you after this. At this point in time lifes pretty rough. I doubt I'll have my phone or my computer for much longer to tell you the honest to god truth. Maybe I'll ask John to drive me to the library to check my stuff. I guess since I won't be talking much anymore, not that we do anyway, I can give you a little life over view. Maybe if you get back in time you can tell me how you've been. I ended last school year with all As and a recommendation to go in for candy stripers this summer. I joined up and volunteered my time at Robinson. It was a lot of fun. I got to take in my pomeranian to the hospital and show her to a lot of sick kids who really appreciated the comfort from an animal companion, even if it was only for a little while. Another huge part of my life now is my modeling career. I guess its not huge really, right now its just a hobby. But still you might be seeing me on the TV here shortly. I'm gonna make it to the top even if it kills me. This summer I also featured in a lot of art shows in mantua, aroura and even one in new york just a few weeks ago. Everyone says my paintings could be my way out of this whole mess. My new best friends Raven and Rose are very supportive. They fight a lot but what sisters don't? Our garden came out very nicely this year. The tomatos were the absolute best. But this summer hasn't just been fun and games. I've been kicked out of my house more this summer than in my entire life. My moms husband didn't like me very much so when he was home I wasn't allowed to be. Its okay though, because I didn't like that house anyway. Nick turned out to be completely insane so my moms getting a divorce and were moving back into our old house on slegle road. The room that my mom said would have been yours if we were still friends is being occupied by John at this point. We'll all be moving our stuff in next week. My moms taking it pretty hard. We went to south carolina the other day on one of my moms nervous break downs. It was a lot of fun. There was a lot of smoking though and you should know that I don't like any of that. I've developed my dads asthma and my moms hard head. Neither of those things are gonna stop me from dominating basket ball this year. I made it into maplewood, but tried to drop it to finish out my high school years in crestwood. Looking back I hope they didn't take me out because if they did, I'll have to go back to garretsville. I don't plan on that though. I'll finish school on a computer before I go back there again. I'll be taking riding lessons again soon. My moms friend thinks I'm a natural. She wants me to be ready for horse shows next summer. I don't really know how riding works in the winter but I guess I'll find out. I had a job up at the auburn inn a few nights a week until my mama quit her job there and I wasn't about to hang out and wash dishes in a bar with out my mama. It was dumb anyway. Me. Washing dishes. In a bar. For less than minimum wage. Ridiculous. I hate washing dishes anyways. I haven't even started packing yet. I've been so busy and all. I guess I should calm down a bit. I don't see my school work being too great if I'm doing all this crazy stuff. I'm a lot more careful with that now. I'm going to either kent state or hiram college as soon as I get out of high school. I'm not even taking summers off, I'm going to get school done and then take a break. Its only two years at kent to be a registered nurse. And they make the big money. I'm going to go back later probably to be a pediatrician. I would really like to pursue this modeling thing though. It sounds fun. Teaching is a nice thing too. Teaching would be a lot of fun. I think I'd like to teach high school. Ninth or tenth grade English or math. Haha me math, I joke right? Nah I actually really like math when I understand it. I understand it a lot lately. Its weird how a simple change in appearance can make a person more confident. Math is a good thing for me. It makes me feel like if I can do math then the world won't fall apart at the seams. Math used to be the worst thing in the world for me. Now I feel like I've conquered that and nothing can stop me. I took some woman empowerment workshops over the summer too. They taught me how to flip people the way I wanted too back in fifth grade. But they also showed me how to help people. Even if I don't like them. You know I've never been a partier so a lot of the things they said were pretty useless to me. They said I didn't need drugs or alcohol. But I already knew that. I don't need those things to live my life for me. I am greatful for the life I've been given. On the lighter side there's this movie called pro life, and over all it was a dumb movie and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but anyway this girl gets raped by a demon and she's all like god wants my baby to die and the babies all grabbing the ultra sound thingy and it was like gahhhh and then her crazy pro life daddy busts in and starts shooting people and cuts this dude open and pretends to give him an abortion and then the girl give birth to this thing and it had crazy a** arms poppin out of everywhere and claws and crap and then the demon comes up and he's like where's mah baybay! Except he doesn't talk but by this time the girl is in the room making the demon baby come to her by saying consoling mothering stuff so it gets close so she can shoot it and she does and the demon guy comes in and he's like oh sad face you killed my baby and just picks up dead baby and walks away. Like what the heck is that all about? Dude they killed yo baybay bring the mass destruction already. Oh well. It was an okay movie I guess. It was just poorly written. Oh writing, duh. Forgot to tell you that I finished my final novel in my three part series. We sent the first one out to publishers but I doubt I'll make it. It was fun writing them though. I have books upon books of poems. But the burning takes place on my birthday this year. I don't want them in my life anymore. There just memories of bad times. Things are better now and I don't need them holding me under anymore. I saw Austin this summer and he apologized for everything he did and I put those demons to rest. My dad offered me to move in with him so he's gotta love me deep down in there. So I'm okay with that now too. My mamas still an alcoholic but hey, every family has its problems. I'm teaching kiah her multiplication tables. She'll be ready for third grade before it even comes. She's been doing so well since we've been practicing. John works a lot more now. Its okay though because every week, at least once, he takes me out for sushi at the mall. We both get California rolls. Except I don't like avocado, so I get cream cheese instead. When the Japanese lady knows what I'm talking about anyway. We have fun. We decided to get marred on 6/9/12. Its funny right 69 lol nah that's just the day we got back together after that whole kissed emily thing. Which wasn't that big a deal so whatever man. My fingers have blisters on them from writing so much. I can't wait to get my laptop. I want it so, soo bad. Writing is just crippling my right hand. I'm getting an iPhone if all goes as planned. I've been saving up. I didn't have much after I took Rosie to the vet, but maybe I'll have enough after my birthday. Its not that important. I have a phone I just want it for the cool games. I guess that's all my lifes amounted too this summer. Except that killer case of poison ivy in june. All over my feet man. For some reason now I don't get it. I'm not complaining. Well I'm sure you have better things to do than read my emails. Maybe back to writing fanfic or whatever you like to do now. Btw I saw those poor ferrets, I hope they'll be okay. If they get better I was gonna adopt them for my sister. She's always wanted one, and I won't split up the pair so they could both come. I tried to get her some feeder fish to like save them and such and the ladys like no you can't have them. And I'm like wow really your going to let people feed them to turtles but I can't put them in a fish bowl? Really. Lameness. Well I'll get out of your hair now. See you maybe senior year. Happy birth day if I don't talk to you and I hope your up because I know you've been down. Life gets better further down the road. I'm sure you've gotten happier since the past has gone away and the scars don't run as deep anymore.

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