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<3 Love, </3 Hate, (" wink > RIOT! (penguin)

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Names of Problems
What’s to say? Hi I'm whatever you feel like calling me today, this is my first blog so I think I'm going to rant. What’s up with all these random half naked girls? Its that how we get attention today? Amazing how far we've all come in these short years on earth. From stuffed animals to stuffed bras. I guess its whatever and it self expression and such, but isnt there a way to express yourself and not be half naked? I guess I've just grown sick of girls begging for the attention of people who aren't worth it. People suck. Now that thats squared away.

My parents named me Samantha Michelle. I never liked it too much. Stereotypes bother me so much more than melted ice cream and cold rain. Its not that we all dont do it sometimes, but its those of us that confine themselves to a group. I guess its whatever floats your boat but gee, how to say this, get a life. Damn "preps" and "emos" driving me up the wall. Also the ones that tell everyone they're gay to get more attention, no thats not cool either. That’s ******** up and your scum.

Call me Ishmael, but don’t call me that. And those boys that think they can treat all girls like they're nothing. Well your not scum, your the stuff clinically obese people find in their skin flaps. I hope your proud of yourself, because you my friends are completely worthless. Why do you they automatically think that they rule the lives of the people that they don't even know. Last time I checked you aren't god. Last time I checked was a long time ago so maybe you are now.

Sam is usually the route taken name wise. Those little kids with cell phones, attitude problems and designer clothes could possibly be the worst though. Who needs a cell phone at five years old? Who are they texting on those expensive little things? Just calling mommy about breaking a nail or what? I just don't understand. I guess its a new day in the world. In my day, we didn't get phones for our fourth birthday. Of course in my day you had to blow in the video games to make them work. Ahh Nintendo 64. Miss you dearly now that all the video games are more expensive than the toddler next doors cell phone.

In any case, the world spins round, weather you call me Sam, or Leyla, or Marmaduke. Or even if your a stereotyped half naked scum bag boy who had a cell phone at age five. And if you are, you suck, sorry to be the one to break it to you

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