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If all the wishes we made on stars when we were young came true, where would you be right now?

When I was young, I never wished for a pony like a good little girl would. I wished that my parents would be together. I wanted that old faded family photo that I put under my pilliow at night to just pop up and be real. Even know the pictures were two teenagers and a baby, its all I ever wanted.

If all the wishes that I wished for came true, I would wish that they could have worked things out. That they could have been together a little longer, just for the sake of having a real mother and father. Or at least go back to that night and hand one of them a freaking condom for god sake.

I guess not all wishes come true.

I made another wish though, I wished for prince charming to come take me away. And I got it. He's at work right now, but in a few years, he's gonna take me away from this hell. He's my escape, my light at the end of the tunnel.

If every wish I wished came true, I guess I'd be in a castle, sipping luke warm Dr.pepper while I sat on Johns lap, smiling as my parents watched late night T.V. together downstairs. I'd have an older brother who smiled and watched my back, an older sister, who knew just how much make up I could wear with out looking trampy, possibly a twin and a baby brother, and a tiny terror on the way.

I would never have to baby sit unless I wanted too, and my big brother would always have my best inturests at heart. My big sisters name would be Julian and she would yell when mom picked on me for the things that the little ones did. But the kids would never mean to get me into trouble.

Oh, but if every wish came true, that would make me happy, wouldn't it? And Mommy would hate that. Were all just miserable. I wonder why? I was amazed today when I walked in the door. I even said " If god loves me, there will be food in the house." And there was. I guess someone other than john has to love me.

You'd have to wonder why were all so miserable. You wouldnt have to look far to find out. The summers are brutal with this selfish old hog my mother married last winter. Thw winters are cold because the selfish old brute wont let us have anything but the wood burner to warm the house. I might as well live outside for christ sake.

My mother just wants the married life. What she doesnt realize is, this is the married life. She wants to bleed butterflies and s**t rainbows because shes married, and so I've come to believe, thats not the case at all.

Well Dad, If you've taught me anything in these sixteen years you haven't been around, its that you cant count on other people to handle your problems. Its not there problem if your bleeding inside. Its nothing they want to deal with if your hear is rotting out of your chest. Its not there problem you lost your razor blade.

I used to wish that I would wake up one morning and my mommy would say, "Sam, your adopted, your real parents are comming to get you today." and they would be just perfect. They would have a bedroom all set up for me and they would smile when I asked for warm water. Because they would understand, because they have sensitive teeth too. They didnt want to leave me, but they didnt have the money. Now they did and were ready for us to be a family.

It never happened. I'm not that lucky.

So what would happen if every wish you ever made came true? Ask yourself.

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