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<3 Love, </3 Hate, (" wink > RIOT! (penguin)

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Purse dog
I hate it when people make a big deal about me keeping my dog in my purse. Like seriously do you know my situation at all? Sure, lets picture it now, a 16 year old girl texting on her blackberry and trying to keep her gog in a pink purse. Everyone mutters "Diva" and "how could she keep that poor thing in there?"

Get A Clue.

Lets start with my FREE blackberry. As stated before, it was free. I dont have anything downloaded or even games on it. Free texting and calls. Thats it.

Now the important part. My dog has serious anxiety issues. The previous owner obviously didnt give her very much attention because she follows me around like I'm her freaking god. Its not my fault. I didn't train her, I didn't ask for it.

Yeah people, I've tried a dog sitter. My mom, my best friend, my fiance, my vet even. She peed all over my best friends house, puked all over my fiance's car, my mother was coved in liquid s**t, and my vet had to give her a light seditive to keep her from biting people.

If my dog bites someone, She Will Be Put Down.

I am not having that. Ever. That is my baby. The end. Period. If they wanted to put her down theyd have to go through me first. I'd sooner jump the country and live as a hooker in amsterdam than let them put down my best friend.

So no Paris Hilton, I'm not ripping off your thing. And no APL, I am not abusing my dog. I probably treat my dog better than I treat most of the people who call themselves my friends. Even my fiance sometimes.

I'm about done with people telling me that I'm a bad owner. Because you dont even know. I'm sixteen years old. Dont you think I'd like to be at a part or something instead of at home with my emotional dog? You say yes? Well you'd be wrong.

I stay home with Rosie because I love her. I take her with my to my friends houses not because I'm a bad owner, but because if I leave her, she'll make herself sick. I love her wayyy too much to even THINK about hurting her.

So when you call me a bad owner for asking advice on a freaking doggie car seat to put in the back of my fiance's car, dont you think I know how dangerous taking a dog in a car can be? Dont you think I've thought about it just a little bit? Dont you even stop to think how much my fiance's gonna hate me for having to put that thing in his car?

I'm such a bad freaking owner because I want to keep my dog safe while I'm taking her everywhere I go. At sixteen, I have no life because I care about my animal. So thanks for being an idiot whoever you are, and reporting me to the ASPCA for caring about my dog.

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