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life is wonderful...most of the time
Kekkei genkai/ Clan Oragami No Dara
RPC name: Misuzu konan
Link to Profile (no profile made yet)
Village: sand
Element(s) sand

How much do you know about this Kekkei Genkai?
Recently showing itself among the villages, it's known only to belong to the Konan family. This clan as the ability to manipulate the density, and shape of people. Abilities range from making weapons to turning ones self into butterflies. The strength of abilities change depending on training, and rank. This bloodline also has two stages. The second stage allowing the user to make paper mashey which is a stronger type of paper. Allowing it to be used for stronger abilities/weapons and more of a resistance against water type attacks.

Why should you get this Kekkei Genkai? I don't know that I should. But I was looking for something that I hadn't done before, and this looked interesting. I think it would be a fun nice challenge.

Give me and Rp example of you using the Kekkei Genkai:

Misuzu stood on the ruins not far from the sand village. It was raining turning the sand beneath her feet a dark brown. The clouds were an evil black and thunder rolled in the distance. Before her stood a single person. He was a good 15 feet away from her and smiling at her with a wicked grin. She only glared at him. His minions were attempting to destroying her village as she stood there, and she would be damned if she was to let her village fall.

"Enough of these games Matsuya, Let's get this over with." She commanded her voice thick with power and certainty. She was not going to lose this fight. He simply laughed at her.

"As you wish my sand princess" he taunted with a snarl. In less time then she had thought he was swallowed by sand and seemed to have dissipated. She gritted her teeth, she could bend the sand to her will as well but this wasn't going to make things easier. She concentrated where is he?.

The sand shifted beneath her, and she jumped back making hand signs as she moved. Using paper she already had, she formed it into a bird. She pushed large amounts of chakra into it. Doing this she performed The art of cutting blast. As soon as Matsuya had emerged she had the bird exploded releasing Kunai she had made within the bird. He had expected her to do this, but wasn't very quick. Very few of the projectile weapons managed to hit him before he threw up a sand barrier.

Misuzu on the other hand never stopped moving. As soon as she saw he left part of himself open, she turned herself into small butterflies, and flew behind him before placing herself back together. Once there she took no time in stabbing a kunai into his shoulder. Her goal was to injure him so he couldn't fight, not to kill him. There was to much information she needed to kill him...for now. She could feel his muscles tearing under her kunai before she jerked it back out and held it to his throat.

"You'll have to do better next time" she growled.

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