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life is wonderful...most of the time
Name- Ayani Marie Vane

Alias- Sybil

Ship Name-

Age- 16

Race- Human

Gender- Female

Personality- Sybil is very quirky in many ways. She is kind of serious, but mysterious in the way that she doesn't let anyone get close to her.

Appearance Description- Red hair, kind of long, green eyes and pale ish skin. Slinder, and with a tattoo of a crescent moon on her neck just under her ear. And a larger tattoo that no one has seen on her back.

Ship Appearance Description-

Sybil was left alone by her mother at birth and then raised by her father. Her father was a drunk captain and cared little for her or anyone else for that matter. She was at the mercy of the men on the ship, and so she grew to have a deep hate for most men. She is a wonderful fighter and good at the art of surviving yet there is much more to be known about her.

Pic- User Image

Pic of ship-

Other: (Optional)

Likes-candy, the ocean, the sky, fighting people

Dislikes- Men, loud people, unnecessary things

Abilities- Good with a ship, sword, pick pocketing, and medical things

Weapons- Two small daggers that wave at the blade and a pistol

Secondary Trade- None

Pets/Familiars- None

Instruments- None

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