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Anna Kakuzawa's Journal
Randome thoughts, book lists...
Well, tonight I went to my Japanese teachers party. I guess we didn't realize it but it was for his birthday that was on Tuesday. We kinda celebrated it on Wensday during class, but... I guess that's what the part was about.

My friend and sister and I all wanted to give him a gift, but we didn't have time to because we were lost. Which was pretty fantasmic if you ask me. When we arrived there were only two other people there. I felt kinda bad later because it was for his birthday. The poor guy lives all by himself. He's so friendly and nice and cute! I mean cute in his actions he's like 68 years old now ^.^

I dunno I just had to say something. I felt so bad for leaving him tonight. I wanted to keep him company sad >.< I think I'll write him a thank you letter, hopefully that'll make up for something. I felt like we ate his food, drank his sake and tea, but didn't really appreciate it much. I really did that. I felt sooo bad though. I know I keep saying it, but it's true. I felt like we were all using him... He hardly really ever sat down. I wanted to actually talk with him, but he was always getting up down. I offered him help but he said he was alright. I dunno. I just feel bad for him.

So, that's that. I'm going to officaly send him a thank you card or letter.

Tonight, was also my nieces birthday. She turned 15 today. Her mom actually forgot her birthday was today (Saturday). She didn't even have anything planned! She didn't have any presents either! No cake, no ice cream. No, nothing. So, today I cleaned up the kitchen (twice), swept the floor, my sister and I baked her cake, I decorated the cake, set the table really cute, and decorated the room. Her mom just bought her some cheapo perfume stuff.... I dunno. And Kenny, Shelley's bf didn't even come outside the room AT ALL. I mean, he could've at LEAST said Happy Birthday. Needles to say Nicole felt bad the entire day.

Deidra and I were leaving to go to Senei's party and everything... I think she just wanted to spend time with us. But then she seemed all excited at the thought of going to see her aunt in Marina since Senei's house is in Marina... So, we dropped her off there. She was in a fine mood in the car, but as soon as we got home she was supper agitated. *shrug* I dunno. So, I felt bad for Nicole and Sensei today. sad

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