• Chapter 16: Tyranny in Keferrousa

    Two days after the party had arrived in Paxotassia, a wind pixie sent by Aeolus flitted about the town. The pixie had bright white skin, pink hair, and glowing golden eyes. She wore a pale blue stola with slits for her wings, and was carrying a postal messenger bag over her shoulder which rested near her opposite side hip.
    The pixie soon arrived at the Magnitis house. She panted and found Magaera.
    “Excuse me,” said the pixie, having finally caught her breath. “Is Valerius home?”
    Magaera said, “Why yes, let me take you to him.”
    The pixie rested on Magaera’s shoulder, and they soon arrive in the dining hall. The five had just finished breakfast and were currently sipping on some coffee.
    “Son,” said Magaera. “A messenger pixie just came here.”
    The pixie flitted down to the middle of the table. She reached for her messenger bag and pulled out a hologram. A visage of Aeolus, the King of Winds, emerged.
    “Valerius,” said Aeolus. “Erebus was last seen on the island of Keferrousa. Even if he has long since left by now, there are clues to where he traveled next there, as well as the people there need your help.”
    The vision of Aeolus soon vanished.
    “Thank you, friend,” Valerius said to the pixie.
    The pixie curtsied politely and then, after receiving a gold drachma coin from Magaera, flew away.
    “Son,” said Magaera, “please be careful. The ruler of Keferrousa has had a history of being, to put it mildly, underhanded. How he stayed in power is anyone’s guess. But in the past few weeks, he’s become… well… violent.”
    “No doubt Erebus had something to do with it!” said Valerius. “It will be all right, Mother.”
    The party then gave their thanks and farewell to Magaera and left the house. After the party left, Magaera went to her bedroom and prayed to Tyche, goddess of good fortune, for Valerius’ success in his journey.

    The group soon got on a boat that wa ...
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