• This closet isn't big enough for both of us
    Pack your bags with your antagonizing smiles and passive aggressive remarks,
    Your cold shoulders, your chipped tooth, your fragile heart
    Don't forget the toothpaste you use for the taste of disappointment I leave in your mouth
    Every time I pull away from your lips, or shy away from your kiss
    I'm going to need you to exit my arms and my head,
    my heart and our bed and go forth and let them persecute you
    Set fire to that beautiful skin that you're in until Hellfire cleanses all your queer sins

    Because I'm not gay. You are.

    This closet isn't big enough to hold both of us
    And the space that separates us is bigger than the bigotry laced in my father's words
    The homophobic slurs I've tried to erase from between the lines in my mother's Bible verse
    The distance between who I pretend to be outside this closet and who I am right now
    No, this space can't contain us both, your pity and my unspoken hurt
    As much as I want you, I have to be the jerk
    You see, this closet can't hold the forgotten words,
    The ones I can't even think for the fear of what other's would think

    Besides I'm not gay. You are.

    And this closet isn't big enough for the two of us.
    So rather than allow yourself to give in to this dark twisted fantasy
    This horrible yet wonderful could be almost reality
    Rather than allowing myself to touch what I can't admit to wanting
    One of us has to vacate the premises, one of us has to be evicted
    And just to make this easier, it won't be me.

    Because I'm not gay. You are.
    And I'm not in denial. You are.
    And I'm not in love.... You are.

    I just wish I had a bigger closet for that love.
    Big enough for the two of us so we could go to the places you wanted to see.
    Big enough to hold all these fond memories.
    Big enough to hold all the tears I've ever cried in self doubt.
    Big enough to hold you despite my self doubt.
    But it's not that easy. It's never that easy.

    Maybe I'm not straight. You aren't.
    Maybe I'm in denial. You aren't.
    But s ...
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