• Everything is in ruins around him. What was once a grand and beautiful temple is nothing more than broken walls and piles of rubble. The sky above them is blood red as if reflecting the blood spilled on the earth. Knights and monsters fought all around him. Those who looked at him were immediately filled with hope and determination.

    Kael didn't know why he was here. Or where here is. He had never seen this place before, nor did he know the people around him. A man with auburn hair ran to him and patted him on his shoulder. Kael felt that he knew this man but he didn't.

    "This is it, Kael. Are you ready?" The man asked. Behind him are two girls, one with ruby red hair and the other had sapphire blue. The three of them looked at him in worry.

    Kael nodded his head. "Yes. Lead the way."

    The man hesitated before nodding and charging ahead, killing the monsters that stood in his way. Kael followed after him with the girls supporting them behind. The blue haired girl chanted healing spells and enhancements while the other threw fireballs at approaching enemies. None of the enemies could approach them, Kael thought, awed at the strength and power of his allies.

    They arrived in some sort of altar. Kael suddenly felt pressured and looked around for the source. The dark power is too powerful he almost wanted to fall to his knees. Gripping the hilt of his sword tightly, Kael prepared himself for battle.

    A portal appeared in front of them and a figure stepped out. Kael's eyed widened before gritting his teeth. The figure chuckled evilly and looked down on them, what was once a pair of silver eyes are now bloody red. "Hello, Kael."


    Kael sat up, panting for breath. He registered his surroundings and sighed when he realized he's in his own room. Running a hand to his blond hair, he thought about his dream. It felt too real. A vision of the future maybe?

    A knock snapped him out of his thoughts. Kael looked up at the boy peeking from the door before stepping ...
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