• You know, it doesn't really matter. For me, that is. I know you say you love me, but you're just wasting your breath. It doesn't mean anything to me. To love or not to love, is really is nothing. I couldn't care less. Everyone says all they say, and I can't make them stop. But it really is useless.
    Love means nothing.
    I won't believe anyone who says I Love You; you know why? They won't prove it. Maybe they can't. I don't know which. They won't because they say all the time "I love you, honey" but none of them will prove it or say it to my face. What's the use if they won't? You can't prove it because it's like proving God exists; everything that can be conjoured up or brought forth, somebody else can disprove. No one can find solid, infalible proof. Love's the same way. You can't see it without Faith; with faith you don't <i>need</i> to see it, you believe it's there no matter what. You have to <I>believe</i> God is there, or else it's useless.
    It's the exact same with love. I don't have any faith in the human race. I have no faith in love.