• Four in the morning
    Icy roads everywhere
    On your way home
    From your brother's house

    Suddenly a car crash
    The sound of broken glass
    And crushing metal
    Then only silence

    The other person calls his wife
    Tells her to call the police
    There's been an accident
    And someone's been hurt.

    Eight in the morning
    A distressing phone call
    Your mother is alone
    And just got the news

    You've passed away
    At twenty years old
    Two weeks short
    Of being an adult.

    Nine in the morning
    I got the news
    At first I didn't believe it
    But something told me it was true.

    Your spark of life
    Is no longer here
    You left us all behind
    And have gone on ahead

    But do you still surround us?
    Is your voice in the air?
    Your smile in the sun?
    Your tears in the rain?

    What shouldn't have been
    Happened to you
    We miss you, Tristan
    And we'll always love you.

    In loving memory of Tristan LaChance
    You will always be with us.