• you said those words again
    broke my heart Mr. Man of Tin
    can't believe I'm still losing sleep over you
    but your good and people like you are little and few
    so why'd you let me fall?

    and it's a bloodbeat to my ears
    hide the tears blockin' out all the fears
    in the rain cuz you were my umbrella
    walkin' 'round like a broken Cinderella
    bang my head on the table, my hearts on the floor
    cuz you ripped it out when you walked out the door

    you left me balled up on the floor
    crying til i could fight no more
    it's a shame you left me this way
    and I can't believe i still wanna find the words to say
    how much i love you
    but i just crank up the volume

    repeat chorus x 2