• The wind in the morning
    kisses the trees
    His leaves gently sway
    From the blow of her breeze

    "Good bye", sais the wind
    "I really must go"
    Gently she continued
    To the places she'd blow

    He then pulls her in
    With a wave of a limb
    He sais to the wind,
    "Please answer one wim"

    "When you travel through towns
    On chilly Fall nights
    Please take some of my leaves
    They'll show golden bright"

    "Good-bye", said the wind
    "Au revoir good sir
    When I wake up tomorrow
    Golden leaves I will stir"

    That morning the wind
    Took some of those leaves
    She tore them away
    In big giant heaves

    She spread them through London
    Germany, Peru
    Sprinkled them all over
    To share them with you