• Well, I'm going to let this on lightly. High school for me was a complete BLAST! I mean the teachers were great, the cafeteria food was DIVINE, and the studemts were A-class, top-notch kids. It was awesome. At least until everyone found out that I wasn't A-class. I was my own random, off fitting, class of style. People denied me at first because of what I wore. Bright colors from electric blue to neon yellow. People called it "unfitting for a girl of my stature". But WHATEVER. Anyway, the varsity cheerleading team did a little segment on what to wear and what not to wear. And of course I ended up on the "not to wear" lost. Everyone got a kick out of that. I even found it a little amusing. But that was probably because right next to my picture was a picture of the lead cheerleader, Chasity Moore. She was wearing some kind of 80's throwback outfit. She kept trying to convince everyone that the little get up was for Halloween, but no one was buying it. They just laughed harder.
    So yeah, high school was great. For me AND Chasity.