• Meeting the Rabbit

    Once upon a time, in the time when kings ruled over the land, there was a boy named: Shiki Bloomfeild, he's a Japanese-American cross bread, who lives near the outskirts of town with his brother who works in the palace for some time now.

    One day, the king of the land asked for his attendants to gather and help him with matters regarding neighboring kingdoms, which result to Shiki's brother: Jishinn, to go and stay at the palace until the king tells them when they can go home.

    "I'm leaving you incharge of the house, take care my brother, until I return" Jishinn took the bag from Shiki and patted him on the head, Shiki just nodded and smiled.

    "I will take care, good luck on your job, brother!" Shiki happily said.

    Jishinn smiled and searched his bag, and found a story-telling book. "Take this, if you can't sleep at night, or have nothing to do, just read this, i'm worried sick about you, and I haven't got out of this household yet" he sweatdropped.

    Shiki pouted "Im not a little child anymore! im already 15! gosh.. I can handle myself, just go and assist the king before he fires his most trusted servant"

    "Okay okay, im going, well, see you soon my beloved brother" with that, Jishinn left Shiki for the king.


    I wonder what kind of stories are in this book Shiki thought to himself as he sat down under the tree located in the meadows near their house and the forest.

    He opened the book and started reading the first lines written:

    Alice, was sitting under the tree playing with her kitten when she saw a rabbit, wearing formal clothes while holding a pocket watch, running and shouting: "Im late! Im late!!! the queen will take my head!!! oh my gosh im late!!!!" and this got alice's attention, so she tried to follow the white rabbit into the whole, when she crawled in, she fell down the deep, dark hole, looking at her kitten while she fell...

    The Rabbit huh? I wish I could meet one too... Shiki said to himself as he paused reading and sighed.

    then, the bushes behind him made sounds like someone was doing something to it. Shiki stood up alertly and waited, being prepared for what sort of animal could show up and attack him.

    Rustle...Rustle.... A white rabbit ear popped out of the bushes, Shiki stepped backward as a figure emerge from the bushes.

    "Im late.... im late... well, there's nothing I can do about it anyway..." the figure chanted, no emotion of nervousness can be spotted from it, it was just dull.

    And finally, the figure spotted Shiki holding the book and staring at him weirdly.

    "Oh... a human" It said, Shiki looked up and saw a guy, a very handsome guy, wearing glasses with Blonde hair almost covering his eyes, with white bunny ears...? and he's holding a pocket watch too.

    "?!" D-Don't tell me, he's the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland?!! b-but, how is that possible!? The Rabbit stared at him for a moment and continued walking towards the cave.

    "im late... im late..." he sighed "the trouble-some queen will get mad again" he said as he entered the hole, Shiki, at the moment, was dumb-founded as his legs started to run on it's own towards the same hole the Rabbit entered.