• Not a movement was heard,
    not even the shot.
    For one man tonight,
    had killed what he sought.

    He had climbed through the window,
    shotgun and all.
    For tonight was not a celebration.
    No, tonight someone would fall.

    He sneaked through the kitchen,
    slithered through the hallway,
    jumped passed the christmas tree,
    and kicked open two doorways.

    No one was here!
    Not a single soul in sight.
    But this did not discourage the young man.
    No, for he was out to kill this night.

    To the bedroom he made,
    sure his soon to-be-corpse would lay.
    And sure enough he was right.
    For there did his victim stay.

    Slowly breathing, the poor woman did.
    This slender figure and beautiful face,
    was sleeping soundly,
    and yet did not realize what she would be to waste.

    The man stared at this scene.
    Now with the finger at the trigger,
    he jumped onto bed, looming over.
    Oh, what a joy for this nearly soon-to-be killer.

    The young woman woke and screamed.
    What a fright that she had seen!
    A man standing on the bed at her feet,
    with a gun to blast whatever between.

    "Goodnight, young maiden!"
    The villan had howled,
    "Tonight I am here,
    to do something very foul!"

    A grin creept on his face,
    and he aimed the gun!
    "Good night, again!
    But not Goodmorrow!"

    The gun had fired,
    and a shriek had pieced the air!
    The young lady fell,
    for he had shot what seemed so fair.