• Snowflakes falling,
    Mom is calling
    "Come in, it's cold",
    Which is what she told.
    I felt like a kid,
    And ran in, I did.
    I took my coat off,
    And let out a small cough.
    "Here, why don't you drink some of this?"
    She says as she gives me a small kiss.
    A cup of hot cocoa in my hand,
    My hair tied up in a rubber band.
    I sit by the fire to warm up,
    Held in my hand, is a hot ceramic cup.
    I look in it,
    As I do sit,
    And see the marshmallows floating on top,
    As their circular movement comes to a stop.
    "Something's missing", I think as I admire my sweater,
    "Oh, some whipped cream could make this better!"