• Lights that glow,
    Cheery places,
    Friendly faces.
    Christmas time is almost here,
    Loved ones that were far are near.

    Momma's cookin in the oven,
    Children laughing,squealing,running.
    Grandma sitt'in in her chair,
    Joyfull feeling everwhere.
    Memories of the past year,
    Stories that can take you there.

    Egg nog by the firelight,
    Kiss'in little ones goodnight
    Check'in to see they're all a'sleep'in,
    No-one hid'in,no-one peek'in.
    Tippy toe'in down the stair,
    Santa's helpers everywhere!

    Snuggle up inside your bed,
    get some rest you sleepy head!
    Mornings GLORY all a'bright,
    Peals of laughter, and delight!
    What a vision to behold,
    CHRISTMAS memories unfold!