• What do the Holidays mean to me?
    I will tell you, plain as can be.
    It’s not about sales of small little toys
    It’s about a feeling, between girls and boys.
    It’s not about presents under the tree
    It’s about a feeling inside of you and me.
    For all purposes, the tree may be bare
    It’s about a sensation you feel in the air.
    It’s all about joy, and laughter, and fun.
    A feeling in winter or in the summer sun
    The Holiday Season isn’t just a time of year
    It’s a feeling in everyone and should be held dear.
    So this next year, whatever it may be
    keep that feeling within, regardless of a tree
    Or presents, or stocking, or mistletoe
    Have love for those around, and simply let them know.
    Regardless of St Nick, or candles burning bright,
    Or carolers outside singing “O’ Holy Night.”
    Regardless of lights, or snow on the ground,
    Keep the feeling within, and loved ones around.
    Because the Holidays aren’t about Christian or Jew
    They’re about something that’s inside of all of you.
    A magic of joy, and merriment, and delight
    To keep anyone warm on the coldest of night.
    So I say Happy Holidays, from me to you,
    And the best of wishes, in all you may do.