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    Name:Nimi~ ^-^<br />
    Age:.......STALKER<br />
    Pets:Mocha [brown pug too cute ~^-^]Maya[pronounced my-uh and she is an alley cat we found D;]Cocoa[my sistas cute kitty kat nya~]<br />
    Likes:RED CANDY!!!Blue slushies (the only thing I eat thats blue] Umm... I like to read intresting wierd freaky books those kind only!!,hanging .-. out with my besties, playing on stupid stuff[at the park!!!monkey bars kitty slides,kitty swings,and allthat sweet stuff !! >xP]taking pics of myself and buddies!!,reading mangas,making people laugh,playin in the forest with my sista,tellin jokes, and making new friends!!! >xP<br />
    Dislikes:GIRLY GIRLS >< ewwy,emo posers,meanypantses,skittles{only the red ones other than that ewwy ><},beggers, and most of all DRAMA ppl!!!!!<br />
    Music:Metal,Rock,Techno,Alternative,Punk,Funk {cuz i gots the FuNk}and sorta pop[I mean it probably 1 or 2 songs thats it dang it!!!]<br />
    Status:Single{reality and non reality}<br />
    Style:Scene girl,punky and funky,with a hint of gothic red violet and black!!<br />
    Colors:Black,Red,Violet,Blue,Neon Green,Hot pink {almost red}<br />
    Who I would like to meet:Lady Ga Ga,Ed Westwick,Bullet For My Valentine,KoRn,SlipKnot,Black Veiled Brides,G Dragon,Purfume~!!!!!<br />
    Favorite sayings:<br />
    "The only way you fail is if you stop trying -"<br />
    ~ Alexander Graham Bell<br />
    "Be Yourself!!An original is always worth more in life than a copy -"<br />
    ~ Me!! >xP<br />
    This is ma sister and ma~<br />
    User Image<br />
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