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    • White Stag by xzNightzx
    • This story is set in the winter season, in a forest. I wrote this story a few months back but only put it up on deviantArt. This is the first time I have submitted my writings onto a gaia arena, I would like to know what you th...
    • Pok√©mon M.A.D. Chrn. - Intro by SkylarSagia
    • A Pokemon series in continuation of the unreleased season 13. This will most likely be outdated soon, but please dont complain. Also, when viwing, please imagine Ash and May as voiced as Veronica Taylor, and James as Eric Stu...
    • The Crazy Drama Tryout by 80s_Katies777
    • This is just a random story i wrote on Myspace. On my page, because I get so bored, I just do this thing called, Random story time...-shrug- and I thought this was my best work. Considering I wish to get better in my writing, I...
    • Ian and Molly Chpt 2 edited by mentalmaddie
    • It is about two teeenagers who are the kids of parents who were tested by the government and now are forced to run from the people who wish to use them as weapons- chapter 2, edited
    • Succubus Wanted, pt 3 by mbourg99
    • Here's part three. I'm really tired and I just woke up, so it may be kinda dull. If you want part one or two, visit my arena profile, and find them there.
    • DarkNite World - A Love Story by Fayne Darkness
    • Not your average love story. Filled with love, hate, betrayal and failure. Thanks to everyone who commented, I'm glad y'all liked it so much. I'm trying to figure out what to write, and I think I just got an idea. :) Okay, so...
    • The Book Man by Felixitous
    • This is something my friend started, called an Inspire Story. You find a picture and write a short story using the picture as a base. These are original characters created solely for this story, and I don't think there will be...
    • A Murder's Fear by DeMoNxDaVe
    • This is all completely random. I'm writing it all off the top of my head so don't blame me if there are a few errors . . . or it doesn't make sense. . . okay blame me but keep that in mind. "I don't even know what this is about...
    • The Darkness,Evil beginning by I Am master dark
    • The ultimate evil has spred umung Earth and noone has the capability to stop it. In this story there is no super hero to the rescue or sweet romance no. If you want to cry your heart out because of the darkness and sadness this...
    • Decendants of Darkness by -Ringo Kusawara-
    • It's been seven months since Hisoka and Tsuzuki has heard from Muraki, they thought everything was back to normal....but, they were wrong. Two months ago, some new faces has came to Nagasaki, the new faces were the Suki family....
    • SimpsonsvsAnime/Chap.3 by Crow Sasuke Sarutobi
    • Homer ticked off Kyo and Naruto also Bart ticked off Marge when she found that he was watching violent anime. Let's just say that the most violent anime chars are entering springfield. And now FOX world is in chaos and nobody i...
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