• “Hey! Hey Ino, w-why is the sky so…s-so dark” Sakura’s tongue slurred at the end of every word as she wobbled down Konoha with her friend Ino right behind her.

    “H-Hell if I k-know” Ino and Sakura burst out laughing, before taking another swig of their ‘apple juice’. Ino turned her half-lidded eyes to Sakura.

    “D-do you think” Ino burst out in a fit of giggles, when her hand shot in front of her. “H-Hey look there…there’s the l-lazy a** n-now!” At the sound of a familiar voice Shikamaru ran up to Ino as her body swayed. She grinned up at him, as his eyes widened slightly.

    “How ya doin’ hottie!” She started giggling again making Sakura laugh loudly then hiccup.

    “Ino…are you…drunk?” His arms shot forward as she toppled forward suddenly, the goofy smile still on her face.

    “Maybe I am maybe I’m not” Her voice rose a pitch making Shikamaru frown.

    “I better take you home…” She stood up as straight as she could then placed her hands on his chest.

    “So y-your finally going to touch me!” She laughed as his cheeks burned brightly. He made some sort of huffing sound, before dragging Ino down the street. Ino waved bye to Sakura who had just finished hurling in a nearby bush. The world spun suddenly then stopped as she waddled through Konoha aimlessly.

    “Sakura what are you doing here” Her head snapped up quickly to find herself staring at the older Uchiha. She grinned with a slight blush on her cheeks, from the beer or from him she didn’t know nor care.

    “Hey! It’s the (hiccup) Uchiha! How ya doin’ buddy?!” She laughed then wobbled up to him, taking another swig of her possibly spiked drink, only to have it snatched from her grasp.

    “Hey! That’s MY apple juice! G-Get your own!” She tripped over her feet slightly; as Itachi dipped a finger in her drink then stuck it in his mouth.

    “Beer…” He muttered then looked at the girl who was pounding her fists on him shouting for him to give her back her ‘apple juice’. Sakura had always been a polite girl who his little brother had brought over a few times to train. Well, polite when she needed to be, other than those few times she was usually a raging lunatic. The older Uchiha had grown quite fond of the pink haired girl who constantly nagged at him to sleep more often and learn how to say ‘no’ to jobs that are asked frequently of him. It was thanks to her that he stopped drinking his problems away and now thought them over and resolved his stresses different ways. They had became a little too acquainted, and could actually be called friends. He snapped out of his thoughts when Sakura suddenly clutched her head. Knowing what to do, without a word he lifted her up and slumped her over his shoulder.

    “L-Let me down!”

    “No” Was his quick and simple reply even as she pounded her fists on his back. When he arrived to the Uchiha household he gently opened the door as to not awake anyone, and then gently set her down on the large couch that took a lot of space out of the Uchiha’s house living room. He sat down next to her, staring to make sure she didn’t try to stand up anymore. After a few moments of silence Itachi finally spoke up.

    “How many beers did you drink?” He asked calmly, even as she glared at him with half-lidded eyes.

    “Zip-a-dee-doo-da” She said, and then bursting out laughing again with a hand placed over her mouth. He revised his question in his head.

    “How much…apple juice did you drink?” He asked instead. She stopped her laughing behind her hand, looked at him, and then started counting on her fingers.

    “One…two…three…four…um…five…yeah five…six” She paused for a moment then looked at him giggling slightly. “I lost count at six” He sat there on the couch for a few moments and then turned his eyes to her when she stroked a finger on his arm.

    “Are you going to have your way with me Mr. Uchiha?” She grinned making Itachi glare slightly. She scrunched her eyebrows together with a pout.

    “Don’t got to get all serious Mr. Not-cool-enough-to-take-advantage-of-a-cute-girl-who-don’t-like-lollipops-macho-nacho-person” She waved her finger around in the air in front of her with a goofy smile plastered on her face.

    “Hmm?” She placed a hand on her cheek when tears started falling down her face. “I wonder why I’m crying…” She cocked her head to the side with a smile still on her face. Itachi stared at her no emotion taking over his stature. She looked at him as they continued to fall down her face.

    “Why?” She asked, not taking her eyes off him, he raised an eyebrow questioning her question.

    “Why did he leave?” Her body started shaking slightly, the tears falling faster, the smile still on her face. He continued staring at her, as she covered her eyes with her hands. Slowly and carefully he wrapped his arms around her small shaking form in a comforting way.

    “I’m sorry…” He mumbled. She suddenly jumped up with her fist in the air.

    “Don’t worry about me! H-He’ll come back! N-No one can resist my charms! HAHAHAHA!” she placed her fists on her hips and laughed loudly. Itachi waited for the footsteps to be rushing down the stairs any second, but when they didn’t he figured that the other Uchiha’s were out on missions, meaning he was alone with her for now.

    “And anyway” She spoke making him snap out of his thoughts again. She turned giving him a knowing grin. “You’re the one with a fetish for young innocent girls like me, YOU’RE THE one who needs help” She laughed drunkenly again.

    “Dirty old man” He twitched slightly and the comment that felt like a slap to the face.

    “I am only 3 years older than you Sakura” He narrowed his eyes slightly. She put a finger to her lips.

    “Oh yeah! Silly me” She hummed, wobbled slightly, and then fell backwards onto the couch. They sat there for a few more moments before Sakura talked again.

    “No” She muttered making Itachi raise an eyebrow at her. She turned her head to him with an irritated look on her face.

    “No Sasuke is not the reason I was drinking” His eyes widened very slightly at her answering the question he had been asking himself. He opened his mouth to ask another question.

    “Yes Itachi, I knew I was drinking alcohol” She mumbled the blush on her cheeks disappearing a little telling Itachi that her drunkenness was wearing off.

    “Then why did you drink it?” He asked, still not taking his eyes off of her. She grinned and put a finger over her lips.

    “Se-cre-t” She whispered. He sighed at the obviousness she was still a little wasted. She giggled.

    “But, I’ll tell you it has to do with you” She muttered, and then started telling him the reason anyway.

    “Ino and I both knew we were both having trouble with certain guys who won’t even realize our feelings toward them. So, we decided to drink a little…then it got slightly out of hand…and now here I am” He sat there for a few seconds taking what she said in, before he spoke hesitantly.

    “Sakura…do you like me?” She turned her eyes to him again, she grinned then poked his nose with a finger.

    “Yep” She yawned, her eyes getting heavy suddenly. “But…this is just a dream after all” Her body slumped to the side so her head rested on his shoulder, before her breathing became slow and steady. He kept staring then placed a blanket over her, before he to fell asleep.

    The next morning Sakura opened her eyes to be met with a large pain in her head.

    “Ow!” She clutched her head even as Itachi walked into the room holding a tray of food.

    “You’re awake?” She turned her eyes to him, before sitting up when he set the tray down. He smirked as she gaped at him standing there.

    “Itachi…why am I in your house? What happened…” She sat there thinking then suddenly pointed accusingly at him.

    “You raped me didn’t you!” He sighed.

    “No, but you did say some strange things” Her face instantly went bright pink her hands shot up to her mouth.

    “What did I say?!” She gasped in horror. Itachi’s smirk got a tad bigger, as he walked over and then bent his face down close to hers a finger over his lips.

    “Se-cre-t” He whispered, making her eyes widen more.

    “Itachi!” She moaned. He chuckled and then placed his lips softly on hers, making her eyes widen. He pulled back then placed his mouth to her ear.

    “Don’t worry, I like you too”