• Have you ever looked through the window at the moon? Have you ever seen a second moon? I have; I lived there not too long ago. But I’m getting ahead of my self, so let me tell you how I got here first. It all started on the night of my ‘Red Moon Examination’, and when I got sent here.
    It was the day of Sarah’s ‘Red Moon’ examinations. The nerve level was racked up high as her Moonstarr High classmates and her walked into the examination room. Her stomach did flips as the fairies fluttered confidently above her head. She was paralyzed at the sight of the room as her eyes locked onto the sign that said ‘SILENCE’. She was distraught to find out that all powers were useless inside this bleached white room. Her head raced with information and facts as she started to hyperventilate. Her stomach did more flips and turns as she took my seat in the midnight black desk.
    She lost herself in her terrible thoughts as the word ‘fear’ echoed in her head. She was brought back to the real world by the sight of her professor entering through the wall. Now it was time for the real test! The Red Moon Exam was a survival exam, were everyone is sent to a different world or environment to put to use everything that was learned during the year. She was being sent to the scariest, most complicated, and frightening planet; Earth.
    Her stomach scrunched up with fear and anxiety at the thought of being on that planet. Her head was being consumed by darkness as a pink mist was released into the air. When she awoke, the first thing she saw was a man; She was on Earth!
    From her classes and studies, he appeared to be an elder. This man was staring down at me as if I was a beaten little Snorfglyip. She didn’t quite appreciate it, so she snapped at him. “ ” This is trancelated to 'What are you looking at, sir? I would apreashiate it if you would LEAVE! This planet is so rude!'
    He looked at her as if she was as crazy as Kkanly(Kiuta) after eating Kacengwa(cake). “Um, I’m sorry little lady, I don’t speak your language. Do you speak in-gu-lish?”
    She finally clued in, “Yes, I speak English, and I doubt anyone here on Earth can speak my language!” She retorted. The firs part tranclates to 'Oh, so you speak English?'
    “Well, looks like you’re in need of some assistance.” The man stated while looking her over, “Are you lost, little Missy? I can point you in the direction of the nearest town, if needed!” He offered.
    She sat up and hugged her legs to her chest, “I have no where to go. My family is dead and I have no friends anywhere here. ” Tranclation: 'I feel home sick....... I want to go home.'
    “Well you can come live with my Mikey and I on the ranch, if ya want. I don’t mind and it wouldn’t be no burden.” The man offered sincerely, “And I kinda figered you had no family, ‘specialy since ya fell out of the sky like ya did.” The man concluded.
    Trancelation: They just dropped me out of the sky? How careless! “ ” I mumbled under my breath.
    The man looked at me with one eyebrow cocked, then said, “Follow me, it’s extremely easy tu git lost in these woods, so stay close.” He ordered. Sarah got up and followed him through the land. Soon enough there was a quaint house in view. It was surrounded by fields and barns, just as she had read about.
    This would be an interesting year.