• A mysterious figure walks along the very trail so many heroes before him took, behind him was a slaughtered band of goblins and ahead of him, the peaceful town of Solace.
    Solace, the buildings were once built high up in great trees known as the Vallenwoods, but now, the buildings were on the ground, for many of the old trees were burnt and blackened by dragonfire during the War of the Lance. In fact the town of Solace had once housed the heroes of that war. Tanis, Flint, Raistlin, Caramon, Tika and Tasslehoff had all lived in this great town. He decides that he will take up temporary residence in a nearby inn, the inn of last home. As the 8 foot tall man enters the inn everyone falls silent.

    The man has deep blue scales and sharp black claws, his face is shrouded by his heavy hood. As he moves toward the sheriff, the inn patrons part ways to let him through,
    "Palin!", he yells.
    "My friend!", the man who seems to be known as Palin shouts back. The frequent customers start to cheer, and soon everyone knows who the mysterious man is.
    "Shalmir my friend, allow me to buy you a drink, any troubles on your journey?".
    "Yes as a matter of fact I ran into a band of goblins on my way here, but I took care of them!" Shalmir tells his story of the battle with the Goblins, and many more about his journey. There were 'OOOOoohh's and 'AAAaaahhsss's coming from the crowded in while he regailed his tales of battle and heroism.
    (That is all I got done, I'm suffering from writer's block at the moment and I just can't decide what happens next, ideas from Dragonlance readers are appreciated!)