• Naminé quickly closed the closet, “Oww!” Roxas yelped.

    “What was that?” Kairi asked.

    “Umm…Oww! I kind of closed the closet on my finger! Don’t worry, I’m okay!” Naminé laughed nervously pretending her finger was injured.

    “Well anyways, come shopping with us in the mall at Friday!” Olette said.

    “Sure! Okay, bye! I’m busy so see you tomorrow!” Naminé shoved her friends out the door and sighed, “That was too close…”

    “Tell me about it!” Roxas laughed trying to untangle himself from the clothes and bags.

    Naminé fell on her bed and began laughing with Roxas.

    The bell rang signaling the students that school was over for the week. It was Friday, the day when all your stress would be relieved until Monday came again...sadly.

    “So, what time do we meet?” Naminé asked.

    “4:00 at the school gates. Olette will be the one driving,” Kairi replied.

    So the four girls waved goodbye to each other and parted ways until later on.

    In the dormitory, Naminé noticed Roxas’ bag was there but he wasn’t.

    “His bag is here, so where could he be? Oh well, not my problem.” she thought.

    Naminé looked in her closet and picked out some clothes and went to the bathroom to change. When she came out she was wearing a dark blue t-shirt that said wave over a white sweater (A/N: Naminé's name means wave so I thought why not have that written on her shirt XP). She also wore a white skirt that went right above her knees and dark blue socks to match.

    She went to her dresser and took out her star shaped good luck charm. “I could never forget this!” Naminé smiled as she put the item away in her white side bag that she wore. She quickly glanced at the clock which read 3:50 before putting on her shoes and running out the door.

    Naminé quickly spotted her friends and waved as she ran towards them. They waved back and quickly greeted each other before getting in the car and driving towards the mall.

    When they reached their destination point Selphie was already jumping around, “Let’s go to Blue Notes first!” Selphie squealed. They all agreed as the followed the hyper brown haired girl.

    “How can she be like that?” Naminé asked watching the girl jump from place to place as they walked towards the store.

    “This is what you call the after math of eating anything that contains trace amounts of sugar…” Kairi sighed as she watched Selphie earn attention from the people's attentionin the surrounding area.

    When the girls got to the store they all bought a t-shirts that were on sale while Selphie bought like a truckload.

    “Selphie, don’t just grab anything you see! You won’t have enough money left for the other stores. And were not lending you money again, because you haven’t paid us back yet!” Olette warned.

    “Fine, fine!” Selphie began putting away a few clothes before she paid.

    The four girls went through many stores and other little accessory shops. When they got to American Eagle Outfitters, Naminé decided to sit this one out because she was too tired from walking.

    “We’ll meet you later outside!” Kairi waved goodbye.

    “Yeah, okay,” Naminé said doing the same.

    Naminé sat down on a bench, but soon got even more tired of waiting for the three and decided to walk around. She soon decided to buy herself ice cream or a popsicle while she waited for her friends to be done because she knew they were going to take forever like in the last few stores they went through.

    As she was trying to find the nearest ice cream parlor, she noticed someone ahead who looked very familiar.

    “Roxas?” she called out.

    The guy turned around and did the same, “Naminé?”

    “What are you doing here?” the two said in unison.

    “Well, I just got out of a repair shop to pick up my skateboard,” he showed her.

    “I’m shopping with Kairi, Selphie, and Olette,”

    “Oh, so where are they then?”

    “Uhh…I got kinda tired of Selphie dragging us around from store to store, so I decided to buy some ice cream or something while I waited,”

    “I see… hey want some popsicles? There’s this really awesome flavor you gotta try, my treat!” Roxas smiled.

    “If it means you paying, I’m in!” Naminé agreed.

    Naminé didn’t know why but Roxas was a lot nicer today. Maybe it was because she didn’t have any arguments with the blonde earlier. Naminé just shrugged it off and continued walking beside Roxas.

    When they both reached the ice cream parlor Roxas began ordering.

    “Two Sea Salt Ice please!” Roxas said. The girl who worked there handed them the popsicles and Roxas paid.

    “Wow! Sea Salt Ice, I haven’t eaten one since I was four!” Naminé gasped childishly.

    “So you’ve been here before? Because Sea Salt Ice is Twilight Town’s specialty and they only sell it at the stores here,” Roxas asked as the two took a they took a seat together at a near by table.

    “Been here,” Naminé laughed, “I used to live here until I moved. But now my family wanted to come back so here I am again!” she said as she took another lick at the ice cream bar.

    “That’s cool!” Roxas smiled.

    Naminé and Roxas were finally having a decent conversation that didn’t include and screaming and yelling for once, until they were interrupted by someone calling them out.

    “Hey Naminé were looking all over for y-…I see… so you were having some quality time with BHK huh?” Selphie’s grin grew wider.

    “No! I just happened to see him, and he suggested buying some ice cream for me that’s all!” Naminé snapped back.

    “That’s all? Looks like a date to me!” Selphie continued to tease.

    “We’re not dating! It was a coincidence!” Naminé argued back.

    “Hey what’s happening?” Olette asked as they finally caught up to the quick Selphie.

    “They’re on a date! Aren’t they cute?” Selphie squealed pointing at the blondes.

    “WE ARE NOT, I repeat, NOT ON A DATE!” Roxas yelled causing their group to get kicked out of the shop.

    “See, it’s all your fault Selphie!” Naminé accused pointing at the brunette.

    “Well it’s not my fault I caught you two lovebirds on your date!” Selphie joked.

    “WE WERE NOT ON A DATE!” Roxas and Naminé yelled in unison.

    “Okay, okay! But you two look just as good as a couple as Sora and Kairi…” Selphie laughed.

    “I told you I don’t like Sora!” Kairi blushed.

    “Fine! But I still get to make fun of Hayner and Olette, right?” Selphie grinned.

    “How do you know all of this!” they allyelled at the same time.

    “Hehe…just some rumors I heard going on lately…” they all just shook their heads side to side.

    “Hey guy! Look, it’s an arcade!” Olette pointed out.

    “Yeah, let’s play DDR!” Selphie leaped for joy.

    “What’s DDR?” Naminé asked.

    “You never heard of Dance Dance Revolution?” they all gasped in horror, including Roxas.

    “Naminé, you seriously gotta get out more…” Kairi sighed.

    “Or at least play more video games,” Roxas added.

    “Oh well, let’s get inside already! We’ll show you how to play, don’t worry!” Selphie assured before running in.

    When they got inside, they saw all their friends; Sora, Riku, Tidus, Hayner, Pence, and Wakka.

    “Hey guys, how did you get here?” Roxas asked.

    “Well, me, Riku, Hayner and Pence decided to go and check out knew video games and we just met Tidus and Wakka when we went in the arcade,” Sora replied.

    “Small world huh?” Pence laughed.

    "Why didn't you invite me?" Roxas pouted.

    "You said you were getting your skateboard fixed," Hayner replied.

    “Enough small talk, we have to show Naminé how cool it is to play DDR!” Selphie said waving her arms like it was the end of the world.

    “Alright! I am so gonna kick you your butt this time Tidus!” Hayner smirked.

    “Suure...that’s what you said last week when we play at the mall…” Tidus said with an over inflated ego.

    “Whatever, all I know is I’m playing first!” Olette said hopping on the pad.

    “Me too!” Selphie went on the other one.

    “Standard or heavy?” Olette askedknowing the answer.

    “Heavy!” Selphie jumped up and down.

    The two girls danced to the song Speed over Beethoven. Olette got a score of B while Selphie’s hyperness got her an A, but was soon defeated by Hayner in the song Cartoon Heroes. Kairi and Sora dance to the song ‘Look at Us’ in Challenge mode, causing the others to begin giggling in the background for song Kairi and Sora said they randomly chose.

    They all had fun playing with Naminé still watching them because she said she wasn’t ready yet. Soon it was down to the best two; Sora and Roxas.

    “Heavy and the song is Sakura! Loser has to cough up twenty munny!” Sora smirked with his arms crossed.

    “You’re on!” Roxas smirked back.

    They two played intensely, getting mostly perfects and hardly any boos, but in the end Roxas was victorious (A/N: Descriptive wasn't it? XD).

    “Yeah! I’m the DDR master! Now pay up Sora,” Roxas smiled triumphantly.

    “Fine…jeez…” Sora took out his wallet and handed a twenty munny bill to his cousin.

    “Hey, umm…can I play now I’m kinda getting bored just watching you all play…” Naminé asked.

    “Sure, it’s fun!” Sora got of the machine giving Naminé a turn.

    “Okay, what song?” Roxas asked.

    “Uhh…how about that Paranoia survivor Max 290 song,” she replied looking at the red colored words.

    “Suure…whatever you say…” Roxas said already knowing the difficulty of the song.

    “Okay then,” Naminé pressed the button to start the game.

    “Naminé! You forgot to change the mode to beginner!” Selphie yelled out.

    “There’s a mode!” Naminé said in shock.

    “Oh well, you can choose another songwhen you loose,” Kairi tried to assure.

    “No, I’ll still try,” Naminé said with a bit of determination.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you,” Roxas said, but those words were soon forgotten when he saw a rainbow flashing on Naminé’s side of the screen.

    “This is fun!” Naminé said still looking at the arrows on the screen. Roxas just glared at the screen and began mumbling something to himself.

    Naminé of course ended up being dominant over the now shameful skater.

    “Go Naminé!” the girls cheered.

    “You got beat by a girl!” Tidus began laughing at Roxas.

    “So much for a ‘DDR master!’” Sora mocked.

    “Shut up, I went easy on her!” Roxas yelled.

    “Yeah, I bet it’s because he wants another date with Naminé…” Selphie teased.

    “WE WERE NOT ON A DATE!” Naminé and Roxas yelled in unison.

    “They were on a date!” Hayner said trying to hold his laugh but he couldn't take it anymore. Roxas just whacked his best friend on the head.

    “You guys are so mean…” Naminé just glared at all of them.