• Wolf Twilight


    Sparks and blades flew everywhere. The only thing visible is the clashing of the metal. Two skilled warriors are locked in a battle surrounded by others who are, as well, locked in an endless battle. They swing high and low neither advancing. Their swords set ablaze from the shear intensity of the warrior's skills. Now they can see, now they can fight. Their fight almost takes to the skies from the power of the swings. The flames dance a deadly dance spelling death and destruction for all who stood in its path.

    Chapter 1 the first glimpse:

    The real story begins in modern day America. Aw, crap I’m late again. She is going to be so pissed at me. Huh, what's this? She's not here. Where could she be? "Hi Arc sorry I’m late" Amy shouted as she ran towards Arc Wolf. "Well well, look who's late today" he said while he sighed. "Hey, don't give me that. I saw you running here before me!" she said as she glared at him. "Aw, almost got away with it." he announced as he guided her into the restaurant.
    As they sat and waited for their food, Arc's eyes wondered to the street out side. As he sat and watched he saw two men in black trench coats across the street. As he watched them he noticed they both started to turn and look. "Arc, Arc Wolf!" she half shouted. "Huh, what? Oh, sorry." he snapped back into attention. "Are you going to always ignore me like that?! Well any ways I..." she was interrupted by screams. "Amy turn around!" he shouted. "What... what is that!" A deafen roar like sound came form a ball of fire in the ski as it entered the atmosphere.
    When Arc regained conciseness he was in a stretcher being taken to a hospital. "Wha, what happened?" he murmured while trying to think back. The medic looked down in surprise and answered, "Try not to talk. Something happened your all right now." Arc was about to ask about Amy, but fainted before he could. When he reawakened he was in a hospital bed in a room that was completely empty except for a TV and some open curtains. Why is it so empty, shouldn't there be more people? If he survived there have to be more, right? Maybe he was the last one taken in and he got the empty room. That makes sense he thought to him self.
    "Yes sir, understood. I'll get right to it." The man in the black trench coat hung up the phone and looked at his partner "Well Zeta it starts." he said calmly. "Yes Alpha it does." Arc jerked up right in the darkness of the night breathing heavily and painfully he laid back down. It was a dream, only a dream. As he settled back into his bed he thought about Amy, and what happened at the restaurant. Did it hit them directly, what was it? It wasn't a meteor it wasn't even solid. It was like a mass of destruction. "Argh, I can't remember,” he whispered in anger while he tried to remember the impact or for that matter almost anything. He did remember Amy, he also remember the worried look on her face but anything after that was a blank.
    The next day the nurses ran medical tests. The results were astonishing. There was no sign of injury at all. As Arc Wolf waited in the vacant room he’d been in he turned on the news. “ A so called meteor impact has devastated this poor town of Twilight. This is all that is left after the fire ball collided with this restaurant.” Arc looked at the restaurant he’d been in. Or at least he thought it was, there was nothing left except ruble. How had he survived? As the news went on “ There have been roomer of one survivor. How anyone survived I would not know.” Wait one survivor? That means just him? “Why me?!” he almost shouted as a nurse came into the room. “Oh, um… you shouldn’t be watching the news, umm…” Arc cut her off “Is there anyone else?” she responded hesitantly “Well, it was a meteor and for anyone to have survived especially one with not even a scratch is a miracle in itself.” He needed to know about Amy “Was there a body of a sixteen year old girl?” The nurse looked puzzled “No, no there wasn’t why?” Arc was puzzled but answered, “I just thought I saw one.” He couldn’t risk them thinking he’s crazy, but what happened to Amy?