• Chapter 1

    “Shadow we will miss the train!” The girls voice carried through the train station. People starred at the odd girl with awe and amazement.

    A boy who appeared 3 years older then her walked over to her. He was also at least 4 inches taller then her. His hair was a silver, white coloring. The girl had much whiter hair then he.

    “Grace no need to worry. The train isn’t leaving for another 10 minutes.” The boy placed his hand on her head as if to pet her. He just left it there and bent down to look her in the eyes.


    The girl gulped and looked away and the boys hand fell. “Alright….”

    The boy smiled satisfied and walked away both hands in his black jean pockets. The dark blood red jacket he wore was a major contrast to his hair. A small girl lead by her mother yelled “monster.” Once when she saw him then for some reason went completely silent.

    The girl who accompanied this boy punched him in the arm hard. “Shadow no M-A-G-I-C on humans….” The girl was attracting much more stares.

    She wore a completely white dress and her white hair was long enough to reach the small of her back. Her eyes were a dark ocean blue. “Please don’t ruin this for me… When we get on the train I’m making us appear human.”

    Shadow shook his head. “People will notice if we don’t get off the train. You can’t change our appearances yet. Wait until we get to London.”

    A loud train whistle sounded and Grace grabbed Shadow’s arm and tugged him along onto the train. Grace ran all the way to the back of the train in nothing flat. She moved much faster then a normal human would and Shadow has no problem keeping up.

    The two silently entered their own booth closing the door behind them. Shadow closed two red curtains until they coverd the glass door to their booth and then did the same to the window until the only thing lighting the room was an light bulb the glowed yellow on the ceiling.

    Grace sighed and laid down on the long seat opposite to the one Shadow now sat on. “When do you think we will be able to stop moving like this?”

    Shadow’s face went from serious to menacing. “Until the humans stop investigating each mysterious death.”

    The girl moaned and sat up again. “Honestly Shadow if you didn’t loose it all the time and bite those people we wouldn’t have to move so much!”

    The boy glared his eyes flashing from their normal black color to a horrible red. “Shut up! You wouldn’t even understand you’re not a pure blood!”

    The girls mouth clamped shut. She frowned the laid back down closing her eyes. She rolled over on the bed like chair. “Sorry Shadow…”

    Silence drifted through the cabin and eventually Grace fell asleep…

    Chapter 2 Thirsty

    A loud train whistle caused Shadow to fall off of his chair landing with a loud thump. The sound woke Grace up and she rubbed her eyes.

    As Shadow cursed and stood up Grace crawled over her chair and peeked out the window. It was dark outside now. The moo shone full and bright. Grace smiled and opened the curtain completely. “See Shadow? The Human world isn’t all that bad.”

    Shadow shrugged and helped Grace up. He then grabbed two black suitcases from the storage rain under the chairs and began rolling them out of the cabin.

    Grace frowned again then followed. She walked silently behind Shadow. People happily chattered and exited their cabins in front of them.

    Shadow pushed rudely past people causing angry complaints. Grace apologized to every one as she followed behind him. When Grace finally caught up she put her hand on Shadow’s should and spun him around.

    “What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting…like…this…Your eyes. They are red.”

    Shadow nodded and pointed at a mirror that served as an aid in seeing behind the train. Shadow’s reflection was invisible to it. Grace could only see herself.

    “Thirsty… get me out of here.”

    Grace nodded and put his arm around her neck supporting most of his weight. She took Shadow around to the front of the train station then called a taxi.

    “Shadow, how do we get to your apartment?”

    Shadow grunted. “Its two miles away then take the left exit then you will see a large light blue building….”

    Grace nodded and told the same information to a taxi driver who had pulled up along side them. With some effort Grace was able to get Shadow then herself into the car. The cab driver starred at them then shrugged and started to drive down the road.

    Shadow grunted and leaned against Grace for support.

    “It’s alright just a little longer… Just breath.”

    Grace starred out the window with wonder. It was dark and every building was lit up. A light snow fell coating the road with ice. Big Ben chimed alerting everyone that it was midnight.

    Grace sighed and leaned up against the window. Shadow was asleep and his fangs had become visible. The cab driver was silent which made Grace uneasy.

    All of a sudden everything became a blur of movement. The care was spinning out of control. The cab driver slammed on the breaks to no avail. Shadow shot up his eyes flashing. He made a lunge for the terrified cab driver but Grace caught him by the collar and yanked him back with force.

    Then the world seemed to shrink. Blood splattered the front window and Grace had to shake her head to clear who mind of the scent. Shadow growled deeply struggling under Grace’s grip.

    Grace could feel blood in her mouth. She kicked out the door and dragged Shadow out laying him on the ground firmly pressing him to the ground with a warning glance.

    Grace gasped when she turned around. The car was smashed to a light poll. The cab driver lay dead and bloody in the front seat. What really disturbed Grace was the back of the care was also completely smashed.

    Neither Shadow nor Grace had a signal wound. The cab driver was human thus was killed on impact.

    The smell of blood was over bearing and Grace had to hold her breath. She walked back over to shadow who was still laying down asleep now. Grace sat down next to him and hugged her knees to herself. It was cold and was still snowing but she hardly noticed.

    “I’m so thirsty Shadow…..I can feel pain….”