• In the late 1980's, A horrible nuclear poisoning had been spilled into the lake. It had lasted for about four weeks until scientists found out in one week ahead and came to the lake, Taking samples of the water to the lab. Experimating it, On human subjetcs.
    The first human subjects ever tested had been john and anna. there last names classified, due to goverment officials. The lab had been permitaly banned since 1966, and reopend 1977, since founding son of the scientist Dr.Von smith, had gave the contract to the lab, To his son, William Von Smith.
    William von smith studied at yale, In those years since he had been given the lab, as soon as he had heard about the spillings, he wanted to test specificaly on how it whould effect human test subjects. The tests went horribly wrong, After that night as william von smith and his assistant forced Anna and john into the lab forcing them in chairs and watch hours apon hours of shows. But after Anna and joh were forced to watch the mind blowing madness, William von smith, droped some of the nuclear waste into there eyes and mouths, Contracting there eyes to be wide and freakishly happy, aswell as the mouth.
    The tests wnet wrong, after william von smith saw how freakisly happy and none feeling the subjects had become. After shutting down the factory during 1981, William von smith was imprisoned for none illegal use of human testing, On june 6th 1999.
    Some pictures of the tests subjects have been found,
    Doris Mendesse
    Subject number 222

    The wereabouts of Anna and John, Are unknown some say after the lab had been shut down, The couple fled into the states of colorado, and have said to have a house there now, Living in residence there, possibly living there lives best they can after the horrible incident.