• Waking up from my bed, I climbed down and jumped. A sharp pain vibrated from my big toe straight threw my nerves and it registered in my brain. I stubbed my toe, for the fifth time that week. “This isn’t a good day…” I mumbled to no one in particular, once getting ready for school.

    “Morning!” Mom cheerfully exclaimed, flipping a brown, circular disk. The sweet aroma of batter and syrup reached my nose.
    I took a deep breath and let out a sigh. “Pancakes?”
    My mom nodded as she piled a couple on my plate. I gobbled them and prepared my book bag for school. Once out the door, my friends joined me.

    “Hey!!!” They all yelled, running up to me until I could hear their footsteps get louder.

    “Did you hear about that abandoned building?!” One of my friends, Kate, asked, her blonde hair a mess over her wide smiling face.

    “No? Did you brush this morning?” I cocked my eyebrow.

    “What’s a brush?” A girl next to me, Vanessa, tilted her head.

    “Aaa! You almost gave me a heart attack!” I scolded.

    “Sorry…” A boy that had just walked up to us, Tetsau, apologized.

    I ruffled his fuzzy brown hair. “Aww... That is just fine. You did not do anything wrong. Why apologize?”

    “I could think of a few reasons… Reason one is to be funny.” He smiled.

    “Ha ha ha… Just typical eh?”

    “Yeah... With the Canadian accent?! Yeah!” Tetsau spring boarded off everyone’s shoulders enthusiastically.

    “Ok... Ok… Enough enthusiasm….” Everyone dully complained in unison.

    “Anyway I have to go now. Bye. We’ll check out the new abandoned house later. Ok?” I walked away silently; staring at the enigma we now call the ‘abandoned house’. One last glance back at my friends, and we were off to school.

    During school we had a test in math, no real problem. In science class we had brought in frogs to learn their anatomy for dissection.

    “This frog is moving…” I criticized.

    “The frogs should be very much dead. No worries.” The Mr. G. reassured, turning back to his board and his acclaimed ‘lousy piece of no good art’.

    Five minutes later, the frog jumped in my hair. People screamed. Some girls awed. Some guys fell off their chairs. I just sat there, used to frogs being in my hands, as I tried to catch it. Once caught, it squirmed out of my grip and jumped back on the table.

    “No worries,” I grabbed it again with one swift move of the hand, trapping it like a lion in a cage at the zoo. “The poor thing is just frightened; it has no natural habitat in this room. It needs a pond, not a jar.” I stepped over to the aquarium where our green anole just died a week ago; everything was still in order, right down to every pebble. I placed the frog in the aquarium and it hopped right into the dish of water, stretching about. “Ok, now if we can keep it, it needs a name.”

    “Uhm… Sure. Any ideas?” The Mr. G. turned to the class.

    In social studies there wasn’t really much going on, and in language arts nothing very new happened, but it was still interesting.

    As I made my trip home, I spotted the abandoned house. If I remember right, someone had been building something in that house, but it went haywire. I walked over to the bush and picked out a random piece of paper from its intricate branches. Everything went black and I realized I was going down through a tunnel. ‘Oh boy I wonder where this ends up.’ I thought, but only to get my thoughts interrupted by a sudden slam on the floor. “Ouch!” I looked around at all the equipment.

    Computers and reality simulators that shouldn’t even exist lying before me, in the open room; I could hardly believe my eyes. Beeps were heard, I figured that there was some scan, when a computer checks itself for viruses or unwanted material in their computer. I cocked my head and gawked around the room. “Wow…”

    “You like? Honestly I wasn’t expecting anyone to drop by for a while.” A blonde haired boy was sitting opposite where I was still laying from falling down the chute.

    I sprang to my feet when my friends burst through the door. “SURPRISE!” They yelled simultaneously.

    “Hey. We found the secret.” The boy walked up to me. I could clearly make out his face and realized it was the new student, I still can’t remember his name though.

    His facial features were soft, skin was light, eyes bright and from what I thought, playful. The eyes were a weird mix of blue and green in the right eye, and blue and brown in the left eye. His eyes almost reminded me of my eyes, familiar in color.

    “I guess…” I moaned, waiting for my heart to slow down. “What a day…” Everyone burst out laughing. “Yeah yeah this is very funny guys! Give me a heart attack would you?!” I scolded, and then laughed myself. The crazy day was finally over, although I don’t think I’ll forget it for a while. I can’t even summarize the events today in one sentence… But all I can say is wow.