• Sara woke to a heavenly chorus, like angels singing. The words of the song were familiar, and she had known them all her life.
    "My love,
    I must confess..."

    The singers were the other girls in her dorm. They weren't supposed to be singing, weren't supposed to be making any noise before the clock struck seven and Min Dana came in to 'wake' them. Of course, Min Dana had no problem with it. The girls could do no wrong in her eyes. Sara sighed and tuned into the song again, noting how it was much further along thanks to her daydreaming.
    "So tell me
    Please do-"

    "Do you love me like I love you." Sara clapped her hands over her mouth. An instant too late. The words had already escaped, loud, out of tune, and ruining the illusion that the singers had created.
    "Sa-ra!" Monica dragged her name out, making it sound like a swearword. "Why couldn't you have kept your mouth shut?"
    "Or sang so quietly no one could hear you," Added one of her cronies, earning an approving smile from Monica.
    "Oh please, Monica, excuse me for living in your universe." Sara replied sarcastically. "However will I survive, having ruined your day."
    "You don't want my opinion? Fine. Lets ask..." Monica scanned the crowd of girls, spotting the one who was trying desperately to hide. "Juliet."
    Smirks were exchanged as the girl named stared down at the floor. It was known that Juliet and Sara were friends, as it was known that Monica and Sara were enemies.
    "Go on Juliet, tell her what you think." Monica encouraged her.
    Juliet avoided Sara's expectant gaze, mumbling, "Uh... Maybe you shouldn't interrupt, Sara. You're just not..."
    "Talented in any way." Monica finished, grinning triumphantly. "Go die in some corner, Nim No-Talent. No one and nothing is keeping you here."
    "See, I would, but here's the thing," Sara kept her expression patronising, refusing to show that she was hurt by Juliets response. "My being here makes your life less perfectly perfect. Without me, you would be happy. We can't have that now, can we?"
    Monica gave her a look of loathing and walked off, followed by three cronies. The rest of the crowd dispersed, leaving Juliet fidgeting anxiously and alone. Sara smiled in a satisfied way. One to her.
    "Listen, Sara, I'm sorry, but you know that going against Monica is the worst thing you can do and I know you do it all the time but I like being around the other girls and they all listen to Monica, so..." She trailed off miserable.
    "It's okay, Julie. Feel free to be a sheep anytime. I'll just be here," Sara gestured towards her space. "When you feel like growing a spine. No pressure. I'll just hang out with Oliver."
    As if she'd said a magic word, Juliets eyes widened. "Wen Oliver? He still talks to you?" There was no mistaking the disbelief in her tone. Sara winced, then continued.
    "Yes, as a matter of fact I've been invited to hear some of the bands new songs today." She smiled. "You know his band, right? The Sparks?"
    "No fair!" Juliet whined. "I have to practise scales!"
    "That's where being talented gets you, dear Julie." Sara turned away just as Min Dana came into the dorm.
    "Quickly, girls, get dressed! The Wens," A sniff of contempt for the male population of the Academy, "will eat everything if you don't hurry."
    Sara stripped off her nightshirt and pulled on the black pants and blouse that was the senoir Nim uniform. Min Dana was right about one thing; the Wens would and could eat everything if they didn't get there soon.