• They always seemed to get me in trouble. Some fell in love with them and tried to buy me for them but others wanted them melted to nothing. And then there were the ones who were jealous of them and just wanted to use me. Of course Alexion wouldn't let them take my eyes but even he wanted them for his own reasons.


    "Xerux?" Alexion's voice sent a jolt through my body and I turned to find him in my doorway. He was staring at me and I was only wearing my bra and underwear.

    He sauntered over to me and grinned, flashing his gleaming fangs. His lime green eyes flared against his porcelain skin as he towered over my body. I gulped back the lump that had gathered in my thoat and looked away from his gaze. A flush came over my cheeks and colored them rose.

    "I want to get out of the house, Xerux." He bent to my left and grabbed my sunglasses off of my vanity table. "Meet me downstairs in five minutes and be sure to put on suitable clothes. I have a guest."

    "Yes, Master Alexion." I nodded and performed a light curtsy.

    He left shortly after glancing over my, nearly, bare body for the second time. I didn't hesitate in getting a full outfit on since I was already embarrassed. Moments later I was back in front of the vanity, glancing over myself and brushing my white blond hair into a braid. I avoided looking at my eyes as I hurried away from the table, only to have to stop and retrieve my glasses.

    Coming down the stairs, I noticed that Alexion was holding a slender brunette in his arms. I slowed my pace down the stairs as a sharp pain hit me in my heart. I took in a deep breath, after all this wasn't the first time I'd seen him with other women. It still hurt though. Knowing that your love for someone would never be noticed wasn't an easy thing to live with.

    He noticed me as I reached the last stair and let go of the girl. He walked over to me and turned back to the brunette with a smile. She raised a neatly plucked eyebrow at me and gave a a prissy smile. Oh I hated this woman so much, already.

    "So this is the girl that all the nobles and plain folk want? I don't see why. I mean she is far too tall for a woman and she saunters like a man. I must say, I envy her, her breasts though." She snickered and Alexion stepped in front of me.

    "Don't mock my servant, Janessa. You haven't even seen the power that makes her worth all the money I've been offered." He growled and then threw a look at me from over his shoulder. "Take those off, for now."

    I obeyed and removed the silver tinted glasses. Janessa gasped and a grin flashed on her overly red lips. She licked her lips and stepped forward. Even her eyes seemed to glow with pleasure. It was a look of want that I had seen numerous times.

    "Are they just for show or can you actually do something with them?" She locked her hands on both of her hips and shifted her weight.

    "I... I guess they can do things." I managed a mousy reply. "Sometimes, upon contact with another, I can see glimpses of their future. I can also control colors..."

    She let out a hard laugh. "Lexi, she's going to make me happy. I am so happy to be your bride to be." She ran her manicured fingers down his chest. "Let's go. She is coming with us, correct?"

    Alexion nodded and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, giving me a 'oh we'll talk later' look. "I can't leave her here. To many people have tried to steal my precious servant before. She is a great tool to have around."

    I frowned. He hadn't said anything to me about a bride and he sure as hell never spoke about me in such a way. I bit back warm tears as I followed after the couple into the crisp afternoon air.

    To be countinued...