• Suichi, a young sixteen year old boy with vibrant turquoise eyes and semi-long dark brown hair, stood at the gates to Rising Sun High School in Kyoto, Japan, he had just transferred from America.

    “Are you new here?” a boy asked as he walked up with both hands in his pants pockets, he was wearing the same uniform that Suichi was forced to wear, Suichi nodded

    “Cool, I’m Kouji…What year are you in?” Kouji asked him as he ran his hand through his short light brown hair

    “I’m Suichi…I’m in year 10 and I just transferred here from America…” Suichi replied bowing his head in greeting, Kouji smiled at this

    “America huh? Suichi is a Japanese name though, isn’t it?” Kouji asked scratching his head, confused; Suichi nodded

    “Yea, my parents are Sociologists and they are obsessed with the Japanese culture, that’s why we moved here” Suichi smiled at Kouji as the bell rang

    “Well who’s class are you in?” Kouji asked as the two of them headed for the entrance to the school, Suichi pulled out his class schedule to find out

    “Kagamesh, 4B” Suichi read to Kouji

    “ME TOO!” Kouji exclaimed, Suichi chuckled happily; he had found his first friend.

    “Hey Leiko…still wearing those ugly glasses, ugh…do something with your hair!” exclaimed a girl in passing, she had long blonde hair that fell about mid-back and piercing blue eyes the color of rushing water

    “Oh Yuki...you are so good” said one of the blonde girl’s lackeys as she and Yuki performed a quaint hand shake

    “Are you deaf too Leiko?!” Yuki exclaimed at the girl with ebony hair that fell to her shoulders and amber eyes hidden behind thick glasses

    “I heard you Yuki…” Leiko replied quietly, Yuki pushed Leiko into the lockers with a hard shove as another popular girl ran from the other side of the hall

    “Oh my gosh, Yuki…have you seen the new kid?” exclaimed the girl, Yuki shook her head

    “Why?” Yuki asked, the girl just pointed down to the other end of the hall at Suichi talking with Kouji, a gleam appeared in Yuki’s eye as she snapped her fingers for her two lackeys to follow her.

    The three of them walked over to where Suichi was standing

    “Hello boys…” Yuki announced with a large white smile to get their attention

    “OH…Suichi, this is Yuki” Kouji introduced them, Suichi smiled and bowed in greeting

    “Oh, are you the new boy, Suichi?” Yuki asked affectionately as she put her hand lightly on his chest, Suichi nodded with a gulp as Leiko watched from a distance

    “Yes, I just moved here from America…my parents are Sociologists and they are studying the Japanese Culture” Suichi smiled as he placed his hands in his pants like Kouji had done earlier

    “Oh well, allow me the honor of showing you around?” Yuki offered, Suichi nodded in acceptance and as they walked away Yuki mouthed something to one of her friends “He’s So Cute!”.

    Suichi spent the rest of the day with Yuki in tow, she wouldn’t leave his side for a second, immediately rumors started to fly around that Yuki was going to make him hers

    “It’s so sick how she fawns over every cute guy…” Leiko said savagely to her best friend, Kinoko. Kinoko was a hefty girl with dark brown hair that was always pulled back in a ponytail and she was very pale from very little contact with the sun

    “She has always done that, am I right?” Kinoko asked Leiko as they sat eating their lunch from across the room from the popular table that Yuki and her gang usually commandeered

    “Could you just be jealous?” Kinoko snorted into her food after Leiko gave her a sarcastic look.

    “Yes…Kinoko, I’ve always envied whores…” Leiko said harshly, Kinoko just laughed along with her as they finished their lunch.

    At the popular table Yuki has decided to accept Suichi into the folds of popularity that many students at Rising Sun High wished that they were part of, Yuki was the leader with her gang of four other girls, Meicho was the track star of Rising Sun who had brought the school great honor, and multiple gold medals and now Suichi had been accepted into the folds.

    As Suichi walked home from school Kouji came running up from behind him

    “Hey Suichi, where you headed?” Kouji asked as he folded his arms up behind his head looking up at the sky

    “Oh, we moved into the house in cul-de-sac just over that hill right there” Suichi pointed into the distance

    “Hey Suichi, did you know that girl is following you?” Kouji whispered jabbing his thumb over his shoulder at Leiko following behind them, Suichi stopped and turned around to glance at Leiko, as Leiko walked by them in their stopped position, Suichi smiled politely as she walked by; Leiko glanced up at Suichi and gave him an odd look and started walking faster towards her home.

    Suichi walked up the drive to the house that his parents had decided upon when he got an odd feeling that he was being watched, Suichi looked over his shoulder but there was no one around except for Mr. Hiro on the opposing side of the cul-de-sac chasing the neighbors chickens off his lawn, Suichi shrugged and headed into his new home to start his homework for the day.

    “Do you think he’s ready ma’am?” said a transparent teal serpentine dragon sitting in the middle of the cul-de-sac next to a beautiful woman in full geisha make-up, she wore a pure white robe with an abstract picture of the sun drawn upon her right breast and on the back of her robes

    “I don’t think so Suijin, we’ll give him a few more days…and then we’ll see where we stand after then, he only just moved here” replied the woman as she laid her small hand on the dragon’s great head, the dragon wiggled it’s flippers happily

    “Amaterasu…I don’t think that we have a few more days…we need their help now..” Suijin exclaimed; Mr. Hiro stopped for a second and looked around, he thought that he had heard a noise, then decided it was the wind, he returned to chasing the chickens with a butcher knife as Amaterasu spoke

    “Patience is a virtue, Suijin…they will be ready” Amaterasu smiled as the both of them vanished as if they had never been there.

    The next day at lunch as Suichi and Kouji sat at the popular table with Yuki talking up a storm, trying to show off for Suichi but Suichi was stuck in a trance since he woke up in the morning

    “Hey, Suichi are you alright?” Kouji asked as he lightly punch Suichi in the arm, Suichi nodded

    “I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched” Suichi said as he looked around for the hundredth time

    Leiko was watching the popular table from a distance

    “You spend a lot of your time staring at that new kid Suichi, Leiko…” Kinoko pointed out as she dug into her meat bun that her mom had packed her for lunch

    “Oh shut up Kinoko…” Leiko replied as she turned her attention back to her own lunch.

    As Suichi and Kouji headed home for the day with Leiko following behind them a large dog jumped out of the bushes and tackled Suichi; the dog was completely covered from head to toe in mud

    “OH NO, my mom’s going to kill me!” Suichi exclaimed as Kouji grabbed the overly excited dog and pulled him off Suichi

    “Where did this little guy come from? Does he have a collar?” Kouji asked as Leiko walked up

    “You really should take better care of your pets…” Leiko said annoyed as she walked by heading towards her home next to Suichi’s.

    “That girl is really weird…” Kouji said watching Leiko walk away

    “It doesn’t have a collar…I think I’ll take him home and wash him…” Suichi smiled as the dog became more excited when Suichi said that he would take it home,

    Suichi came home to an empty house with the dirty dog following him

    “Well…let’s go upstairs and give you a bath…” Suichi said to the dog at his knees, the dog barked happily.

    As Suichi washed away the dirt he noticed that the dog’s fur was actually white as the snow that fell from the sky

    “WOW…you’re a white purebred husky dog!” Suichi exclaimed as he dried the dog off with a towel, the dog looked him directly in the eyes with it’s blue and green eyes, the dog had two different colored eyes.

    A feminine voice reached Suichi‘s ears, the voice spoke with a light English accent

    “Well, finally we’re alone”

    “who said that?!” Suichi said looking around, his eyes fell on the dog that was panting, the dog replied

    “I did silly, and I’m a giiirl by the way…” Suichi stared at the dog as if he had lost his marbles

    “Excuse me?” Suichi replied lightly, the husky rolled her eyes

    “I’m here for you Suichi…I was sent by the goddess Amaterasu to give you a present” she spoke with almost as much definition as Suichi did

    “Amaterasu? The Goddess of the Sun?” Suichi asked with disbelief

    “Well I see that this is going to be much more difficult then expected” the dog lowered it’s head in sadness as Suijin appeared in his transparent form

    “Now that you have found your spirit guide, I can give you my gift Suichi…” Suijin tapped Suichi’s forehead with the tip of his tail fins, a flash of light filled the room as Suichi fell to his knees, overcome by Suijin’s power.

    “Well that was Drama…” retorted the husky, Suichi looked down at the dog with disbelief

    “What…is…going…on…” Suichi panted

    “Well…they need your help…a great evil is threatening the world and they want you to gather a team to help you fight this evil” the dog attempted a smile, Suichi looked around for Suijin but he had vanished again.

    “Sooo…what is your name?” Suichi attempted a conversation, the dog looked taken aback

    “I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself…I’m Kiera, your Spirit Guide…” Kiera announced loudly, Suichi smiled as he put his hand on his head

    “Wow…so your telling me that, I have to protect the world?” Suichi attempted to clarify

    “No…you will have to find others just like you…others with the gift, now that your gift has been awakened others will find their Spirit Guides and you will all have to work together to stop this evil” Kiera smiled

    “Well…is that all?” Suichi said aghast, Kiera thought about it for a second and nodded as Suichi passed out.