• Chapter 10

    Me: This chapter was made in the honor of my birthday today! Yeah, I'm 16! I'm so happy! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it!

    We’re back in school after winter vacation, oh joy..! Please note the sarcasm! Back to prison as I always say! Maybe I should just look on the bright side...... Eh, there is no bright side. Well, at least Jacob transferred to our school now and Raziel’s coming too, but not as a student. Due to the fact that Raziel is basically invisible to humans, Raziel is going to pretty much follow us around like a ghost that only we can see. Also, I understand that Raziel is actually my guardian angel (Only Felicity, my family and I know that), but he’s been way too over-protective lately. Example?

    “Raziel! I need to go potty alone!” I yelled from the other side of the bathroom stall.

    “At least I’m not in the stall with you..!” He said.

    “I just can’t go potty with an angel annoying me from the outside!”

    “But I have to protect you; in case you may have forgotten, it’s my job!”

    “I don’t care!”

    “By the way... I have something to tell you about that dream you had back on the boat...” He said.


    “It was... Jason...”

    Me: o.O Holy Crap!

    “But there’s more!”

    “More? What more?”

    “You see, that dream was only an illusion that Scarlet sent to make you more vulnerable and easy to capture. The others who also got captured had traumatizing dreams too. Although, Tobi’s ‘traumatizing’ dream was seeing his Super Smash Bros. Brawl videogame burst into flames...”

    “I’m... not surprised...”

    “Are you done?”

    “Yeah...” I said, getting out of the stall.

    “Now, what class do you take first?” Raziel asked, following behind me.

    “College Algebra...”

    “Eww... not the best way to start the morning...”

    “My words exactly...”

    We got out of the bathroom and the bell rang, meaning that it was class time. I had to go to Collage Algebra and honestly, my brain just started to leak out of my ears. Even Raziel had brain damage! Sometimes he would pull on my hair, poke me or flick my ear out of boredom and I’d slap his hand in response. The teacher would sometimes look at me weird when I did this since she can’t see Raziel annoying me. Then, I noticed that he wrote something on my notebook:

    “Hey, can I have a brownie?”

    I just frowned and wrote down:

    “Not now...”

    “Please?! You know I love brownies!” He wrote down.

    “Love? It’s more like an obsession... but you’re an angel! You don’t need food!”

    “But they taste so good!”

    “I’m trying to concentrate here!”

    “School is so boring... I can’t believe humans have to stay here for 8 full hours..!”

    “Tell me about it...”

    Then a few minutes later, the bell rang and we went down the stairs to reach the first floor to my next class, Spanish. Once we got there, Raziel went to annoy Sol, giving me some free time from him. During that time, I was writing down stuff from the board when Jason came and sat by me.

    “Hey Eleanor, how’s it going?” He asked, smiling.

    “Pretty good, you?” I replied.

    “Bored to death, but I’m fine...” He said.

    “Listen, did you happen to get a strange dream back on the boat, the night before we got captured?”

    “Yeah, I dreamed that I was being chased by an army of giant silver forks and spoons..!” He said, grinning.

    “Wow... you must really be allergic to silver..!”

    “Yeah, pretty much... Hey, I have to ask you this... Why does Raziel hang around you all the time?” He asked, curiously.

    “Well, he’s... just making sure that I’m protected...”


    “We’re... very close...”


    “Eleanor, can I have a brownie?” Raziel said, popping out of nowhere.

    “No...” I said.

    “Please?!” He exclaimed, hugging me.

    “No, Raziel...”

    “Class, as you may have not noticed, we have a new student here in school so please, make her feel the most welcome...” The Spanish teacher said, mentioning to the brown haired girl that entered the class room.

    When she stood in the front of the class, we looked to see Scarlet in our black and white school uniform. Jason, Sol and I went pale when we realized it was her. Then, she stopped up at the other side of the classroom and smiled evilly, slightly waving at us.

    ***AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! ***

    ***AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! *** Both the Ronaeles screamed in my head.

    ***AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ***

    ***AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *** They screamed again.

    ***AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ***

    ***WHY ARE WE SCREAMING?! *** The Ronaeles screamed in union.


    Fast-Forward: Lunch time

    “Gabriel, this is your fault!” I yelled when I finally found him.

    “What is my fault?” He asked, confused.

    “You betrayed Scarlet in some way and now, she’s here to kill us!”


    “Yeah, she’s standing right behind you..!” I said, pointing behind him.

    “Wha-! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!” He yelled and hid behind me, holding unto my shoulders in fear when he saw her right behind him.

    “Hello Gabriel... Eleanor...” She said.

    “Hello Cruella- I mean, Scarlet..!” Gabriel said.

    “Why are you here, Scarlet?” I asked, glaring at her.

    “I don’t know... I guess it just adds drama to the whole story...” She said, shrugging.

    “This is a story?” Gabriel asked, surprised.

    “Of course not..! I mean, it’s not like this is just a story written by a bored girl with no life and a wild imagination, and she can’t stop writing on it because a bunch of her crazy friends will hunt her down like a dog if she does and the person whose based on the character Solange will probably be the ring leader of this hunt, but none of that is true..!” I said, sarcastically.

    Scarlet and Gabriel: o.O ok?

    “Anyway, you better not try anything fishy around school...” I threatened.

    “Of course not! I wouldn’t dream of it..!” She said, smirking.

    “You’re just being sarcastic, aren’t you?” Gabriel asked.

    “Well, duh!” She said.

    Then, the bell rang once again which meant for me that it was time for P.E. class, the last class for the day. After doing all of those exercises and played a little soccer, the teacher gave us the time that we had left off, so my friends and I spent it relaxing in the sunny school yard. After a while, I fell asleep under one of the trees, under the watch full eye of Raziel whom is making sure that Scarlet doesn’t try anything on me...


    I opened my eyes slowly to find myself in this large and beautiful round meadow with a wide, clear purple sky above me. I was lying down on the soft grass, surrounded by small colored flowers. I looked down at myself and saw that I was wearing a white and gold, knee-length dress with a couple of white flowers in my hair.

    Then, I looked up and found Edward sitting right beside me, looking up at the sky. He sensed me looking at him and looked down at me, smiling widely. I sat up and leaned against his shoulder, looking at the beautiful scenery all around me. Then, I felt his arm go around my waist and his other hand grab my chin, raising it to meet my dark chocolaty brown eyes with his sweet, green ones. My arms found its way around his neck and leaned in until our lips met.

    His kiss was soft and sweet, extremely perfect. Then, he started to lie down slowly on the grass, taking me down with him. I got on top of him and straddled his waist, not breaking the kiss (By the way, I just ate half my weight in brownies and I am hyper right now as we speak, or in this case, write..!). He slightly moaned out loud and started to make the kiss deeper and passionate, trying to take the situation further... sadly, it went on father, way farther than I intended and hoped...

    “AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! SSSSCCAAAAARRLEEEEETTT!!!!” I yelled when I woke up from my sleep.

    “What?!” She yelled back from her own tree.

    “Don’t play innocent! I know that you sent that dream to freak me out again!” I said.

    “I... didn’t do anything...” She said, surprisingly truthfully.


    She nodded, actually being honest.

    “So, that means that... I had that freaky dream by myself?!?!” I yelled.

    “Apparently...” She replied.

    ***Holy Crap! I just dreamt about screwing Fairyboy! What the hell is wrong with my subconscious?! ***

    ***Damn, Eleanor! You’re a naughty girl! *** Evil Ronaele said.

    ***But, I hate Fairyboy! ***

    ***If you say so... *** Good Ronaele said, skeptic.

    “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! ***

    “Eleanor, are you ok?” Raziel said, waving a hand in front of my face.

    “No... I just had a dream where I was doing it with Fairyboy... and it wasn’t Scarlet’s fault...” I whispered.

    “Ouch... do you want a cookie to make you feel better?”

    “Yes, please... I really hope I don’t see Fairyboy right now...”

    Then, Fairyboy just popped out of nowhere and said,

    “Hey, Eleanor..!”

    “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!” I yelled, running away like crazy.

    “Um... was it something I said?” He asked, confused.

    “Nah, she just... likes you! Yeah!” Raziel lied, smiling.

    Fairyboy: o.O Really?

    “Of course not! She hates your guts!”

    Fairyboy: -_- Isn’t that kind of obvious?!

    Raziel: Yup ^_^

    “Although, I don’t understand why she hates me... I know that I annoy her sometimes, but that’s just about it...”

    “Well...” Raziel trailed off.


    “Can’t tell ya! Eleanor gave me a bag of brownies if I swore I’ll never tell anyone! Not even God!”

    “Still, I have to ask... why do you hang around Eleanor all of the time?”

    “We’re best friends..! We’ve known each other for a VERY long time..!” Raziel smiled.

    “Oh... I see...” Fairyboy muttered.

    “Why do you ask? Are you jealous?” Raziel leered.

    “Are you crazy?! Of course not! I don’t like Eleanor!”

    “Yes, you do!”








    “Nuh-huh!” Raziel changed suddenly.


    “Ah-ha! You admitted it!” Raziel yelled out loud.

    “No, I didn’t! You tricked me!” Fairyboy exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at Raziel while blushing like a tomato.

    “You so like her!”

    “Do not!”

    “Uh, Raziel? Why is Eleanor hiding under out table while sucking her thumb?” Sol asked, pointing to me.

    “I’ll tell you later, but first, I just got Fairyboy to admit that he likes Eleanor!”

    “Oh my god! You like Eleanor?!” Solange squealed.

    “No!” Edward said, blushing darker.

    “Aww! He as red as a lobster! Ooh, yummy lobster!” Sol said, randomly.

    “I hate you all..!” Edward muttered.

    “We love you too... not!” Sol said.

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