• "No! No! Misour you have it all wrong!" A sweet serenade seemed to buckle around her words,"We're not murdering!" Her small hands grabbed at his and she stared at him with a despaired gaze.

    "Then what exactly are you doing?" he puleld his hand away after leaning in close to her. His deep voice seemed to sing and plunge rapidly into an angry tone. "How is taking a human life not murder?"

    She glared at him and opened her mouth to speak but bottled her steam quickly. "Misour, it's for the sake of science," her words seemed bitter but honest. To tell you the truth, the girl was ignorant fool. Oblivious to the reality, and here I sit watching the two bicker from the safety of the shadows. My legs crossed and my fingers intertwined, a tedious look upon my own face.

    "Miss Talia," my own voice fluttered softly through the air, breaking the tension,"Please, sit in the foyer. I would much like to speak to the doctor." The young girl stared at me in horror, maybe she wouldn't have spoken like she did if she'd known I was here. She nodded and obediently left the room.

    The doctor crossed his arms and pursed his lips,"Yes, ma'am? What would you like to say to me before I leave this horrid labratory?"

    I chuckled softly,"Oh you shan't be leaving. Once you join our crew you're family. Family doesn't abandon family, right?" The doctor stared at me quizically. "Anywho that's not what I'm getting at. Are you rebellious, doctor?"

    The doctor's eyes were fixed on my shadowy figure with confusion. "Just get to the point, ma'am."

    I stood from the leather chair and strode to his side. I leaned in close to the point where my lips almost brushed across his cheek,"You rebel," I paused for a dramatic effect,"You die. I took your freedom. You belong to me. I just thought you should know."

    The young man started to thrust himself away but I grabbed at his hand. "What the bloody hell is going on?"

    "It's for the sake of science," I snickered into his ear softly,"Don't you listen?"

    "What the hell are you studying any way?" he started to shout and continued to pull away. My nails started to dig into his skin, drawing the smallest drops of blood to the surface.

    "Human nature. What revokes them," I grinned deviously,"And how to stop it."