• What did Mao see as the oppressions working against the Chinese people? Well, I imagine there are quite a few since you are asking the class to write an essay on it, but I can honestly say I don’t remember any of the required information. In fact, I can’t seem to find it within myself to care that I have forgotten information that you demanded I give to you in the form of an essay.

    No no, I daresay my interests lay more in the second question you have given to us. While it might not be graded, it seems that said question would provide a much greater stimulus to my mind. “What were your thoughts on this class? What did you personally take from it?” A very bold question indeed, I can honestly say that I did not expect a person such as you to open the floodgate of criticism that will so undoubtedly come your way.

    First off, I must admit that it pains me to say this… but you, Ms. Singh, have absolutely murdered my interest in world history. Then again, perhaps I am giving you too much credit… you’ve only murdered my interest in modern world history. Thanks to you, I am now a firm believer in the phrase “the deader the better”. Maybe I wouldn’t have had such a vendetta against the subject if you had, maybe once in a while, looked away from the board you were obviously enthralled with. I swear, the blood has permanently drained from my hand due to holding it up for prolonged periods of time just because I needed you to repeat—I don’t know—the ENTIRE sentence you had just uttered as if it were a sweet nothing to your beloved white board. You’re here to teach the students, not the board. To make matters worse, every time you even managed to turn around from the board with that pathetic little beady-eyed, lost in a daze gaze, you would always seem to have the same answers to all of my questions. “I don’t know.” What do you mean you don’t know? It’s your JOB to know! Didn’t you go to college? Oh, the irony.

    Another thing that I must point out is your inability to stay on track. It doesn’t really matter if I can’t hear you when you’re going off about monkeys in little vests you saw on your trip to China, that’s not what I’m here to learn about! I can’t even think of a class where monkeys in vests are a listed item on the syllabus. If there is one, please direct me to it so that I may find that the information gained from that lecture is actually going to help me later in life.

    And this final that I have now finished had to be one of the most ridiculous finals that I have ever laid eyes on. One question that I beheld was probably one of the most sorry attempts at exam humor I have ever seen put forth by a teacher.

    48. Stalin was. . .

    a. Around before the giant lizzards roamed the earth.

    b. around before the monkey people.

    c. Lenin’s successor as head of the USSR.

    d. A good friend of Richard Nixon.

    Not only is it a painfully obvious answer and lacking in any real humor, but there is a spelling error! Lizard! It is spelled lizard! Normally, I would let it slide because, hey, teachers do make mistakes. But with you, however, this is not the case. The whole document in which out testing materials were given to us contained so many errors that it made my head spin.

    All in all, you raped my interest in a subject that I had potentially viewed as a possibility for a major. You left it out on the street like a withered old strumpet. You sicken me.

    I hope you have a very enjoyable holiday, my warmest regards to your children. They need all the sympathy they can get.