i'm sorry, but there is no other way to say this.... But our friendship is over. I already found a new best friend and i just don't us as friends anymore. Take care...... Goodbye, see you in school.
    Yours truly,
    heart Maii

    "I-t's o-ver......," my voice cracked as i said those two words. Maii and I had been friends since we were babies until now. Tears came down like a waterfall when i thought of Maii. Her sweet smile, with her ocean blue eyes blending in with her bleach blonde hair. My whole body felt so sore, i never felt this sore before. I knew one thing..... that life would be difficult without her and i was DEPRESSED. I was living in a nightmare for sure.

    The whole night was like a never ending nightmare, i was tossing and turning. These memories of Maii kept on coming back to me, and i wept the entire night. I couldn't really get any sleep and tomorrow was the firstday of High School.