• "Natasha!"
    "Be quiet Natalia!" Natasha whispered in return, prepping to jump out the third story window.
    "Natasha, you can't fly yet though!" Natalia cried quietly, reaching her hand out and then pulling it back.
    "Oh just hush up you!" Natasha said, holding her arms and bending over slightly, her white linen nightgown goin down to her ankles.
    "Natasha Roscova! You need to come back to bed now, its so dark out anyways, you wouldn't be able to see!!" Natalia said, hugging her teddy bear tightly to her chest.
    "Natalia, calm yourself down, I will be fine, we are, after all, super human!" Natasha said, leaping into the air and twirling, spiraling as she went down.
    "NATASHA!" Natalia screamed, running with superhuman speed to the window, seeing Natasha land gracefully on the cold grass in the dead of a summer night.
    "Come Natalia, we have been living for nearly one hundred years, and yet we have not ever ventured into the woods, come now, jump Natalia, it is quite enthralling, you must try it, at least once!!" Natasha said, laughing like a child, and running to the edge of the forest.
    "My goodness, Natasha. I will come, but we must be back before dawn when mistress comes to check on us!" Natalia said, steadying herself on the sill and leaping. She landed effortlessy on the grass.
    "That was quite fun." Natalia said, following her sister into the woods.
    It was quiet and dark in the woods. The shadows were magnified one hundred times. The leaves created a dark green canopy above her head, blocking out the gorgeous midnight moon. The grass was soggy and trodden with leaves and twigs. The trees were as tall as the sky itself, and the bark was soft and dark brown coloured. It was magestical, and interesting. Like nothing neither of them had seen before.
    "Isn't it quite beautiful here?" Natasha asked, twirling on the path, a huge grin spread on her face, her nightgown flowing in a thousand twirls around her.
    "Quite, the decor is... absolutely magestic..." Natalia said, walking on, staring with open eyes at everything.
    " You silly goose, that is not decor, it is, nature." Natasha said, ruffling Natalias hair as she skipped along in front of her sister.
    "Do you understand of the consequences of being here, Natasha?" Natalia asked, turning abruptly, and looking at Natasha.
    "Of course I do, but seriously, we are immortal, they can not hurt us!" Natasha said, laughing maniacally.
    "Well, maybe just to show our worth, we should.. have a feast tonight??" Natalia said, tapping her finger against her cold hard chin.
    Natasha slowly smiled, and she nodded her head. "We shall have a grand feast tonight, shall't we Natalia?" Natasha asked, linking her arm with her sister's, and trotting off towards the window again.
    Natalia and Natasha both jumped up into the window. They grabbed nothing, and left the room. They trotted happily down the hall into the older girls room. They pushed open the door slowly, peeking in.
    "Go!!" Natasha whispered and that's when the screaming and crying started. Every one in the room was crying and screaming, begging for their life. Natalia and Natasha drank from everyone of them, enjoying every drop to the last bit.
    "Moving on!" Natalia said, looking behind her at the lifeless bodies.
    They went next to the officials room, and the same thing reoccured. There was screaming and crying until the whole building was silent. The night was cold and dark, as Natalia and Natasha trotted off into it. Leaving the orphanage behind. They walked and walked, until the found a fertile plain, Kansas. And now, under assumed names, the_twilight_resistance, and niceAlex09, they reside, waiting for their next victims to innocently pass by.