• Nya? Nya? Mew?
    What the hell were those words? How could this happen to me? Casey was staring at me with his wide-eyes. I stuck out my fangs, my ears twitched, "Nyahahha?" He took off running, and I sulked down, making a "T.T" Face, and I sighed. I just changed into my kitten form, not a horrible thing I believe... I ran after the boy, and did a knock-out blow to him. So he wouldn't remember my kitten form. Since you don't know me, I am Sakura, and I am 16 years old mutant kitty girl freak. Yeah, I get hella interesting life.

    Hehe, I guess this what I get when I am messed up by the scientist. The people was yelling, and I just took off running. Every time I go out on a date, it always goes wrong, the date of mine would just took off running. Curse those scientist I thought, curse them. I cussed silently in my mind, and I went home, all reverted back in my human form. "Sakura?" My mom said, and I sighed. My parents got worried, and I held up my hand, and said, "You should already what happened..." I walked into my room, plopping on my bed. This is what I kept on thinking about, I never will get a love.


    The Next Morning...

    I strapped on my pin on my school uniform, and trudged outside. The school bus was waiting there for me, and I took a deep breath and went on the bus. While I rode, no one even bother to talk to me, they knew that my date went wrong, of course they don't know that I am a kitty freak but the know my dates always go wrong.

    Ah, at last in my language arts class... My best subjects of all! I looked at the board to see what's up today. It said assembly. Assembly? Eh? Since when there is an assembly? My teacher, Mrs.Guirck, said that we will have a very special assembly, and she was having a love-struck smile on her young face. I shrugged my shoulders, and lined up for the assembly. I sat down quietly while others chatted busily like honeybees which is very annoying. How would you like it when everyone pierces your cat ears with their chit-chat? They have very sensitive hearing which I hated about myself.

    I sighed, and put my head on my hands, yawning. All of the sudden, so dazzling, so handsome, yet young teacher came up to the microphone, making a feedback. I never seen this guy before... Hmm, how interesting... Everyone just shut up which it was a relief to my not-so-wonderful ears. When he spoke, his voice was charming, and it just made me brighten up a little. "Welcome to this assembly, and thank you for coming. I will allow the principal talk to you guys." He said, and when he laid his golden-brown eyes on me. I blushed right away, and I looked away. I looked at where the teacher was standing but now there was the school principal, all white haired, and gentle. "Ho, ho, we're quite loud today aren't we?" He chuckled as the crowd chatted once again.

    I yawned again when his speech started to drone off in my ears, and I twiddled with my thumbs like always. An sweet cologne came from my left, and it was sure good smiling. I wonder who it came from, and I looked, right besides me, there he was again, the teacher. I got good glances at him, and he was sure good-looking. He looked young, possibly in his 20s? No, he should be 18 years old at least. He had golden-brown eyes that are very breath-taking or as well they'll would drive me just crazy. He had dirty blonde hair that is wavy, and shiny. Well no, wonder why Mrs.Guirck has that smile today. He took a glance at me, and smiled. I just shot back my smile, hoping he didn't realize that I was checking him out.

    I looked away, yawning, and I looked at the clock, it was 2:26. Ah, only four more minutes left of school, oh yay... It's going to be a very boring afternoon I believe... My eyes drooped sleepily, and dozed off.

    "Hey, wake up..." A honey smooth voice drifted off in my mind, and I slowly opened my eyes. "Not yet mom, I don't wanna go to school, I am too tired of all of the normal people..." I mumbled, and rolled off the chairs, obviously making a loud, dull thud on the ground which it made me wake up all startled. "Oh gee, that got to hurt... Are you okay?" The teacher was actually talking to me, and I blinked my eyes twice making sure this isn't an dream. "Huh? Where am I?" I asked him, getting up, brushing the dust off me. The school needed to clean the floors badly. "You're in the cafeteria where the assembly was held..." He spoke, and I stretched out like a cat. Pop, there goes my spine, ahh that was better.. Wait a min.. Why I am acting like this? Well at least there is no whole school in here, it was just him and I.

    "You're just like a cat, which is strange.. You doze off, and you just stretch like one...." He spoke, thinking the way I act. "Huh? I am not a cat..." I lied, but my voice got scratchy, and I sighed. "Are you okay after that fall?" He asked me, he had this cutest worried expression on his face. "Oh yeah, I do that often on my bed. Heh." I said, smiling. I glanced at the clock, it was 3:45. "Holy crap!" I blurted out, and my parents are going to be so pissed off. "You're late to somethin'?" He asked me, he seemed to laugh at my reaction, and I frowned. "Not really... but my parents would be pissed as hell. Trust me, you wouldn't want to meet my super-pissed off parents." I said, gathering up my things, and he chuckled. "You sure got a way of words..." He said, giving me his cute smile. "Heh. I guess so." I said, and ran off. "Hey wait!" He yelled after me, and I twirled around. "Yeah?" I spoke, and he was standing right there middle in the setting sunlight. "Get some more sleep, and I hope to see you tomorrow!" He said, and I blushed. "Okay, I will." I said, running to my home.

    I was giggling like a giddy school girl, this isn't me. I am not a girly-girl but I guessing right now I am. "Sakura!" My angry father was roaring at me, and I looked at him with my kitty-eyes, my lips quivered. My father sighed, and I smiled. I knew he gave up, and I ran upstairs to my room. I squealed and jumped up and down. He might actually like me! First time ever, but how would this go out?

    To Be Continued... Or not..