• "Tell me," he whispered, leaning dangerously close. "Tell me you love me."

    She didn't answer. It wasn't as if he didn't know the truth already. Why else would she have acted the way she had earlier? He had to know. Especially after everything that happened, everything they went through. The losses. The wins.

    The unbearable cold.

    She endured it all. And for what? His love?

    His mercy?

    No. She musn't think that way. He knew what was best for her. He would always protect her. He loved her.

    And she loved him.

    She would steal for him.

    She would lie for him.

    She would even die for him.

    However, could she really go as far as killing for him?

    Obedience, undoubtedly, came easily to her. She'd had training. Plenty.

    He commanded it, so, it must be done.

    "You will be my goddess."

    A simple chant would end it all in a fraction of a second. She didn't even need to be near by when it happened. The control he'd given her over her powers...it was amazing.

    She was in his debt. He had given her something no one else had ever cared to.


    She didn't have to be the outcast anymore. She would rule them all.

    If only....

    "Come, love. I know what will help the pain."

    If only...

    "It's alright. You are safe with me."

    She couldn't live without him. Not anymore.

    Dependency? Addiction?

    Same difference.

    Love? Ignorance?

    Who could know for sure?