• Ch 4

    Mother planned to start with moving water. She wanted me to move some of the water from our pool into buckets, and then from the buckets back to the pool.
    “And how exactly am I supposed to do that?" I asked after she explained what she wanted.
    "Emily," she explained, “just breathe. Now picture the water moving in the wind." She closed her eyes and placed her hand above the water "Change the path that the water is moving in” I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was a bubble of water floating in the air in front of my mom. She moved her hands towards the bucket and the water fallowed. “Move the water back.” She wasn't asking me. It was an order.

    I placed my hands out like she had showed me. I felt like a complete moron. Breath, I told myself. Emily breath! I thought. I moved my hands up, but they dropped when I herd someone squeal. "MOTHER!" I couldn't believe her "What?" I asked
    “You had it not much, but you lifted some!" She was excited as I had ever seen her. Too bad I wasn't.
    “Then can I go?" I wanted to be anywhere, but here.

    "Yes. Yes. Go find Ethan."

    "Yea, mom that's exactly what I want to do." Sarcasm is my favorite way to talk. Unfortunately mom normally takes me seriously
    "Well," she said,” you could stay out here and work on moving water." She was enjoying this. She knew it was torture. Any other teenage girl, or teenager, would be hanging with friends, but I had to be stuck home with my parents and some freaky boy I didn't even know.

    “Fine, destroy my freedom and keep me here.” I placed my hands over the water again Jessica’s at the movies. I’m here. Joe and Tina are at the skate park. I'm here, the list went through my head. Everyone I knew was somewhere. I got a spine shivering chill and opened my eyes. My mom was staring at me. Her jaw hung open for a moment then twisted into a huge crazy smile. Her eyes where shifting back and forth. They went from the pool to me to the pool and back to me.

    I looked down and understood her surprise and confusion. Our pool was now an icy white. I stepped on top of it expecting to fall in. I had somehow, in my anger and stress, frozen the water. I jumped off. “Ice is a form of water I guess." I couldn't say any more. I was being smothered in a huge by my mother.
    “Emily, you did it. You turned water to ice. Keep practicing moving water. I’m going to get your father.” She ran off so fast I couldn't protest. I looked back down at the pool. How was I supposed to move water if it was all froze? There was some still in the bucket so I practiced with it. By the time my mom and dad came out I could move the water in a circle around the yard.
    "Your father thinks you should go practice spells with Ethan.” I could tell she didn't want me to, but she knew I need to learn them. I really didn't want to. Slowly I walked inside and into the guestroom Ethan was staying in.
    “Can we get this over with?" I asked knowing I was going to hate working with him.
    "We'll start with freezing someone,” he replied. I raised one eyebrow. “You can freeze someone. They’ll stop moving." He thought I was a moron
    “I know what freezing someone means. Duh. But do you mean freezing them in ice or just freezing them?" I wondered how long I would have to practice. The less questions the better for me things would probably be.
    "Good," he said, "you have questions."
    I cut him off “Just teach me the spell" I barked
    "Frezean motus mun." Ethan said. I tried to repeat the words, but I couldn't move my lips. I tried to glare, but I couldn't. "Wait here," he said. I waited for 30 min. I had to count in my head just to tell how long I had been staring at the wall. “You’re still here," he said sarcastically. Ethan waved his hand and I fell forward onto my knees. Every bone in my body was sore. I thought hard to remember the spell. I needed payback. I smirked.

    "Frezean motus mun!"

    His facial expression changed from a smirk to one of shock, and it didn’t change again. He hadn’t thought I could do it. "See you later Ethan.” I waved goodbye and walked out to the living room.
    "How'd it go with Ethan?" It was my dad. I knew I couldn't tell him I just froze Ethan and didn't know how to undo it so I said “I’ve already learned one spell." I walked away giving him no time for questions
    I blasted all my favorite bands for over two hours with no interruptions. I knew it couldn't last. Someone knocked on my door. "Come in!" I had to scream over It’s Better If You Don’t. The door creaked open and there stood the one and only Ethan. "Frezean mo," I said no more.
    "STOP!" He said and rubbed his neck
    "You started it," I retorted. He just rolled his eyes
    "Your parents want to go back to Edgetenton or to some other world to complete your training." I was stunned.
    All I managed was, "Why?”
    "IT already knows where you are so they want to go someplace safe. Pack your bags."
    "Frezean motus mun" I said under my breath. Ethan froze in mid steep.

    CH 5

    I through together everything I thought I would need, which turned out to be a lot.

    I smiled and entered the dining room. Mom immediately gave the look. "Unfreeze him" she pointed at Ethan.
    "I don't know how." I was being a smart aleck, as usual.
    "Hum. He’ll have to teach you that tomorrow." She waved her hand and I heard a loud thump. Ethan had just landed face down on cold hard tile
    "Ethan said we're going to another world. What's it called?” I was as curious as ever.
    "Waz," my mom answered
    "Waz? What kind of name is that?" I wasn't really asking, but she answered “The person who found it was named Joe Waz his last name became the planets name. It’s a town full of witches and warlocks." She grinded as if remembering something
    "Umm what should I do with my stuff?" Mom pointed to a pile of bags. I had a feeling something weird was going to happen. I backed away and looked at the heap of bags. It looked as if mom had packed the house, or most of it.
    Dad placed the last of our things in the pile and stood with me looking at a heap of useless things. "Well if that's all of it. Emily, stand back." I moved away from our things just as they began to shrink. Of course I was the only one impressed and shocked by this, just like I was the only wide eyed idiot staring at the stack, big enough to fit in my mom's purse, looking like I must have just seen a ghost.

    Dad tossed everything into a small bag and placed it over his shoulder.
    Steeping back he stood next to me and bent to whisper in my ear. "You'll soon find out what incredible things can be done Emily, things you truly wont believe."

    Finally closing my mouth I nodded. I wanted to ask how we would be getting to Waz, but couldn’t find the strength to talk. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long for mom to wave her hand towards the door creating a brilliant circle the color of a pumpkin.
    "Alright, you first dear. Then Ethan and Emily and I'll go last. Okay. Here we go. Go on Emily Just walk through" I wanted to listen and just walk through this orange, glowing, portal. Sadly my legs would not corporate. They where shaking so hard I felt I would soon fall over. Giving me a little push my mother sent me walking through the glow.
    I ended up falling over after all. When I came out of the portal my head felt as though it was on fire and my lungs seemed to be closed. My legs gave out and I lay gasping for breath on a cobble stone road. As soon as my breathing was close to back to normal I sat up noticing for the first time a stinging pain on my left knee. Ethan was sitting next to me explaining portals, and how you just had to use to them.
    "Soon you won’t get dizzy or anything when you come through 'em" he said. Trying to ignore him I stood up looking at the new rip and blood on my jeans.

    Standing up Ethan brushed the dirt off his jeans and said "that should be easy enough to fix."
    I should have guessed he was talking about some spell to sew up the hole, but I just stared at him, looking like the clueless girl I am.
    With a sigh he explained "We can either find a shop around here, some place they will wash and stitch your pants or I can try and teach you a spell so you can do it yourself. Seeing as you learned freezing someone so quickly a stitching spell should be easy work, for you."
    I was about to ask what he meant by that when my dad interrupted, "There should be an inn we can stay at only a block away. Come on you two." he pointed down the street and the four of us began the short walk.