• Arilissa- Demon called the "cereberus"

    "Mama! Don't leave me Yet!" you screamed. Your eyes were filled with tears as sweat ran down your face. Your mother was a beauty. Her long black hair in waves crashed to her waist, along with her red eyes, which held waves of blood within those cold eyes. Her perfect figure was always covered in her black lace dresses with a crucifix around her neck. She stared down at your little body, an imperfection on her image and slapped your hand off her dress. "Your a whiny little child with no self control. You are an imperfection, a person who will never belong with your own kind. I have never loved you and never will. May you stay alone by yourself forever." she said as she turned her back to you. The words stung against your cheek like a fiery slap. "Mama!" you yelled crying, pleading for her, hoping for her to turn around, to pick you up and give you a hug, to tell you she didn't mean it. But she only kept on walking. Suddenly you jolted out of bed. You heart was going a million and two beats a minute in your chest. You let out the pent up breath in a sigh, remembering the incident that happened so many years ago. Shortly after that time you turned into your true powered form, Cereberus. You looked at yourself in the mirror, the spitting image of your mother you were now, but you still hadn't seen her in over 500 years. And Never again would you see her.