• Light paler than then the perfect crisp white of the snow still seen on the ground splits the sky, shatters it. Attempts to kill the perfection that it so longs for, in turn only increasing the overall beauty of this, of the midnight. For a mere second the sky has cracked, opening for us, allowing us the escape from this world that we so long for. Allowing the ability to dive into a space of our own, one where no rules, no human restrictions, apply. Nothing to stop us, nothing to hurt us. The only inhabitants of the space being our bodies, still held together by the tight grip of your arm around my waist, your head on my shoulder, my fingers tangled with yours. The touch I wouldn’t give up for the world itself, for eternal existence in this space… our space. What good would this space be without your touch?

    And so we fall back to earth, still held together as the light recedes and the sky heals itself. My lips turn up in the smile I had fought so hard to hold back as the rain sink further into my skin, pulling me from the emptiness of our space. And yet, I’m still there, and will be as long as you continue to hold me to you; as long as you are here with me. I close my eyes momentarily as the hard growl shakes the ground beneath us. Drops continue to drench our clothing, our skin, our hair, but the water isn’t the cold sting as it should be; rather just a gentle patter on the outside of my thoughts. I hardly notice anything but the warmth of your arms, your chest, your breath. Nothing but the quick tattoo of your heart against my back, matching mine as I nestle further into you and again drift through the sky, past the stars, and encase myself in the darkness of our space.