• tab "Ready to die, partner?" Bob "Bullseye" Bullhorn says.
    tab "Ready when you are, miss," The Newcomer says.
    tab A cold breeze comes followed by dust and a tumbleweed.
    tab "Alright you dangnamed sonofa-," BAM! Bob does't know what happened. Then next to his foot he sees a hole.
    tab "Bad choise lettin' me live, kid," Bob says smiling. As he draws his gun BAM! Another shot fired. Bob didn't even feel it. Blood comes out of a hole in his forehead.
    tab "That makes you feel better, Bob?" The Newcomer asks the falling down dead corpse.
    tab The people come out of hiding. They see him leave as they observe the dead body of Bob. People just stare at him while he gets on his saddle to take off.
    tab A man asks him "Whare ya goin'?"
    tab "Don't know, don't care, somewhare." he says.
    tab "What's your name kid?"
    tab "Why?"
    tab "People wanna know who killed 'Bullseye' Bob over there."
    tab "Oh, Bob. I almost forgot 'bout him, you can keep him if you like."
    tab "So, your name?"
    tab "Hm. Just stay with 'kid' why don't ya?"
    tab "Kay."
    tab And so he rode off as the people watched him.

    tab As the leader of the Red Flag gang drinks some Whiskey and chows down some prostitutes another member of the gang tells him the news.
    tab "What?! Darn it, that b*****d. How dare does he die right now. Shoot!. Next week would've been fine or in two, but now? Who did it?"
    tab "Don't know, sir. They say some newcomer," the member says.
    tab "A newcomer huh? I want you to bring him by tomorrow, okay? And take some men with you and Lucky. Make sure by tomorrow."
    tab "Yes, sir. Want us to prepare the rope, sir?"
    tab "Are you stupid or somethin'? I'm not mad I'm glad. We found somebody better then that retard Bob."
    tab "What if he doesn't want to?"
    tab "Then do hang 'im. The guys love that stuff.
    [Part 2 comming soon][Thank you]