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    Chapter Two: Tainted Angel

    “We must take into consideration that the hunter is a human, if we kill her we risk uncovering our kind all over the world” Said an Elder rather angry about the supject that the meeting had turned to.

    “I understand your fears Clioious but we have no choise, if we don't act now the human will whipe as all out” Said another Elder sitting across from Clioious.

    “We don't even know if she is human, the reports we get from the sweepers show that the way she hunts and kills out kind is inhuman, can't we present that to the human leaders that way we can at least test her blood to find out if she is human or not?” Said another elder.

    “The human leaders have told us we must take of this ourselves, that they have more 'pressing matters' to attend to” Said Clioious a thick file lying in front of him on the table.

    “Ilnieneo what say you on this matter?” asked one of the Elders.

    “I know of the hardships we have faced, my daughter is raged about the many losses of her friends, the youth that has been taken away from us is unjest and evil, we were once the monsters that were feared in the night but we have learnd our ways because the humans gave us a chance, but nothing about this woman makes sense, we will have to send in our top Peace Maker to take care of Lin and make sure there is no trace of her left, our very own Tainted Angel sent in to fight the Innocent Devil, I never thought that we would be the ones to start the war.”


    Stepping out into the heavy night air of the Brisbane City, Chara walking gracefully through the crowd, her short black wispy hair shaping her face, black storming eyes filled will hatred for the one who was killing her people, her black peace maker uniform shirt a large contrast against her pale skin, black tight pants clang to her like a second skin and grey books stopping half way up her calf with two small white wings made out of silk attached to her boots, flapping as she walked, what was life with out a little irony, her fangs going unnoticed by the humans in the street.

    She smelt blood on the night air as she walked the streets of the city, her eyes darting and shifting watching for any sign of the 'Innocent Devil' that continued to kill her people, Chara's task was to find and kill Lin leaving no trace of her ever being alive, a task the peace maker was happy to partake in.

    Reaching the back of a building where the murder had said to occurred, the sent of blood powerful and luming. Searching the area she found the peaces of the shifter that had been killed but no sign of the monster who killed him.

    Sien was young and stupid but she never thought it would lead to his death in such a horrifying way. The area was quite and unnaturally still, her eyes watching for signs of movement, she heard foot steps coming up behind her, reaching for her knife she spun around and held it to the beings neck.
    A young girl stared up at Chara in shock, her blue hair making her aqua eyes even more enticing, grey skin and her sweeper uniform all to fermilur to Chara.

    “What do you think you're doing Kai?” Chara demanded in a harsh voice.

    “I came to help you, Sien was my friend as well and most of our kind Lin has killed were my close friends, did you expect me not to follow you?” Kai stated, her blue eyes staring up into Chara's cold black depths with a heated rage.

    “You have your own duties to attend to” Chara stated lowering the knife and returning it to its holster.

    “Tsuba has taken my shift watching the gates” Chara shook her head at the stupidity of the young “I want to find her Chara, I will not stand at the gates like a dog on a leash!” Kai's rage grew her power flowing down her arms into her clench fists.

    “No need to use your magics young one, you may come but as soon as I tell you, you leave and go back to the clan you understand” It wasn't a question, Chara had no time to baby sit, if Kai wanted to tag along she had to be quick on her feet.

    “I understand, besides even if you didn't let me come with you, I would have followed you anyway” Kai stated with a grin.

    “I know thats why I am letting you come with me” Chara looked warily at Kai “You do know your father will scold you for this”

    “Not if he doesn't find out I'm here” Kai said pleadingly.

    “Your father is an elder Kai, I can't keep this from him, if I do he will have my head”

    “I know, I know” Kai said rolling her eyes.

    Chara looked back at the remains of Sien, what was left of him anyway. It seemed that the report was correct, he had been killed then cut up, though Lin didn't seem to take any notice of the mark on his neck, the mark of their clan.

    Chara picked up the remains of Sien and put them in the body bag she had brought with her.

    “We will lay Sien to rest and then we will hunt for Lin” Chara stated with no emotion on her face.

    Chara had seen to much lose in her life time, even before her life as a vampire. After they set fire to the remains of Sien at a hidden alleyway near the Brisbane River they walked back to where the murder took place, Chara wished she could do this mission without any emotion just like all the others she had taken part in before Lin had started killing, though the lives that Lin had taken didn't even have a chance to find out what their lives could bring them, like Sien, he was only 17 trying to find ways to make himself stronger to be a protecter along side Chara, he never fulfilled his dream and his life ended with out his family ever getting to see his face again.

    Chara's hate filled eyes staring down at the blood stained mess Lin had left behind. She was so engrossed in finding Lin she hadn't even realized that Kai was speaking.

    “What?” Chara asked snapping out from her self-imposed daze.

    “I said, I can smell her sent, it's strong if we move quickly we might be able to catch her before she kills again” Kai repeated, staring at Chara with concern written across her face. “Are you all right?”

    “I will be when Lin's cold dead body hit's the floor” Chara said, her face showing now emotion but her voice dripping with hatred for Lin and sadness for her lost comrade.

    All that came from Kai was a simple nod as the followed the scent of the killer plaguing their kind. Not long after they found Lin stocking after yet another shifter, Neileous another young shifter, he was trying to run and get out of Lin's view to have enough time to escape back to the Clan.

    Chara turned to Kai looking her dead in the eyes “It is time for you to leave, I will handle it from her” Chara saw the young blue haired girl about to speak against her words “You might think your father is harsh at times but that is nothing compared to what Lin will do to you now go and be sure to tread quietly, leave no trace of of your path”

    Again with a nod, Kai said her good byes and walked away, quickly jumping up and over the buildings and leaving. Chara turned back see that Lin was getting closer and closer to the young shifter as she slowly glided along as she picked up speed.

    This was the first time Chara was seeing Lin on the hunt and found there was no way a pure human could move that quickly and they couldn't be able to keep up with a shifter.

    Falling without a sound onto the foot path near the Brisbane River she ran on quite feet, keeping to the shadows as she hunted the 'Innocent Devil.'