• Luke interrupted my thoughts and my moment of what felt like heroics. Either that or I just liked the wind running through my hair dramatically.

    "Okay, Drama-Queen, " He said, "What's the plan?"

    I could feel heat rush up to my face, "Um... Actually, I was thinking of maybe playing it by ear. Why do you want to know?"

    "Well I am your partner." He said.

    I spoke in a soft voice, "No. You can't work with me."

    "Why?" Luke asked.

    "Because you could get into serious trouble. I'm already risking my job by continuing during a forced 'vacation'. I don't need you to lose yours, too."

    He sighed out, "I'm going to help you. You can't do this by yourself."

    "You just like me, don't you?" I teased. His face turned tomato red and it looked like he was about to explode.

    "Hey, calm down!" I continued, "I was just kidding!"

    A blush went across his cheeks, "Um... yeah.... I knew that." I mentally rolled my eyes. He followed me as I walked to my car.

    "Your not going to leave me alone, are you?" I said, not stopping or turning around.

    He laughed brightly, "No way! Technically, I'm still your partner." Honestly, I had never thought of it that way but when you did it didn't seem as bad. Without a word, I slinked into the car and patted the passenger seat. Luke's smile shined as he hopped in and fiddled with the radio. I'll just ignore that.

    He looked outside the window, "Where are we headed to?"

    "Downtown. I think I know someone who'll have an idea about Adrian." I replied. He simply nodded, trusting my judgment. As we drove up, you could see drug dealers hide in the alleyways and the pimps run into their 'houses'. None of them who I was looking for, though.

    And then I spotted him. Henry Rogers. He was an ex-buyer of drugs who was in the Victims Protection Program. The reason he was in the program was because he ratted out Patrick Danville, who was a drug dealer slash serial killer. I could recognise Henry's skinny, junkie body and greasy blonde hair as he walked into what I was assuming was his apartment building.

    "Stay in here, Luke." I told him as I parked the car.

    He frowned deeply, "Why?" I almost wanted to tell him, 'because I said so, so shut up and do it' but decided against it because he was really sticking his neck out for me. I could think up some really mean things sometimes.

    "Because, " I sighed, "This isn't the safest neighborhood. I don't want my car to be taken."

    "Fine." he said, "But if you don't come out in fifteen minutes, I'm coming after you."

    I walked into the building, ignoring Luke's yelling about how I should make sure I had my gun. Politely, I asked the building manager what room Henry was staying in. Gruffly, he replied back, "Room 307." After thanking him, I began to make my way up to the third floor.

    305. 306. 307! I softly knocked on the door to find no answer. Knocking harder, I listened to the door to see if I could hear anything. Nothing.

    I found myself doing this for around five minutes, and I was beginning to lose my patience.

    "Okay, Henry, I know you're in there!" I yelled.

    A squeek came from behind the door, "Go away!"

    I yelled louder, "I have to talk to you! Let me in!"

    "You better leave!" Henry's voice called.

    "Or what?" I asked, pushing it, "I just have to talk to you! It'll only take a minute!" I backed away from the door, holding onto my gun.

    In an instant, I found myself on the ground, smoke coming out of the newly-made gunshot hole in Henry's door. In the next instant, I saw the gun used to make said-hole aimed right at my head, with Henry doing the aiming.
    Why did I ask, "Or what?"